CHRISSY: Liberal rising star to be cruelly mocked over puppy pic

chrissypyne Never work with children or animals, goes the old Hollywood saying.

Big player in the show business for ugly people, politics, is Christopher Pyne, Liberal MP for Sturt, who has tempted us with this cute photograph of him kissing babies and puppies at the Institute of the Blind (He hopes to lead them. Boom. Boom.)

Caption suggestions please.

First prize: God-fearing Gloria Jean’s gift voucher to the value of $20. Keep it to recycle as a Christmas gift or splash out and share lattes with your friends and branch members.



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42 responses to “CHRISSY: Liberal rising star to be cruelly mocked over puppy pic

  1. Stuart

    Puppy: What have I done to deserve being grabbed from behind by Chrissy Pyne ?

  2. Anonymous

    A couple of bitches…

  3. Jane Spencer

    Pup leading the bland

  4. Anonymous

    A Dog-person (reference to JGK’s comment on Costello supporters) and his dog

  5. Aloysius

    At least one has fleas from lying down with dogs.

  6. Iron Mike

    One definitely neutered

  7. Lattes for all

    From what I hear, both do it doggy style

  8. Malcolm

    One looks unhappy, the other gay.

  9. Joe Hockey

    His bark is worse than his bite

  10. Sonny Jim

    That dog won’t hunt…

  11. Adelaide Uni In The Closet Association

    The Liberal Party has gone to the dogs…

  12. Anonymous


  13. trevor

    I think you should call off the dogs…

  14. Gyorgy

    One will never be top dog

  15. Pret de Porter

    Once Chrissy goes black, he’ll never go back

  16. Amanda

    I’d like to point the bone

  17. Anonymous

    more like, both like boners

  18. Going for Latte

    Both enjoy sniffing bums

  19. Wangaratta Express

    Pyne plans to topple Sophie Mirabella with another bitch

  20. Sky Nudes

    “I am going to call him Sarah Palin. OOoh I see his lipstick”

  21. Anonymous

    every dawg has his day

  22. Iceberg

    Its a dog’s life! Woof. Whine.

    Pyne is probably federal Lib’s biggest liability. Although, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey aren’t far behind. Too many Howard remnants for the Libs to ever be re-elected anytime soon.

  23. Duchess of Sturt

    Pant Pant – “Don’t worry boy, I’ll only be taking your temperature for a few more minutes” – Pant, Pant Howwwl

  24. CrisP

    Any port in a storm!

  25. Ollie

    I like dogging.

  26. Denis

    is his hand up the dogs arse

  27. Anus Rimmer

    Good boy, now just let me smear some peanut butter on and you can lick it all off and make Chrissy a very happy man – ooohhh

  28. C Pearce

    Chrissy I wish you would cuddle Ollie and me like that, then we could get naked and play choo choo trains.

  29. Ruby Red Shoes

    “Toto, it’s okay…I am a friend of Dorothy’s”

  30. Nick

    Pyne Licked in Cabinet Reshuffle

  31. Nick

    *shadow cabinet

    still getting used to that 🙂

  32. Jimbob Mac

    “Oh you smell little fella lets get you into that bath house”

  33. Matt

    Who does this jerk think he is? Dogs gift to man? What a stupid grin. Ok You have had you photo now put me down. I need to pee.

  34. Fatty Doyle

    Ollie dogged both Honeypot and myself repeatedly. Honeypot loved it – I most certainly did not!!!

  35. Honeypot

    Yes, from my recollection, Ollie dogged you right out of the leadership Fatty!!!

  36. Fatty Doyle

    And I clearly recall you jumped before Ollie gave you a final push!!!

  37. Kirky

    You know doggie, you’re not the only one who can lick their own balls!

  38. Quirky

    I know, I know, you can lick your own arse – but I’ve licked more important ones!

  39. Amused

    Don’t be embarrassed pup, I’ve tugged on smaller dicks

  40. alison

    dogs are a mans best friend..if i’m holding u then maybe we could both find a man

  41. Vitsn

    Which one will become a leader and the other tied to a leash cand chains?

  42. Mr Abbsott

    I am your father

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