STRETCHED: Scrambling for the life rafts at The Age

theagemasthead The Age has given redundancy to its chief racing writer Tony “King” Bourke just as it is trying to establish some credibility with its Form Guide and Racing supplement. His forty-two years of service is thought to qualify him for a big fat cheque in the half million dollar range. Just enough to top up one’s TAB phone account nicely.

The well regarded journalist passed over for the deposed Andrew Jaspan as Editor-in-Chief back in the day, Simon Mann has been denied his request for a package and is believed to be less than happy.

Age sources also understand that ad revenue in September/October has been very soft. Dark days indeed at the Spencer Street Soviet.



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5 responses to “STRETCHED: Scrambling for the life rafts at The Age

  1. Anonymous

    The looming Recession will hit the Soviet especially hard with deep advertising cuts set to be made.

  2. Andy, when will Roslyn Guy, the laziest, most incompetent opinion page editor in Australia, follow Jaspan out the door?

  3. 42 years of glorious service – vale The King. with the likes of T Bourke and Bill Birnbauer leaving, the heart & soul is (to mix metaphors) being ripped out of the sinking ship.

  4. Anon

    What happened to the Dr Dean story?

    This is a betrayal of the Menzies Legacy!

  5. Anonymous

    20% editorial cuts I hear, could be a bloodbath.

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