BANKABLE: Chris Pearce's secretive network of power takes over local bank and council

chrispearcefittest Federal Liberal MP Chris Pearce has created a vast and impressive network of local and secretive power that is considered likely to achieve total control of Melbourne’s south-east suburban Knox Council after local elections in November.

Pearce prefers his operatives – only some of whom formally join the Liberal party – to operate in a clandestine manner, quietly positioning themselves to takeover local community groups to provide a platform for local elections and a potential recruiting ground for new members.

Pearce’s crew has even taken over the local Bendigo Bank “community bank branch” in Ferntree Gully and Rowville with its Chairman former Liberal MP Hurtle Lupton, Deputy Chairman frequent campaign material authoriser Graeme McEwin and Finance Director Darren Pearce. State MP Nick Wakeling also served on its board for a time.

As the Federal Shadow Minister for Financial Services, it is natural that Pearce would have a strong interest in the local bank branch. As he is not directly involved in its management, no conflict of interest questions appear to arise.

Pearce runs a slick operation that rarely receives serious scrutiny from local or other media.

Even a political party’s takeover of a local bank branch has barely raised an eyebrow,

Their candidates in Knox invariably are presented as independents, figuring they’ll poll better as a grassroots community activists rather than being slammed for being at the end of a string pulled by puppet-master Chris Pearce.

Pearce’s local soldiers includes Glenda Frost and Darren Pearce from the Rowville branch of the Party and Sue McMillan from the Ferntree Gully Liberals. McMillan’s hubby Gregory Hyams keeps an eye on the Rowville branch.

Depending on who is elected to the Knox council, Chris Pearce is believed to be planning a pre-meeting meeting of all his supported councillors to ensure that “correct” decisions are made. He or some of his staff would probably attend such gatherings, Liberal insiders believe.




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22 responses to “BANKABLE: Chris Pearce's secretive network of power takes over local bank and council

  1. Anonymous

    If there has been an offense through a breach of the Financial Services Act then charges will be laid and warrants issued for the arrest of those involved.

  2. Anonymous

    which bank?

  3. second rater

    nick wakling is a fuckin soft cock. Never wanked himself in anger!you can tell he’s a bum boy of pearce!

  4. Anonymous

    more stable than members equity

  5. Anonymous

    A claim was made on the anti-Baillieu blog “hewhostandsfornothing” by Liberal Party apparatchik Richard Russell that the Liberal Party was making multiple submissions to the Victorian Electoral Commission representation reviews for Knox and Boroondara. In both cases there were large numbers of submissions favouring single councillor wards. One in Boroondara was from the Glen Iris Branch of the Liberal Party, who was at least up front about their position.

    In both cases the VEC changed its preliminary recommendation from multi councillor wards elected by proportional representaion to single councillor wards. It is likely Liberal Party pressure influenced the VEC.

    What are you doing about it Mr Wynne?

  6. Anonymous

    In Port Phillip the local Bendigo Bank Community branch made a submission to the VEC representation review supporting single councillor wards, the same position advocated by Liberals in Knox and Boroondara.

    Bendigo Bank community branches should not involve themselves in council politics.

  7. Anonymous

    In Port Phillip it was the ALP Socialist Left (locally they call themselves Ports Left) who wanted single councillor wards. In Knox and Boroondara it is the Liberal Party. In other areas the local Liberals want proportional representation. There is no consistency between political parties, nor indeed factions within political parties.

  8. Fowles by name; foul by nature

    where do good Socialists deposit their millions? I need to know…

  9. Anonymous

    not with members equity if you know what’s good for you

  10. Anonymous

    members equity – going the way of lehmann brothers.

  11. Industry Funds Uber Alles

    In fact all members equity bank deposits now fully guaranteed by the Commonwealth Government

  12. Solly Lew

    Lehmann Bros. went the same way as IQ Corp.

  13. second rater

    weird little people!

  14. Anonymous

    Lehmann Bros. went the same way as the Great Southern Pie Company

  15. Anonymous

    Choice magazine:

    How much meat?
    By law, meat pies must contain at least 25% meat. And even that small amount can be ‘fudged’ because there’s no chemical method to measure actual meat content. In testing, what’s measured is protein, and the meat content is calculated from this. But manufacturers usually add protein boosters like textured vegetable protein (TVP) or soy protein, which can contribute to a high result for ‘meat’ content.

    Even so, three of the pies tested still didn’t have enough ‘meat’ to pass the standard. They were PATTIES, TASTEE and THE GREAT SOUTHERN PIE COMPANY (Owner: S. Lew)

  16. Mrs Larkin

    Peter Baird (the “independent” pres of the local ratepayers mob)was McMillans (lovingly referred to locally as McMullet) scrutineer for the State Seat of Ferntree Gully in July 2005 but was pipped by Wackers. She then lost out to Cr Clive Larkin for the seat of Monbulk shortly after. She was also a past director of the FTG Bendigo bank. Now she wants to try for a seat on council to boost her chances for Monbulk in 2010. Watch ya back Clive old boy.

  17. Chrissy Pyne

    Leave my ‘bum chum’ alone you left winged thugs.

  18. Sinjun

    When are the local papers – particularly the Knox Leader – going to expose these secretive and clandestine tactics of the local liberals? Or does it not suit their Editors political views to publish them?

    This isn’t the first time that the Local papers have ignored overwhelming evidence that the local libs are plotting to take over the Knox Council.

    Of course the biggest fools are the local Labor party members who know about this but are just letting Knox be overtaken by the local Libs, giving the new Lib councillors a higher profile to enable them to stand for State Parliament at the next State Election and yet they aren’t doing a thing about it.


  19. Fiend

    Whooooooaaahhhh, shadowy liberals plotting to do the unthinkable…take over a council!!! Sinjun, how despicable that these fiends are doing what Labor has done all over the country for years. Except labor takes over every other organisation as well – from teh school council to meals on wheels. Fiends!!! Fiends!!

  20. Sinjun

    Hey Fiend, I agree, Labor is just as sleazy. You only have to look at the Dumby Government to realise that.

    I think they are all hypocrites because they don’t have the kahoonas to publicly admit their political affiliations. It’s dishonest – from all of them.

    Hope there are more council dodgies exposed and I don’t give a toss which site of the political cesspool they are from.

  21. Anonymous

    If you want dodgy just look at Banyule Council!


    The corruption and sex scandals continue to surround Local government particularly at Melbourne, Whitehorse, Brimbank and Casey are the reason I believe we should get rid of the 3rd tier of government, and just have Federal and State Governments.

    Federal and State governments are made accountable through TV, radio and print media.

    local government has little accountablity except through local papers.

    Now mainly thanks to this website we see some of them exposed

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