SILVER LINING: Governor Palin sent from heaven

sarahpalin The Republicans are going to lose the US Presidential election because they’re being blamed for the temporary loss of confidence in that great country’s remarkable economy.

But as one door closes, another door opens.

Governor Palin, the GOP’s Vice-Presidential nominee has been such a great discovery for the party that must rebuild from here.

Check out this brilliant put-down of a pudgy bearded hippy heckler by the Governor. Is this her finest moment?

Read her lips: “Bless your heart sir, my son is in Iraq fighting for your right to protest.”



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20 responses to “SILVER LINING: Governor Palin sent from heaven

  1. Deep fry

    Deep fry that big lard-ass hippy homo

  2. Anonymous

    Ticket should read Palin McCain.

  3. anon

    Just another LTB (Local Town Bike) like mother like daughter.

  4. Sarah Quaylin

    Yeah, I really loved her sensational performance in the debatewith Biden – especially the bit where she stood tall and refused to fall off the stage.

    Sorry Guys. As much as I might share your views about hairy lefties, this “babe” is even dumber than Dan Quayle.

    McCain is 72 and his health isn’t sensational. The chance that she could end up in the Oval Oddice if McCain were to win is very very real. Whether you are a conservative or a liberal in American terms – be afraid. Very afraid!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Sarah is a great chick. Highly intelligent, she’ll make an outstanding president should the unthinkable happen to McCain.

    All you Russkies and North Koreans and Arabs. No wonder you’re all scared.

    Vote McCain-Palin presidential electors if you’re an American in Australia eligible to vote.

    Then vote the straight Republican ticket for all other offices.

  6. Anonymous

    why do people say mccain’s health isn’t sensational. he’s in top nick. his mother is still alive and well into her 90s for fuck’s sake.

  7. tom

    This looks totally staged. He’s right behind her in perfect camera shot and no security comes to remove him, then she delivers her crowd rowsing “zinger”.

  8. Arthur conan doyle

    Exscuse me! Her son is in Iraq fighting for the man in the crowds right to protest. What utter crap. Her son is in Iraq, he might be fighting, but he sure aint fighting for American freedom of speech. Crazy mutha fucker. She is scary as.

  9. Lucky

    I can see a medical clinic from my house, does anybody want me to treat their illnesses?

  10. Sarah Quaylin

    Anonymous said:

    “Sarah is a great chick. Highly intelligent, she’ll make an outstanding president should the unthinkable happen to McCain.”

    The worrying thing is that there are people who actually believe that. The problem with nutbag extremists on the rabid right and the loony left is that they create their own parallel universe where black is white and and night is day and reality is whatever you want it to be as long as it helps them rationalise their own lunatic views of the world when the facts don’t support them. Blind faith is a very powerful opiate.

    Watch Quaylins’ interview with Katie Couric on the CBS wesite and make up your own mind. Hardly a grilling and aggressive interview but the airhead couldn’t even say what papers and magazines she reads – that has prompted most people to draw a fairly obvious conclusion.

    McCain is 72 and I don’t care how old his mum is. The reality is the the chances of Quaylin windidng up in the Oval Office should that ticket win is very very real.

    If that happens, batten down the hatches.

  11. Sarah Quaylin

    Tom said:
    This looks totally staged. He’s right behind her in perfect camera shot and no security comes to remove him, then she delivers her crowd rowsing “zinger”.

    An interesting point. US presidential and Vice presidential candidates are heavily protected by Secret Service agents. You don’t get that close to a VP candidate at a rally without an appropriate pass and someone associated with the campaign telling the secret service you are kosher. The seats immediately behind the lecturn at such rallies go only to the most trusted Party flunkies.

    Interestingly, none of the loyal Republicans around him seem perturbed by his presence.

    Is it Karl Rove with a toupe on his head and his chin?

  12. Arthur conan doyle

    Barack Obama, first black President of USA. Fantastic. For all the Palin fans i believe they are making a movie about her. I read in the paper (Oz i think)that they were after a body double to play her part. Offering $3K for the part. Said something about XXX, i am not sure if thats the name of the film or what. Anyway Palin fans, enjoy.

  13. Walter Plinge

    ACD – Obama is not a black. He is a mulatto. What we’d call here a half-caste.

  14. McPerton

    Fatty, Sarah looks a bit like that athletic lass you introduced me to at Westministers Secrets.

  15. Squeaky

    “…my son is in Iraq fighting for your right to protest.”

    Can someone give me an objective explanation of the logic in this statement?

    How does invading Iraq defend US democracy?

  16. easy if you try

    Saddam Hussein subsidised terror and developed weapons of mass destruction.

    He hated America.

    He funded terrorists, giving $25000 to each family of killers.

    He believed America would never have the courage to remove him.

    A law unto himself, he not only threatened America’s safety but the security of the middle east and its oil supply.

    Removing him has been expensive and horrific in terms of lost American and Iraqi lives but the cost of doing nothing would have been much higher.

    Ask the families of the victims of 911. They don’t need persuading about the impact of the kind of terrorism Saddam was exporting.

    Bush was right. Palin is right. Her boy is not just fighting for America’s safety but for all of us.

  17. Sir Coa

    its a side on camera shot- its clearly filmed by some amateur and i dont believe in this conspiracy theory about it being staged. If it was staged it would have been different.

  18. Chairman Mao

    But what about the dinosaurs?

  19. A team of mavericks

    Lets do what our parents told us to do. John McCain Never Again.

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