BEYOND BELIEF: Decade old claim may not survive scrutiny

theo A former Parliament House worker has accused a senior Cabinet minister, Theo Theophanous, of assaulting her a decade ago.

A senior political strategist told VEXNEWS “If the Minister worked in practically any other job, this ancient Greek tale would be laughed out of the court of public opinion. It’s only because the claim itself is so serious that it’s a big problem.”

Legal insiders say the delay itself strains credulity and will make any case against the senior Minister very difficult to successfully prosecute. “How on Earth does a victim of an assault take a decade to call the authorities to complain?” one asked this morning. “No one in politics is really safe from this crap. They should all get paid danger money.”

The Victoria Police appear to be leaking details of their investigation already according to Fairfax reports, saying that they’ve interviewed people, seized telephone records and are preparing a brief of evidence. So it seems the matter will be resolved quickly.

Treasury Place insiders say if the Minister is charged he will have no choice but to resign regardless of the veracity or credibility of the decade-old allegations. But if not, there would be no obstacle to his return, going through the same process as NSW Minister John Della Bosca when he was falsely accused and investigated.

Members of his faction, the moderate and pragmatic Labor Unity group within the ALP, have universally wished him well with one saying “Theo is a formidable figure in Labor politics, with many enemies who’ve been spreading muck around about him for a very long time. There’s certainly been a co-ordinated rumour-mill attack against him in recent times. God willing, justice will prevail.”


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24 responses to “BEYOND BELIEF: Decade old claim may not survive scrutiny

  1. Errol Street faction

    I don’t like Theo at all but I wonder whether Police would even bother investigating this if he wasn’t a politician. Ten years to phone the police doesn’t pass the smell test.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m no fan of Theo or his crooked brother BUT it seems you just point the finger of accusation and that’s all it takes.

    This woman is apparently living in Greece. Theophanous’ get’s his name smeered all over the papers but this woman can do it from 10,000 kms away and under the cloak of anonimity.

    It looks to be very very wrong.

  3. Anonymous

    The woman is living in Greece ? Are the phones so bad it takes ten years to get through to ‘000’ ?


  4. Anonymous

    Theo is one of the best operators the party has. This is such a load of crap. Ten years, for crying out loud!

  5. Madame Defarge

    So, the case has been quickly solved here by lounge cretins. Women are rightfully anxious about making rape charges and facing defence lawyers who minutely pore over every aspect of the plaintiff’s life. In this case, there would be a flock of noisy QCs.

  6. Jack Jones

    My mother used to warn me about the danger of women making rape claims. All men are vulnerable, and the female lobby is now so powerful.

    I cannot believe the claims about Theo. He is one of the best members of the Brumby Cabinet. The only person to benefit from this is Red Ted.

  7. Sarah Palin

    He should do the right thing and marry the girl

  8. Not done yet

    Theo will be back. His capacity to survive in politics is second to none.

  9. never give up Theo, we believe in you

    Only in politically correct Australia would we tolerate this kind of filth. An ancient Greek tale from 1999 if you don’t mind. Zero, zero, zero credibility. And that’s what she should have done, if she’d really been attacked, called the police. But she didn’t and now we’re expected to believe some tall tale about it. Get fucked, there’s too many liars in politics. This just takes the cake.

  10. Inga

    Now hold on a minute. This cost me a lot of money to convince this girl all the way in Greece to make this complaint.

    I didn’t know everyone would get so upset about little Theo !

    Besides, this sort of smear campaign is my speciality, so at least let me have a bit of fun.

  11. no one is safe

    an 11 y.o allegation, truth or fiction only the two of them know, but length of time doesn’t lead itself to supporting the claim.

    and as for mitchell, the dirty bastard has been trying to get theo for as long as the SL. to make his claims on radio are really mudraking at its worst.

    can’t wait for that piece of filth to suffer similar slurs.

  12. Matt

    The same tactic used aginst Geoff Clark, Was he the victim of a police revenge attack. Dirty politics indeed

  13. hells fury

    There is some truth about the saying “hell knows no fury”. I find it amusing that some people think a women scorned, seeking revenge, is incapable of lying about such things. BS it happens all the time. This is not the first case and it will not be the last.

  14. Lib staffer

    This is just a political attack from within the ALP and those responsible should be ashamed. I wish Theo the best on this matter.

  15. Inga Binga

    Theo would you like a peek up my skirt at my lace string?

  16. Anonymous

    How much is this crap costing me the Victorian taxpayer? Flying Police to Greece for Christ’s sake. Why doesn’t this woman get on a plane and front the St Kilda Rd police complex like any other citizen would have to?

  17. Jack Jones

    Disgraceful conduct by the enemies of freedom.

    Long live Theo. A great Minister. A great MP.

  18. Whisperer

    What part has John Silvester from The Age played in this?
    Known as Sly, Rumours gossip and misinformation are his tools of trade.
    Available to speak on behalf of Crooks and certain Police.
    Trusted by no one of respect

  19. Anon

    Lets hope the court of public opinion considers him innocent until proven guilty. Even if he is charged by the police.

  20. Jack Jones

    The owner of the other blog has been nominated by a feline friend and her cohorts for shyster of the year award.

    The disgraceful conduct of the other blog towards Theo, our great friend and benefactor, played no small part in this.

  21. Anon

    Rape is rape no matter how old the allegation. Many women take years before they summon the courage to report it to police. I can imagine the pressure that this women must be under given the postion of the minister. This one should be left alone. The police should be left to do their job and the minister should be presumed innocent.

  22. haha

    Everyone knows Theo is the most corrupt politician to ever disgrace an Australian parliament. Closely followed by George Seitz obviously. Don’t think you factional stooges will get away with branch stacking for much longer. Scum like Theo and George will be held to account.

  23. Anon\'s other half

    Do you really believe that this woman has not come out for 10 years because she felt under pressure?

    If she felt so pressurised, why create a media circus?

    People who have really been raped go to the police, not to the press. This is full of crap and we all know it.

  24. Iceberg

    Anon\’s other half is a dumbell!

    ***People who have really been raped go to the police, not to the press. This is full of crap and we all know it***.

    She did go to the police. That’s why Victoria Police sent an investigator to Greece. The Age simply reported the resulting statement the investigator obtained.

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