CREDIT CRUNCH: Kemp builds big reform monument, Ted puts brick on top and claims it as his own

baillieuclaimsvictory The daily newspapers have played along with Ted Baillieu’s enthusiastic claim for the credit of the Kemp Liberal party reforms. John Ferguson gives him credit here. As does Ted’s late-night mobile-phone-chat companion, Paul Austin.

The changes mirror the ALP’s rules in some respects with plebiscites for preselections and the introduction of proportional representation in internal party elections. They were entirely sensible changes that party leader Baillieu had seemed very reluctant to support.

Despite this, he did eventually come around, a positive sign for the party. But let’s not over-state the effect of the changes, they will entrench factionalism on the party Admin committee and in some cases intensify preselection fights and provide incentive for multiple recruiting.

Insiders within the Council say there was cross-factional support of the changes, with 90-95% support.

Inga Peulich – factionally aligned to Ted Baillieu – sternly opposed reform. She argued that the changes would cause the death of party branches. Inga had also arranged a number of other speakers from the south-east to denounce reform. Geoff Leigh – a former MP who was known for his hot-head attitude – also chimed in to oppose changes that could undermine the blue rinse brigade who usually run party branches with an iron fist.

Baillieu aligned people said Ted was at the top of his game, speaking confidently and generously. Others said he was all over the place and that it was impossible to tell whether he was for or against until he said “I will be voting for the changes.”

His desire to keep his supporters like Inga Peulich sweet while voting up the changes anyway gave him quite the rhetorical challenge.

By all accounts, Baillieu passed this test. But how much longer the welcome mat remains out for him is now the big question facing Victorian Liberals.



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35 responses to “CREDIT CRUNCH: Kemp builds big reform monument, Ted puts brick on top and claims it as his own

  1. The Truth Is Out There

    Hang on – a bit of factual reporting required here. Inga Peulich supported 85% of the white paper for reform – however in her speech opposed the plebiscites for preselections.

    When you look at the south-east structure you can understand why.

    For the 2010 State Elections: Cranbourne, Dandenong, Clayton, Narre Warren South and Lyndhurst will automatically have no plebiscite and go to a general panel to select the candidate, bypassing the local Liberal community.

    Those electorates will be joined by Broadmeadows, Brunswick, Bundoora, Thomastown, Keilor, Kororoit, Niddrie, Pascoe Vale, Preston, Northcote, Derrimut, Mill Park, Richmond, Footscray, Tarneit, Altona and Yuroke.

    90% of the Liberal members in Carrum and Mulgrave will have to write in and accept a plebiscites for preselection – otherwise it automatically goes to a central panel placement, bypassing local members.

    80% in Narre Warren North, Frankston, Mordialloc.

  2. Anonymous

    Geoff Leigh used to be the man who got things done when he was the MP for Mordialloc.

    Mr Leigh had inside information on the ALP courtesy of one Diane Anderson, who used to leak to him her publication Higgins News.

    Mr Leigh somtimes read from Higgins News in the house. He even denounced Bob Stensholt as a member of the Unitarian Church. He got that wrong. Bob has never been near the Unitarian Church and his voting record on the recent abortion legislation suggests he is a good Catholic.

    Mr Leigh lost his seat of Mordialloc in 2002 to Janice Munt. Local Liberals remember well the slogan from that election. It went something like vote for Munt because the other one’s a c__t.

    The Diane Anderson influence spreads its tentacles to the Liberal Party as well as the ALP, but there she has more influence, but not enough to stop reform.

    Inga and Geoff we salute you. A good fight but in the end Red Ted decided he had to go along with David Kemp.

  3. anon

    Geoff Leigh was and is c__t.
    He did nothing for Mordialloc and he is just a bitter, nasty little adulterer with a huge ego.

  4. Anonymous

    Inga Peulich – now there’s a picture of beauty.

  5. Inga Binga

    You naughty boy you’ve been peaking up my skirt at my lace g-string havent you?

  6. DJ DJ Spedding

    The reforms are great. Richmond branch Members will not ever get to vote at a preselection. Prodos will never win a preselection for Richmond.

  7. Higgins Lib

    The vote is actually a huge endorsement for Kemp, Snell and Pesutto – the main architects of the reform package.

    Ted’s erratic behaviour always surprises. His parliamentary supporters must be shaking their heads in disbelief after his earlier opposition.

  8. Chook Checker

    ‘Higgins Lib’ is just another wild throat-slasher in the Liberal bloodbath. Despite Labor being at a policy and performance standstill, the Libs just don’t get it – never have, never will – just stuck up swill!

  9. evil bastard

    There were speakers for the package queuing up 6 deep. richard alston in the chair repeatedly had to call for speakers against several times. The speakers for included many members of Team Ted (well team Davis anyway), such as Tim Wilson & Louise Staley. The very few speakers against were embittered losers like Geoff Leigh & Bev Macarthur. There was a claque of naysayers heckling the speakers for & applauding the speakers against, but the rest of state council good-naturedly treated them like the joke they are.

  10. evil bastard

    apologies to Richard Alston for not giving him the capital letters he deserves

  11. Prodos Fan

    DJ D.J. Spedding is anti-Prodos and hates freedom.

  12. As one of the speakers against the motion – a few comments. The bundling of some very worthwhile features with some very far reaching and poorly explained proposals was great politics and poor long term thinking. As the editor has pointed out the likeness to ALP structure is a worry as factions flourish in that environment. As the package has been passed it now down to the electorates most affected to make the structure work. The probable selection of candidates by the Admin Committee is the most regrettable and has a high risk of being as electorally unappealing as the system in the ALP has – see Gippsland as a case in point.

  13. RE: The Truth Is Out There

    You have your facts wrong.

