TROUBLED: Ted's Liberals accused on Chandler and botch big political opportunities

State Labor MP Don Nardella has accused the Liberal Party organisation of secretly employing a former employee who was sacked after being exposed as an anti-semite.

chandlerprice Susan Chandler (pictured here with Ted Baillieu staffer Paul Price) is said to have created a new company shortly after her termination with extreme racial prejudice.

Chandler admitted sending an email in response to a request from a candidate (who happened to be Jewish) for more campaign material.

From: Susan Chandler
Sent: Friday, 19 October 2007 11.21am
To: John Osborn
Subject: RE: more flyers, please…

greedy f***ing jew

Nardella claimed yesterday that the anti-semite was being warehoused and seems keen to blame Julian Sheezel:

Then there was the blogging scandal which occurred under Mr Sheezel’s watch. During the blogging scandal a shameful, anti-Semitic email from Susan Chandler
emerged. Julian Sheezel advised the media that Ms Chandler had resigned and that had she not resigned, she would have been fired. Sadly I am forced to reveal that this was a blatant and cynical lie. A major Liberal Party supplier under Mr Sheezel was DPA Document Printing Australia Pty Ltd. It received the lucrative contract to print how-to-vote cards in the last federal election and the Kororoit by-election of a couple of months ago.

Immediately on leaving the Liberal Party, Ms Chandler was employed by the company. How it happened and on what basis has now become a matter of open gossip within the Liberal Party. It has been alleged by certain Liberals that Ms Chandler was immediately re-employed by Mr Sheezel through an artificial mechanism. It is alleged that Mr Sheezel organised for DPA Document Printing Australia to place Ms Chandler on its books and to covertly invoice the Liberal Party for the cost of her wages while continuing to work at the day-to-day direction of the Liberal Party, including right through the recently held Gippsland by-election to this very day. Should this allegation be true, it is a gross insult to Liberal Party members, Victorians and, most importantly, members of Australia’s Jewish community, all of whom have been lied to.

Chandler is of course an ally of the Baillieu faction and wasn’t seen as particularly close with the Costello-aligned Sheezel at 104 Exhibition Street.

Donato was certainly all fired up in the House yesterday and took time out to pay special attention to a website run by his fellow heavy metal music fan and former upper house Liberal MP Peter Katsambanis.

He claimed and VEXNEWS can confirm that Katsambanis is the author of the blog which occasionally dares to tell the truth about Ted Baillieu. The one-time tough on crime parliamentarian also came to public attention when dissing the Police for using capsicum spray at the tennis in an attempt to subdue a surly crowd. “Big Kat” was in the crowd, leading him to shed tears for the first time since dropping a sledgehammer on his toes in the early 90s. His blog explains the rest. Not satisfied with that, Katsambanis even started contributing pieces to the left-wing press denouncing VicPol for over-reacting and giving the cops a real spray.

katsambanis The civil libertarian told The Age’s Police-hating readership:

So how did the Australian Open with its motto “Where the world comes to play” become the place where the Victoria Police come to spray?

…the police chose to use capsicum spray on the offenders, blatantly disregarding the safety of all spectators in the arena.

What were the police thinking? Did they contemplate the potentially dangerous consequences of their actions before they acted in this way?

Many regard the Liberal party as struggling to cope with the challenges it faces. With even its supposedly tough-minded ultra-right-wing nationalist faction willing to attack the motivations of Police officers, it is truly puzzling to behold some in the Victorian division of the supposedly conservative party believe in.

A combination of anti-semitism and contempt for Victoria Police does not make the most attractive image for the 2010 election.

Indeed, the Herald Sun – in an article contemplating future changes in the government – today wrote:

Liberal leader Ted Baillieu, meanwhile, faces his own challenges thanks to an ageing team and nearly a decade in the political wilderness.

Baillieu’s challenges are immense. The 2010 election is an incredible opportunity for him and his party. But there seems to be a lack of hunger, a noblesse oblige attitude of the kind we saw on display with his off-the-cuff reaction to the furore of a photographer being shown around a primary school looking for nude model talent. He saw no problem with it.

His shooting off of his mouth on Henson deprived him of traction. The same day he’d observed that:

“Kids deserve the basics. Every child has got a father and mother and I think that ought to be the starting point.”

