FAST-TRACK: John Robertson to be elected to Parliament and to Cabinet

johnrobertsonmlc The head of Unions NSW and one of the highest rated people in the labour movement will be confirmed this evening for appointment to the NSW upper house and VEXNEWS has learned is expected to be immediately fast-tracked into the Rees Ministry.

John “Robbo” Robertson has been long considered one of the best and brightest talents in the NSW ALP although he has long pooh-poohed going into politics, at one stage having a red hot go to become ACTU National Secretary until effectively vetoed by SDA National Secretary Joe de Bruyn who preferred the steady drumbeat of the more cautious Jeff Lawrence to the spectacular Hendrix style electric guitar solos of Robbo.

The unionist will be a considerable asset for the ailing NSW Labor administration, rocked by a period of unprecedented instability, feuding over the obscure issue of public sector ownership of electricity businesses and sad little scandals beaten up by an hysterical press.

There is little doubt Robbo could be a Premier one day, such are his communication skills and clear vision.



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5 responses to “FAST-TRACK: John Robertson to be elected to Parliament and to Cabinet

  1. ptolemy

    John will make a great contribution to government. He is the type of person who’ll turn things around for Labor in NSW. This is great news.

  2. You’d be joking. John Robertson will go down in history as the man who destroyed the NSW Labor Government, white-anting the Premier we elected and installing his own yes-man, Nathan Who? Yesterday’s NSW by-elections show just how much damage Robertson and his cohorts inflicted. One in five people who voted Labor last time have now deserted, and anyone who thinks John Robertson can change that in two years is living in la-la land. Robertson goes into the Legislative Council without having to face the electors. I’m now 70, and for the first time in my life I have to say I would find it hard to vote Labor. I want a strong, socially progressive party, not a throwback to the 1950s.

  3. ptolemy

    I don’t think you could blame the misfortunes of NSW Labor as the work of Robertson. It was more the action of Morris Iemma who openly defied the wishes of the NSW State Conference, a body which he and any Leader of the NSW Parliamentary Labor Party are answerable to.

    Iemma & Costa had a course of action they rightly or wrongly believed in, but they just didn’t take anyone with them. In politics, you have to take people with you, not simply deny their point of view.

  4. anon

    What is this obsession with giving bald union dudes upper house seats????

  5. tHE jOKER

    WTF??!! Robbo is still without a Ministry?

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