  14. Prodos Fan

    Tim Warner Bros. is a Prodos fan and therefore a patriot of the highest order. He would vote for Prodos over Gladys. DJ Spedding would vote the other way however. He is not a patriot.

  15. Anonymous

    Yes, the line of people to speak in favour was often very deep. But there were lots of people who only joined the speaking line when they knew they would have no chance to actually do so. Then they could simply claim that they tried but didn’t get the chance.

    The only speakers who deserve any credit are those who got up early and actually did say something, like David Kemp, Tony Snell, Paul Nettlebeck, Robyne Head, Louise Staley, Tim Wilson, Philip Davis etc.

    The result was very non-factional. Team Ted was out in force as much as Team Kemp. A lot of Team Kemp’s people were the ones who joined the lines late.

    Many of the advocates against didn’t do themselves favours. The procedural junk at the start was never going to go down well. And while some points from opponents were well made, they were not sufficient to argue for the status quo.

    This was not a victory for or claimed by anyone. It was a victory for and should be claimed by, the Liberal Party.

  16. evil bastard

    it is a victory for democracy

  17. Delegate

    I had the chance of being a Delegate and was a supporter of the package. i have only been a member of the party for a short time but have made myself know. the reason why i supported the changes was because i know many members of the party who aren’t given the chanve to be involved and has been a clear reason to why we have lost members.

  18. evil bastard

    bit of the pace on the theo announcement, andrew. you’ll recall our convo of a few weeks ago on that topic

  19. Dr Dean

    There were so many pretenders to the status of “defender of the Menzies Legacy” present at State Council on Sunday speaking on both sides of the debate.

    All, I repeat ALL, are frauds.

    I am the only rightful, true and legitimate defender of the Menzies Legacy.

  20. I was also queuing up to speak in the debate, but was cruelly denied the chance to express my democratic right when some low-level flunkey from 104 told me I had not registered as a delegate so was ineligible to speak.

  21. Sir Robert G. Menzies

    To all State Council delegates:

    Paul Nettlebeck is NOT my son.

  22. Obi Wan Kenobe

    These changes will not stop the exodus of members, they won’t encourage more liberal attitudes either. The two conservative factions will just re-arrange the deck chairs and reassert control – but it is still the Titanic they sail upon. It is sinking fast without the presence of real liberals.

  23. McPerton

    My beautiful Constitution, destroyed. I will be sending my bill to the party for drafting services rendered.

  24. RDR

    Would any Young Liberal ladies like a lift home? I am more than willing to oblige.

  25. anon

    Occupation: Mould for Gorilla Biscuits at the Arnott’s Marleston Bakery in South Australia, formerly Educator and Joint owner of family business
    Education: Middle Park Primary School. Albert Park High School (Year 12). BA (Multi-Discipline), (Caulfield Institute of Technology). Dip Ed (Burwood State College). BEd (Monash). MEd (Monash). Certificate IV Training & Assessment (Monash).

    Career: Migrated to Australia in 1967. Teacher, Merrilands High School 1979-1982. Awarded International Teaching Fellowship to former Yugoslavia 1982-83. Involved in running of family business 1977-1984. Teacher, Merrilands High School 1984-85. Head of English Faculty, Cleeland High School 1986-89. Head of English Faculty, Eumemmerring Secondary College 1990. MLA for Bentleigh 1992-2002. Small business partner, 2002-06. Director, Marriott Foundation 1999-; City Chair, Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. Chair, Moorabbin Arts Council; Past President, Victorian Parents Children in Day Care Association Inc. Involved with several community and sporting organisations. Interests include: family activities, community and international affairs, sport and recreation, athletics, education and further study, travel. Councillor, former City of Moorabbin 1990-93.

    Party: Liberal Party
    Party Note: Member, Moorabbin branch since 1989. President, Moorabbin branch 2003-06. Vice President, Liberal Party 2003-05. Chair, State Strategy 2003-04. Member, Administrative Committee of the Liberal Party 2002-06. Chair of State Council Agenda Committee 2004-05. Chair, Liberal Party State Training Committee 2004-06. Chair, Steering Committee 2005. Delegate, Policy Assembly 2003-06. Delegate, State Council 2003-.; Delegate, Federal Convention and Federal Council 2004, 2005. Chair, Liberal Party Tertiary Education Committee 1992-2002. Liberal Party Lead Speaker, Small Business in the Assembly 1999-2002. Chair, Parliamentary Party’s Local Government Committee 1999-2002. Member for numerous parliamentary party committees 1999-2002.

  26. McPerton

    My CV is far more impressive than Inga Binga’s.

  27. There can be no adornment to a CV more prestigious than the esteemed title of Defender of the Menzies Legacy.

  28. evil bastard

    “Mould for Gorilla Biscuits” – gold!

  29. Inga?

    can you tell me what is wrong with Inga Peulich????

    i have know idea.

  30. anon

    Look at her, listen to her, try and grip her logic and values, get a whiff of her and you’ll get a fair idea.
    A very unpleasant woman.
    The thought of peeking up her skirt is revolting, she would turn a male granite statue into a soft cock.

  31. Inga?

    oh great….

    i have no idea then how these people get elected to a position where they are there job is to listen to people and represent them. in Inga’s case thats 500,000 people in her upper house electorate. God i feel sorry for them!

  32. Anonymous

    Who is the better politician, Inga or Gordy rich-phillips.

  33. why can't you read

    The comments about the electorates with few Liberal members is actually inaccurate. There is no automatic plebiscite, if not enough members respond to the call for pre selection then discussion with Electorate Conference takes place with Admin to determine best process for pre selection. Local members should still get their say provided they have an Electorate Conference. The facts are that getting more members, with more to offer should actually increase the membership base of many electorates and eventually avoid this circumstance.. one would have thought..

  34. Archie Mckinney


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