FOWLES FOR LORD: Socialist Lefty Will Fowles' election offensive

willfowles08 Melbourne Lord Mayoral candidate Will Fowles is spending up big in his remarkably obnoxious quest to be chauffeured around in the LM-001 limousine. Sources close to Fowles believe he plans to be spend as much as half a million dollars on his election ‘offensive’.

Fowles – an ally of some parts of the Socialist Left faction – who lives outside the City of Melbourne municipality in Richmond is throwing his considerable weight around the city in a desperate attempt at self-promotion.

Nothing wrong with that, but etiquette seem to have been skipped over when the Champagne Socialist did media training.

Jennifer Hanson, a newsreader and general do-gooder, must have been shocked and awed by the sight of the rampaging born-to-ruler in the Crown Palladium room the weekend before last at a charity shindig.

She told The Age’s Lorna Edwards:

“He (Fowles) approached our table, very arrogantly threw his business card at us and very arrogantly said ‘I’m Will Fowles, candidate for lord mayor, and I’m going to help with the auction and you must introduce me as a candidate for lord mayor,” she fumed.

Charming. Fowles would do well not to try such stunts at the CFMEU’s fundraisers unless his preferred method of departure is by body bag.

VEXNEWS understands Fowles “volunteered” himself at the function in the forceful manner described by Hanson and hadn’t been invited to do anything. We can only hope he was a paying guest.

He’s certainly not backward about coming forward, already falling foul with the ALP after falsely claiming party endorsement prior to being body-slammed by its ruling moderates who thought he would be a highly inappropriate representative of the Labor cause.

And that was prior to them sighting what is being referred to as the Fowlemobile, an equally obnoxious Toyota provided it seems by Melbourne City Toyota to the rich-kid Will Fowles for the campaign. It bears his moniker no fewer than fifteen times.

And according to our snout who saw it valet parked out the front of the ritzy Westin hotel on a Friday afternoon, it was full of hundreds of Fowles for Lord T-shirts, auction memorabilia and Fowles leaflets. Perhaps he was stalking around another charity event, seeking to crash it and takeover the MCing. Or the warm comforts of some upstairs ‘afternoon delight’.

Concerned ratepayers are telling VEXNEWS, if he was any fouler, he’d squawk.



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21 responses to “FOWLES FOR LORD: Socialist Lefty Will Fowles' election offensive

  1. Fowles v Luntz - clash of the titans

    His website bio neglects to mention: In his spare time, Will enjoys providing ‘legal representation’ to ‘progressive’ SL student politicians when they run afoul of equal opportunity law

  2. Jack Jones

    The Non Aligned of Mr Dearricott are supporting Mr Fowles.

    Or at least I believe they are.

    A former owner of Looksmart is spreading that around.

    Mr Fowles has a daddy with plenty of bazooka. Mr ex-Looksmart has plenty of bazooka too. Lets hope the shareholders of the Fowles Auction Group are better treated than Lookmart shareholders after they changed their CEO, or at least after their CEO got out.

  3. Anonymous

    his ego deserves a bigger a job than managing Daddy’s money

  4. Gold chain watcher

    Andy, any truth in the rumour that a certain former Democrat Senator and a Chip offspring considered running but had a little problem.
    You have to be on the Roll.
    Adam Bandt will be well pleased

  5. Poor Ozan

    This clown Fowles is giving Ozan’s reputation as a good political operative a real hammering.

  6. Gold chain watcher

    Kannis the number one on the Council ticket is the only thing going for the Fowles team.
    Ozam oh Ozam what can we do, we all know Melbourne is ruled by LU

  7. Ozi ozi ozi

    Some vigorous media training for Fowles will save the day. No more 3AW disasters I promise.

  8. change

    Leave the kid alone. He is trying very hard by the looks of it.

  9. Stainless

    Peter McMullin, a known Maoist communist sympathizer, anti-zionist, supporter of the PLO and heir to the Spotless Group, also thinks his dads money can buy him the title of Lord. The problem we are facing is that the model of direct election of Lord Mayor does not deliver good governance and is only available to the rich and plentiful prepared to spend their family fortune seeking fame and titles. Its time to review and reverse the failed policies of Bob Cameron who introduced the direct election model, where as McMullin wants to expand the flawed system to other municipalities.

  10. David from Darebin

    Thanks for the tip. I will get nice car with Diana photograph for good campaign in Darebin. Diana will be Mayors again you wotch. The Robin Scott peoples cannot stop us get whats we want.

  11. barking toad

    I’ve heard that nostril substances invoke that kind of narcissism

  12. w-w-will

    i w-w-w-will do some media t-t-training and will n-n-n-not get flustered when asked a b-b-basic question

  13. oh dear

    loved will’s website andrew. his logo is great, but wen you click on the policy links they are all blank and under construction.

  14. Fowles all show no substance

    I don’t think his website is that good. he should ask for his money back. He has spent more energy on gadgets and wiz bang graphics then on developing content.It took minutes to load the graphics only to have them disappear soon after loading. Nothing more pisses off web surfers looking for content and information then BS graphics.

  15. Many of the issues he has identified are State Issues and not directly related to the City of Melbourne. I tried to find his policies on Governance and reform of the City boundaries and representation and there was nothing. Governance does not even get a mention. He has Accountability but again no content. Maybe he is still developing his policies. I thought he was promoting a fresh vision. he had. Chicken and Egg stuff but it looks like he trying to get laid.

  16. his front welcome page has a photo of himself in a slob outfit grinning at some girl whose has turned her back to the camera. He certainly needs to get a new graphic artist if he want to portray a better vision for Melbourne.

  17. Is Fowles the best the left can do. A real policy vacuum here.I agree his web site is BS. Change the shirt, grin and photo.

  18. The car retails for around $35,000 but we get mates rates at the auction room. We will sell it off to recover some of the loses after the ballot. It’s all tax deductible so whats the big deal I can afford the petrol and the congestion tax helps the city remain yuppy only. Going once going twice … sold.

  19. i don't wish i was him

    you are all being very nasty and unfair to Will (fowl by name, fowl by nature).

    he is very very good, just ask him and he’ll tell you!

  20. philip travers

    Some good journalism here,but, you should test these candidates direct,by,either inviting them here to comment on how this site sees them,as in the 9/11 movement in New York,who put up a concerted effort that.I, think, has changed the world’s opinion about that.And followed people around,and,did some real pesky journalism.But try to remember with Christian groups ,they do think they are more than honest human beings,but, message delivers.I wouldn’t be surprised if what say Rosy Soh had as an experience did occur and the reported ‘coincidence’,but, I am not to sure its God.I am a tinfoil conspiracy believer!A choice,rather than an outcome.

  21. Stacy Morse


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