LAZARUS: The warrior from Warrnambool watches and waits

napthine Former state Liberal leader Dr Denis Napthine is quietly positioning himself for a comeback according sources inside Parliament.

The ever-vigilant Michael Kapel is believed to be closely watching Napthine and other threats to Baillieu’s leadership like Terry Mulder.

Spring Street insiders point to the good animal doctor’s recent work in Parliament where observers say the seasoned and experienced Parliamentarian puts current leader Ted Baillieu in the shade.

Following the highly charged debate over the Assisted Reproduction Treatment Bill that – according to critics – enables everyone to pick up a new kid from any arts supplies shop in Westgarth, Napthine demonstrated his dormant leadership credentials with a presidential style vote of thanks to everyone who’d endured the divisive debate.

One party room noted “It was a leader’s speech, the kind of thing Ted Baillieu should be able to do but cannot.”

Baillieu still has the numbers though. But for how much longer?



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10 responses to “LAZARUS: The warrior from Warrnambool watches and waits

  1. Horse Sense

    Good Grief – replacing Baillieu with Nappy. Its like shuffling the dorks at a dork convention.

  2. mob rule

    Michael O’Brien is twice as smart as the combined intelligence of blue blood Ted, nuff nuff Terry and uninspiring Dennis.

    He is the one.

  3. Ann fan

    I think Ann Peacock should be given a seat. She’d be stylish and clever unlike the dweebs in there.

  4. anyone who saw Michael O’Brien stumbling, sweating and swearing his way through the Malvern campaign in ’06 would hope he’s improved puh-lenty in the intervening couple of years. if he can’t make his way into parliament via the safest of seats without looking like a red-faced amateur, he’s no leadership material.

  5. Mary Wooldridge

    He has matured, like a smelly cheese.

  6. Inga Binga

    Did someone cut the cheese ?

  7. give guy enough rope

    Krogerites have been sniffing around for a lower house seat for Guy MLC.

  8. HRH LM Doyle

    Why is my comeback from the dead not being considered here ? What is wrong with you people ?

  9. Mat Guy for Leadership

    I would love to see Mr Guy as the liberals next leader. the only problem seems to be there is’nt a lower house seat in his Upper house region, none of them are even an inch liberal.

  10. hi
    good luck

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