That’s what most people believe. It might not be politically correct. It might not pass muster at a staff meeting in Attorney-General Rob Hulls office. But it’s the majority view in the community.

Some say Baillieu was pressured into this position by a number of his colleagues fed up with his latte left approach on many issues.

Either way, he squandered the opportunity to politically benefit from taking a populist conservative position on the issue.



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36 responses to “TROUBLED: Ted's Liberals accused on Chandler and botch big political opportunities

  1. LM HRH Doyle

    I need to be reinstated to solve this crisis

  2. Anonemoose

    Lord knows what would happen if anyone ever looked at the ‘true cost’ of the Kosdown accounts.

  3. anon

    Who am I?

    I came 3rd in a preselection against Marie Luckins.

    I set up a failed business called International Careers Pty Ltd in a tax haven.

    The peak of my political career was as an adviser for the Bronwyn for PM campaign.

    My only experience as a campaign manager before becoming State Director was campaign director and strategist for the losing Monash Province campaign in 2002.

    My closest political associate is Santo Santoro.

    I lost a state election.

    I was part of the losing team for the last Federal election.

    I gave the IT contract for 104 to a company Dan Feldman’s was a director of, without going to tender.

    I leased part of 104 Exhibition Street – a direct legacy of Robert Menzies – to Tolarno Galleries, who displayed Bill Henson’s child porn in the Liberal Party’s own building.

    I corruptly breached the Electoral Act, using the threat of pulling the party polling contract to get two people fired.

    I asked staff to blog against the State Leader, then when it came out, I knifed them as publically as I could to try and rat out of it.

    When the blog affair came out, I denied even knowing about the blog – lying to Ted Baillieu, Tony Nutt, David Kemp, the media and the party. In actuality, I had been bragging about the blog I had tacitly authorised for months – including in December to Don Nardella MP, who has since put the facts on the record in parliament.

    I undertook a secret deal with DPA Document Printing Australia Pty Ltd to re-employ Chandler for the Liberal Party, in a cruel hoax on the Party and the Jewish community.

    I left 104 Exhibition Street in a burning wreck, having lost both the State and Federal Campaign managers in a fortnight of the worst media coverage in the Party’s history.

    I tarnished the reputation of the Higgins 200 Club by associating it with donations from the aged care industry extracted by Santo Santoro.

    I am not very popular amongst the branch members in Higgins.

  4. anon

    Liberals hit by new blog row
    Herald Sun, Thursday, 9 October 2008, Pg. 19

    A FORMER Liberal MP has admitted anonymously attacking Ted Baillieu’s leadership in the latest blogging crisis to hit the party.

    Peter Katsambanis has been exposed criticising the Opposition Leader in a blog commenting on national and international affairs.

    Posts on the blog accused Mr Baillieu of political cowardice, questioned his 2006 election strategy and asked whether the Opposition Leader had the “ticker” to face up to his opponents.

    “I am happy to accept that I am the blogger,” Mr Katsambanis told the Herald Sun yesterday.

    The solicitor’s role in the Fight Fire With Fire blog is another embarrassment for the party and Mr Baillieu.

    Mr Katsambanis, who lost his Upper House seat in 2002, is a long-time friend of former state Liberal director Julian Sheezel and is associated with the Costello-Kroger faction.

    The blog ran a post in January accusing Mr Baillieu of political cowardice.

    The blog noted that Mr Baillieu’s leadership was being questioned “from inside and outside the party”.

    Mr Katsambanis commented: “Does Ted have the ticker to face up to his opponents and finalise this matter once and for all, or will he just let his party slide into further unrest and division?”

    The blog’s existence was raised in State Parliament yesterday by Labor’s member for Melton, Don Nardella, who made sweeping allegations against senior Liberal figures.

    In April, the Liberal Party was plunged into turmoil when an anti-Ted Baillieu blog surfaced, run out of the party headquarters.

    Two senior staff were sacked and a third member of Liberal HQ was involved.

  5. ABC

    A Victorian Labor backbencher has told Parliament the Liberal Party is still paying the salary of a worker who resigned from the organisation in disgrace.

    The worker left Liberal Party headquarters after leaked emails revealed she had made anti-semitic remarks about a Liberal candidate.

    Labor’s Don Nardella also told Parliament, a former Liberal MP was responsible for a website undermining the Opposition leader, Ted Baillieu.

