STOP THIEF: Left-wing council candidate caught stealing

gaetanogreco A Socialist Left candidate in the Darebin local elections was yesterday caught in the act of stealing an opponent’s campaign material, in breach of the election laws, on the means streets of Bundoora.

Serial unsuccessful candidate, creepy Gaetano Greco was apprehended by camera-wielding campaign workers for popular local councillor Dr Stanley Cheng.

They were appalled by the day-light robbery, took photographs of him stealing the material and proceeded to give chase.

The coward beret-wearer was terrified by the four youthful and concerned campaigners, who collectively weighed less than the Leftist activist, and he ran with his cravat waving in Sunday’s warm wind.

He eventually found refuge in the sanctuary of a taxpayer funded Arts Centre where they protected him from a possible citizen’s arrest.

The left-wing militant faces potential complaints to the electoral officials, the Victorian Electoral Commission, the Victoria Police, the Office of Local Government and possibly the Ombudsman. If there is sufficient evidence, he will be charged with electoral and theft offences and face possible imprisonment for his crimes.




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9 responses to “STOP THIEF: Left-wing council candidate caught stealing

  1. Anonymous

    Was he borrowed from the cast of the Da Vinci Code??

  2. pablo

    I hate to think what his Halloween costume looks like…

  3. Anonymous

    He works for the ATO. They know a thing or two about taking!

  4. Anonymous

    Greco should be charged by Victoria Police and a warrant issued for his arrest for breaches of the Electoral Act and the Crimes Act. The matter should be referred to the OPP for prosecution.

  5. Anonymous

    Criminal charges will soon be laid I’ve heard.

  6. Anonymous

    The next knock on Greco’s door is likely to be officers of the law to put the silver bracelets on his wrists. Hope you have packed your toothbrush for an overnight stay at the remand facility.

  7. looking for lyle

    I hope for the sake of his campaign that he isn’t door knocking. He is one ugly mother…

  8. Anonymous

    Why would someone who looks like that put themselves under so much public scrutiny?

  9. Anonymous

    There is also the issue of a Federal offence under commuications legislation. Oh my!

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