CONVENIENT: Doug Cameron demands electorate office close to his home

dougcameron Newbie NSW Labor Senator Doug “Groundskeeper Willy” Cameron hates to commute.

Dougie is moving from his temporary Surry Hills office, but he’s unable at present to locate to his chosen area (he put a request in for Springwood in the Blue Mountains, where Dougie lives) so Senator Cameron has settled on another temporary office in Penrith, an apparently exhausting 20 minutes from home.

doug_cameron However, ALP Senator Steve Hutchins already has an office there as does the State Labor MP Karyn Paluzzano and local Federal MP for Lindsay David Bradbury. That would put four Labor pollies within a 2 kilometre radius!

You’d think that it would serve the government and the people of Australia better if he were to have an office in Pat Farmer’s seat of Macarthur, (40 kilometres away from Doug’s front door). What about an office in the heart of the federal seat of Greenway, about 20km away? It isn’t a big commute and certainly less than most of the good folks of the Blue Mountains or Penrith clock up on a daily basis!

The other person who will be moving with Dougie is his staffer and fellow Blue Mountains resident Stuart McGill. A fervent ALP Branch stacker, McGill caused NSW ALP Head Office to put a membership freeze on branches in the Blue Mountains earlier this year, when McGill went on a stacking blitz to gather members to sure up the seat for whomever Bob Debus wants there after he goes at the next election. Tim Gartrell is considered a likely prospect if he can’t bump off John Faulkner who currently seems neither shy nor retiring.

McGill’s form as a property spiv and raconteur was exposed on Andrew Landeryou’s blog last year. ALP insiders think it is amazing that Dougie is “brave or stupid” enough to have him on the payroll.

One thing for sure is that if McGill goes out recruiting while on the public payroll and he gets caught, Senator Cameron will have to give him the spear. His Metal Workers colleagues don’t recall him as particularly sentimental. A NSW Police or ICAC investigation into his improprieties could shed light on the question of who was paying McGill during his earlier stacking operations. Some think the Metal Workers membership generously assisted.



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9 responses to “CONVENIENT: Doug Cameron demands electorate office close to his home

  1. anon

    This is outrageous! Rudd should kick Cameron’s arse over this!

  2. anon

    …and what is Stuart McGill doing working for him?? This bloke is a serial stacker and has a very shady past. Doug is an idiot.

  3. Greenie

    The great hero of the workers shows his true colours – a greedy self-serving and lazy character who employs dodgy spivs and wants an office at his doorstep…bugger the constituents and the party…it’s all about Doug. The Left really have some stalwarts among them don’t they.

  4. Anonymous

    Doug Cameron – a real working man. Yeah right. Another bouguise lefty.

  5. The right wing can't write

    At least “bouguise” lefties can spell, you dolt.

  6. Greenie

    I even reckon Doug’s accent is fake….I bet he has a Kiwi accent.

  7. Anonymous

    Ah is it just me or has Crikey outright stolen part of this story in their tips and rumours section yesterday?

  8. Hongster

    I like Dooogy, he makes me sound intelligible by comparison.

  9. rosie

    This story is a nasty piece of propaganda designed to appease simpletons. If Doug Cameron really hated to travel as this piece of opinionated garbage states, then how come he opted for a Senate seat in Canberra. Who are your sources anyway? Better ask for your money back.

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