PROFANITY: Heartless Lew family conspires to deprive us of schnitzel

peterlew2The closure of the Scheherazade restaurant in Acland Street St Kilda has been terribly sad for many in Melbourne’s Jewish community and for many others who thought munching through one of their schnitzels as a nearly divine experience.

The former owners of the restaurant owned the freehold and had leased it to new operators years ago. In recent times there was talk the landlords had been made an offer they couldn’t refuse from a prospective new tenant who thought the space was ideal for their business. Acland Street is a very prosperous shopping strip within Melbourne’s latte curtain and  is reputedly very difficult to find space in, with most of it tied up by successful tenants on long leases.

Today’s Herald Sun reveals the shocking news that the company that got Scheherazade turfed out is owned by notorious businessman Solomon Lew and his children including Peter Lew who were said by community insiders today to have once been regular diners at the famed restaurant before they “moved up” to Toorak from Caulfield years ago.

Controversial retailer FCUK will lease the space, at a much higher rent than the restaurant was paying. FCUK is owned by a complex series of trusts whose beneficiaries include Solomon Lew and his children. It is run by Peter Lew and sells supposedly risqué T-shirts targetted at high school children with epithets like FCUK Me, FCUK – Intercourse High School and so on. It’s the kind of humour that appeals to teens, creepy ad executives with ponytails and a disproportionate number of shoppers at Fountain Gate.

Scheherazade’s owners plan to reopen their comfort food paradise in another property, probably in Caulfield.




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17 responses to “PROFANITY: Heartless Lew family conspires to deprive us of schnitzel

  1. Walter Plinge

    Another goddamn clothing shop – -and a chain at that. Just what Acland St needs. It’s getting so it’s not worth taking my interstate visitors there anymore. If they want to see a clothing shop that can do that at their local Westfield. No need to go to Acland St for that.

    That’s what Acland St is morphing into — just another shopping centre.

  2. Anonymous

    Best schnitzel ever. Gone.

    Another Lew-driven weight loss program.

  3. Shameful

    What does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

  4. Acland destroyed

    FCUK is so 90s

  5. fcuk you peter lew


  6. Bearbrass

    Grim news indeed.

  7. Anonymous

    Those t-shirts are no better than Bill Henson.

  8. Anonymous

    St Kilda is a pile of shit anyway.

    I hate the place

  9. schnitzel lover

    No! No! Please, not the schnitzel!

  10. Obi Wan Kenobe

    This is so sad.

    The Schnitzel was superb, the Latkes were better.

    Do these guys need another venue?

  11. Lewtenant Luker

    Sad to see the Lew family spreading their bland businesses around town.Making interesting areas beige and spruiking crappy clothes.
    Bring back the Schnitzel!

  12. SCHERAZADE’S LAST HURRAHI was a privileged guest of George and his family that have owned the Acland St St Kilda icon Scherazade ,last night Sunday. It was a sad night as we reminisced about the great times that we had all enjoyed there. There were tears, photos with George and the family and a meaningful toast to George with complimentary vodka.The place was packed to the rafters as we knew it was the very very last time we would see George and his family in their second home. The 70’s decor will now become a thing of the past and we will yearn of it to come back.We will pass the shop that for many years was second home for thousands.It will not be there.Gone forever. One of the few places one can watch a 34 cm Tv whilst dining or watch the owner walk up and down whilst having a conversation on a cordless phone But that was the fabulous charm of Scherazade.We are at the end of an era an icon in culinary annals.George and his family were often imitated but will never ever be duplicated.How many times one came as a sole diner and because you were only one and were always sent down the back.But that was the quirky charm of the place George and Scherazade…….you are a icon in St Kilda .Thank you for the memories as I see them through the tears of joy for what happiness you gave us all.Alan Schwarz

  13. Bob Roaderman

    Get a life…anyone in the know is aware this has nothing to do with the Lew family. Do some research and you will find that they do not have anything to do with the restaurant’s premises. Internet dross…

  14. Schnitzelmensch

    Not true.


    Lew own FCUK.

    FCUK replace Scheherazade.

    No more schnitzel.

  15. Strange

    Isn’t it true that the owner owes notorious businessman Solomon Lew several million dollars?

  16. Anonymous

    Would they still be alive if they did?

  17. anonymous st kilda worker

    Sorry to say so folks, but I have worked on acland st for 3 years and when this restaurant was gutted, the smell while walking past was atrocious. It smelled like dirty vats of fat, like there had been deep fryers not changed or something similar. I had eaten there once a couple of years ago and it was dirty. Maybe it’s a good thing they moved on, the premises were well in need for an overhaul.

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