    The Liberal Party has rejected the allegations.

    Mr Nardella did not offer Parliament any evidence of the allegations.

  6. anonymous

    Is Costello going to step in and stop this clown Sheezel further trashing his reputation?

  7. Rats in the Ranks

    The real deal here is about the Federal Liberal Leadership.

    Tony Smith and Mitch Fifield were the two “rats” in the vote between Nelson and Turnbull. They voted for Turnbull last year, then ratted to Nelson this year.

    Smith and Fifield are now on the nose across the party, and attempting to rebuild their base. Smith was demoted by Turnbull, while Fifield has nothing (even being surpassed by Jason Wood, who is now a Parl Sec).

    Getting Sheezel into Higgins (along with the tainted Santoro money that he brings), is central to their comeback strategy.

  8. Arthur conan doyle

    Trashing Costello’s reputation? How does one do that?

  9. Narelle

    Julian did very good considering how bad Ted is.

    He’ll win the Higgins preselection comfortably leaving Jason Aldworth (at ALP’s bitch firm CPR) in the sh*t.

  10. Just_In McKeegan

    Mr Fifield is a VERY IMPORTANT man and all you Silly Billies have no idea how wise and politically astute he is.
    I am proud to operate his photocopier and run his errands around Mentone for him.

  11. Anonymous

    Look: it’s Lounge Suit Larry!

  12. Anonymous

    Jason Wood is an excellent MP and deserves his Parl Sec job. Discuss.

  13. Dumbass

    He is borderline retard

  14. Hansard

    Mr NARDELLA (Melton) — Today I grieve for the Liberal Party. On 11 May this year the Leader of the Opposition identified a cancerous cell within his own party, which has been actively working to undermine the party leader and a handful of Liberal moderates around him. Today I want to detail to the Parliament how that cancerous cell within the party has not been dealt with but has just shifted and continues to actively work to undermine its leader in this place.

    On 12 May this year the Herald Sun reported the Leader of the Opposition as having said:
    ‘Their activities are a disgrace’ …
    ‘They’re at odds with everything that the Liberal Party stands for, but I don’t believe they acted alone’.
    ‘(They are) a narrow, but deep-seated cell of people who are destroying this party’ …
    ‘It is time to clean house. We have some cancerous elements … and they are destroying the Liberal Party’.

    Apparently Tony Nutt and Dr Kemp were brought in to excise this cancerous cell from the Liberal Party’s Victorian division. Victorians were told that the problem had been fixed and that the disastrous blog affair that we saw in Julian Sheezel’s period as state director was a one-off incident with no broader cultural problems in the Liberal Party. Sadly, however, it is my duty to report to the house that this is not the case.

    Worse still, it is now clear that these problems are spreading from 104 Exhibition Street to the heart of the Victorian division, the federal electoral division of Higgins.

    Cultural problems within organisations such as this grow from just a few bad apples but spread aggressively. That is the case here. Ground zero is immediate past state director, Julian Sheezel. Mr Sheezel inherited his propensities from his long-time mentor and ally, disgraced former Queensland senator Santo Santoro. Mr Sheezel’s political mentor is Santo Santoro, and that is how this endemic cultural problem was released into the Victorian division of the Liberal Party. Mr Sheezel and Mr Santoro — the Brian Burke of the Liberal Party — were often sighted having long lunches in a certain club on Collins Street during Mr Sheezel’s tenure as state director.

    Mr Santoro had to resign from the Howard federal ministry and the Senate in disgrace after it was discovered that he had made a series of investments in aged-care companies which he was in charge of regulating in the aged-care portfolio. You would think that this sanction would have been enough for Mr Santoro to realise that these links were now toxic and that he had done enough to damage the good reputations of these companies. However, in his bid to take over Higgins, Julian Sheezel invited Santo Santoro to be his special guest at the latest Higgins 200 Club budget breakfast on 16 May 2008, and the disgraced former aged-care minister bullied a series of managers from the aged-care profession into purchasing seats at this breakfast — companies from the very same industry he was caught red-handed improperly investing in. That the once-powerful Higgins 200 Club, chaired by Peter Bartels, should be brought to such lows is very sad.

    While it was useful and amusing for those of us on this side of the chamber to be constantly in receipt of leaked documents and other information from Mr Sheezel over the years, his antics reached extraordinary lows. Many Liberal Party members have surely been wondering what Mr Sheezel achieved as state director other than banking a $1 million plus contract package, losing a few elections, wimping out on a few by-elections and racking up lunch bills on the party’s tab, as I said, in a nice club at the end of Collins Street. The one bright spot in the lacklustre Liberal campaign at the last state election was Clem Newton-Brown and his innovative, groundbreaking campaign methods. Why Mr Sheezel pulled resources from that outstanding campaign in Prahran is a mystery to Labor. It was almost as though somebody at 104 Exhibition Street was attempting to ensure that the Leader of the Opposition did not do too well.

    Then there was the blogging scandal which occurred under Mr Sheezel’s watch.

    During the blogging scandal a shameful, anti-Semitic email from Susan Chandler emerged. Julian Sheezel advised the media that Ms Chandler had resigned and that had she not resigned, she would have been fired. Sadly I am forced to reveal that this was a blatant and cynical lie. A major Liberal Party supplier under Mr Sheezel was DPA Document Printing Australia Pty Ltd. It received the lucrative contract to print how-to-vote cards in the last federal election and the Kororoit by-election of a couple of months ago.

    Immediately on leaving the Liberal Party, Ms Chandler was employed by the company. How it happened and on what basis has now become a matter of open gossip within the Liberal Party. It has been alleged by certain Liberals that Ms Chandler was immediately re-employed by Mr Sheezel through an artificial mechanism. It is alleged that Mr Sheezel organised for DPA Document Printing Australia to place

    Ms Chandler on its books and to covertly invoice the Liberal Party for the cost of her wages while continuing to work at the day-to-day direction of the Liberal Party, including right through the recently held Gippsland by-election to this very day. Should this allegation be true, it is a gross insult to Liberal Party members, Victorians and, most importantly, members of Australia’s Jewish community, all of whom have been lied to.

    Today it is also my sad duty to inform the chamber of a new anonymous blogging scandal apparently linked to Mr Sheezel. I raise the anonymous blog This blog contains a number of fresh attacks on the Leader of the Opposition. An entry on 4 February says it is ‘Time for Ted to show some real leadership’ and goes on to accuse the opposition leader of not supporting Andrea Coote as Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council.

    On 15 November 2006, in the middle of the last election campaign, a blog entry accuses the Leader of the Opposition of not having a clear message, while on 3 November, during the campaign, the blog made it clear that it was thought that the government’s advertisements regarding the Leader of the Opposition’s financial dealings with the Kennett government were accurate.

    Honourable members would know that I do not purport to be Sherlock Holmes, but there are key facts pointing to the identity behind this blog. Let me dive into the murky world of the Collingwood Football Club. Fans of the ‘pies who regularly attend games often go by nicknames. There is one particularly mad keen fan who goes under the name ‘Driver’. Driver is responsible for a set of blogs on Collingwood, including ‘Magpies arise — 2005’ and ‘Pleasure and Pain 2006′. A key Sheezel factional ally is a former member for Monash Province, Peter Katsambanis.

    Indeed Mr Katsambanis’ inaugural speech on 14 May 1996, which I had the pleasure of sitting through in the Council, gave special mention to his friend Mr Sheezel, while Mr Sheezel was campaign manager and strategist for Mr Katsambanis’s losing campaign in 2002. Mr Katsambanis is also a Collingwood tragic. The fact that he spent most of his tenure as a member of the Legislative Council expressing his love for Nathan Buckley on the Buckley Surfers website is no secret. I can now reveal that Driver is also revealed by as the author of ‘Bracks Watch’ and ‘Fight Fire with Fire’. In an amazing turn of events, it seems that certain Collingwood fan club members know Mr Katsambanis only by the nickname ‘Driver’. Who really is the driver behind ‘Fight Fire with Fire’? Like Fox news, all I can present is the facts: you decide.

    Further, it has become apparent that the young Turks, the group that nearly unseated the shadow Treasurer, the honourable member for Scoresby, from his Liberal party seat in the lead-up to the last election, have now moved to Higgins. The leader of the young Turks, Dan Feldman, is intimately involved with Mr Sheezel at many levels. Immediately upon Mr Sheezel becoming state director, Dan Feldman was appointed on a commercial basis to replace the previous party solicitor who donated his time. Simultaneously Visits Pty Ltd, of which Mr Dan Feldman has been a company director since 6 September 2001 and which is headed by Mr Feldman’s brother, was appointed without tender to run the Liberal headquarters’ information technology systems. Mr Feldman and his branch stacks have returned the favour by moving their memberships to Higgins, in an obvious payback for favours granted. They are there as stacked branches in favour of Mr Sheezel’s candidacy for Higgins. Has the new state director, Tony Nutt, investigated these contracts? Have they been renewed? If not, is this an admission that they were uncommercial in nature?

    Has the party held an investigation into the enrolment of the young Turk branch stacks into Higgins?

    It is a truism of democracy that strong governments require strong oppositions. It is clear that the cancerous cells that the Leader of the Opposition spoke of have not been removed.They are growing faster than ever. It is time that the opposition got its house in order. The so-called investigation into the cancerous cells attacking the Leader of the Opposition was clearly a whitewash. The Victorian division of the Liberal Party has its own Santo Santoro. His name is Julian Sheezel. The Liberal Party must acknowledge the cancerous elements led by Mr Sheezel and deal with them or forever remain unelectable.

    I now turn to the preselection deal to be confirmed at the special Liberal Party conference that will be held on Sunday. The deal is about saving the neck of one person and one person only — that is, the Leader of the Opposition.

    It is about protecting his support base in Parliament. It is about protecting his sitting members of Parliament. The 64-page Liberal renewal document confirms that factionalism is rife within the Liberal Party, which has had its membership reduce from a high of 45 000 under Menzies — the glory days — to 14 000 as at the end of last year. To fix this factionalism the report recommends plebiscites for all preselections in the future.

    But this sleazy deal, which has just been agreed to and which was reported today, is to protect the Leader of the Opposition and will aid present members of Parliament in their efforts to retain preselection — and those problems have been detailed in this 64-page report. It is okay for those stacking and underhand factionalism methods to remain, because doing so supports the Leader of the Opposition, but all the new candidates will need to undertake this new process.

    The Leader of the Opposition has form on this. We just have to look at the coalition deal with The Nationals — and haven’t they been in trouble with that? One moment The Nationals are on Stateline saying one thing and then it is retracted by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. It shows he is prepared to do anything. How can you trust a party when it is — —

    The DEPUTY SPEAKER — Order! The member’s time has expired

  15. Walter Plinge

    Can I suggest Miss Chandler needs expert advice on undergarments? An experienceed bra fitter will do wonders for her.

  16. Wun Hung Lo

    Miss Chandler buys her brassieres from my Two dollar Shop in Bridge Rd Richmond.

  17. Fatty Doyle

    Where is Fifi?

  18. Anon

    Blog betrayal: Libs sack rats

    Josh Gordon
    Sunday Age, May 11, 2008

    A WEBSITE devoted to attacking Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has been traced to Victorian Liberal headquarters, triggering the dismissal of two staff members, including state director Julian Sheezel’s most senior adviser.

    A secret inquiry launched last month linked the website — hewhostandsfornothing.blogspot .com — to two computers at 104 Exhibition Street, the location of the Victorian branch of the Liberal Party, just a few blocks from Mr Baillieu’s Spring Street office.

    The news confirms what Mr Baillieu has almost certainly long suspected: that he was being white-anted by officials from within his own campaign office.

    The website, which is no longer publicly accessible, has been the source of speculation for months. Its broad theme was that the Liberal Party had no chance of winning government in Victoria as long as Mr Baillieu remained leader, depicting him as “Red Ted”, with social ideas left of the Liberal norm.

    The investigation, launched at the behest of Mr Baillieu, led Liberal Party technicians to the computer of Simon Morgan, effectively Mr Sheezel’s right-hand man. He was sacked on April 15, just a day later.

    Mr Morgan was previously employed by federal Liberal director Brian Loughnane. He worked at a senior level with Mr Sheezel for 18 months, and was the federal Liberal campaign manager for Victoria during the 2007 election.

    John Osborn, a junior campaign officer in Mr Sheezel’s office, was also dismissed after admitting to his involvement in the website.

    The revelations will prove damaging for both Mr Baillieu, who has been struggling to contain dissent within his own ranks, and Mr Sheezel, who is widely tipped to run as the Liberal candidate for former treasurer Peter Costello’s seat of Higgins, should he retire from politics.

    In a joint statement issued yesterday afternoon, Mr Sheezel and Liberal state president Dr David Kemp confirmed that the staff members had been sacked. It followed inquiries by The Sunday Age. Dr Kemp said their actions had been “gravely detrimental to the interests of the party”.

    “The use of blog sites by party members or staff with the specific intention of publicly undermining the party’s leader, members of Parliament and other party members is conduct which is gravely detrimental to the best interests of the party and will not be tolerated under any circumstance,” he said.

    Mr Sheezel denied having any knowledge before April 14 that the staff members had been involved in the site. He said he had been “astonished beyond belief” to discover that two paid employees “had been attempting to destabilise other members of the party through blog sites”.

    “It was completely intolerable and they had to go immediately,” Mr Sheezel told The Sunday Age.

    Mr Baillieu’s spokesman, Simon Troeth, declined to comment.

    Mr Sheezel announced his retirement in February. He will be replaced by John Howard’s former chief of staff, Tony Nutt, later this month.

    A senior party official told The Sunday Age that the party hoped Mr Nutt would “put a clean broom through the mess that Julian Sheezel has left behind at the secretariat”. “Simon Morgan was effectively Julian’s right-hand man,” the source said. “This was going on right under his nose and it’s a giant mess for both Julian and Ted.”

  19. Bored

    are they suggesting Julian Sheezel is being supportive of an anti-semite? He is a Jew himself so this seems a bit far fetched.

  20. Not Bored

    No the suggestion is not that Sheezel is an anti-semite. The issue is that he is a liar.

    He has lied to the party, the public and the Jewish community. Not the kind of person we want holding public office.

  21. Dr Dean

    Fatty smell your arm up to your elbow and you will know where Fifi has been.

  22. Anon

    P.S. Sheezel has been on the dole queue for over six months now, hasn’t he?

    Anybody in the market for a dodgy accountant who can’t campiagn for shit?

  23. anon

    I am sure I saw Sheezel the Cheezel at the peep show in Swanston Street having a quick tug.

  24. Fatty Doyle

    hmmmmm… yes, the smell of Fif’s wench stench… ahhhhhh….. brings back pleasant memories.

  25. All the Way with JA

    JA for Higgins. Sheezel for Tarneit.

  26. Guy Fawkes

    Nardella for Liberal opposition leader!

    The Libs continue their own gory bloodbath meltdown, slash every throat you can see.

    The failures of the lazy Brumby government are obvious to all, But not apparently to the silvertail Libs. Useless clots!

  27. Anonymous

    You know you’re in trouble when:

    1. Don Nardella is making fun of you
    2. Don Nardella is making fun of you
    3. Don Nardella is making fun of you
    4. Clement Newton-Brown is cited as your shining light and an innovative campaigner (he was not innovative, but desperate)
    5. Don Nardella is making fun of you

  28. Clem Phlegm

    I coughed when I heard Clem’s name mentioned positively.

  29. maverick

    The big word is that David Kemp, along with key backers – Treasurer Julian Glynn and VP Tony Snell will resign if the party futures package is not passed on Sunday.

    Tony Snell in particular has made no secret that he is disillusioned with Red Ted’s opposition to the package and that he wants out, especially if the package goes down.

    Kemp and Glynn are harder to read but my spies say they will both quit through frustration. There might be a few other as well.

    Pesutto, a strong backer of the package is increasingly seen as a traitor for his work on party futures.

    Let’s see what happens and who goes.

  30. Morals meltdown

    Did the abortion vote include retrospective abortions for politicians? What a useless lot of dumbclucks! They represent public opinion as much as I do. Fat salaries, fat Super, fat lazy arses! Time to totally re-examine politics in Australia.

  31. evil bastard

    the party futures package got up with 95% of the vote

  32. Chairman Lui

    Excellent! Box Hill is now mine!

  33. Vasan

    Time for a comeback

  34. Obi Wan Kenobe

    Chandler and Price have really stacked on the mega-kilos.


  35. Anon Anonski

    Andrew I hope you realise that you have made Paul Price’s whole year with your brililant publicity efforts. His only quibble will be the necessity of attaching his name to his pic – his fondest hope is that this is unnecessary.

  36. Anon

    I sure cant tell the difference between these two blobs.

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