LOW: Greens party smears Church hospital over treatment of rape victims

colleenhartland A Victorian Greens Party MP has been caught making false claims against Catholic Church owned hospitals, effectively accusing them of mistreating rape victims.

The extraordinary attack revealed by The Age today was made on Parliamentary letterhead to the Medical Practitioners Board seeking their ruling on claims that the hospital’s doctors had breached their duty of care to patients who’d been sexually assaulted.

The MP claimed – falsely – that Church owned hospitals did not offer referrals to rape crisis centres “unless they were confident victims were not pregnant”.

Rather than firing off her libellous claims in a letter to regulators, she could have asked the good folk running Church hospitals to get to the truth:

Catholic Health Australia said its hospitals provided initial counselling and care to victims of sexual assault but did not operate specific sexual assault centres or offer abortions.

“Catholic hospitals, recognising the expertise of the counselling and care services like those provided by the Royal Women’s, refer victims of sexual assault because of the specialist support the Royal has on offer,” chief executive Martin Laverty said.

The Greens MP clearly has an issue with the Catholic Church and possibly with the idea of churches operating hospitals at all. Her extremist approach of preferring to attack a charity rather than raise her concerns directly is an indicator of the sensitive nature of this week’s debate in Victoria’s upper house on the decriminalisation of abortion for women who are up to six months pregnant.



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12 responses to “LOW: Greens party smears Church hospital over treatment of rape victims

  1. Colleen was right

    Actually, Colleen was right, as usual.

    The Catholic Church hospitals code of conduct says:

    3.9 …. . Interventions aimed at causing abortion after rape, however, are not permissible. Measures designed to prevent ovulation or fertilisation may only be used when they involve no significant risk to the life of a developing embryo. Direct referral to those rape crisis centres which routinely administer abortifacients should only occur if reasonable steps have been taken to exclude the likelihood of pregnancy

  2. Hartland is wrong

    The Hospitals CEO has made it clear they refer patients to Royal Womens. Rather than deal with that truth, hater Hartland fires off letters at taxpayer expense denouncing the Catholic Church.

    She is letting her hatred of Christianity get in the way of good judgment

  3. Sir Les Twentyman

    She loves me but. Does that make her a Les-bian?

  4. Lord Mayor Doyle

    Sir Les, she loves you, but or she loves your butt ?

    Do explain.

  5. Greg the Barber

    She likes no man’s butt.

  6. Sir Les Twentyman

    She just loves me. Everyone does.

  7. tsk tsk

    the hatred of the lapsed catholic for their former faith is often quite blinding.

    After her own abortion, she felt the shame of a killer:

    Nonetheless, she admits she was distressed after the abortion, and that went on for a couple of years. “When I came out of the anaesthetic I was really distraught. I think that was just the emotional reaction to everything that had gone on in the previous week,” she says.

    “Underneath it went on for quite some time. I understood the guilt, but I didn’t quite understand why it affected me in the way it did.”

  8. stirrups

    if she’s so into abortion why feel guilty? somethiong doesn’t add up.

  9. anon

    Fact is the most common occupation of kiddy fiddlers is a Catholic Priest.

  10. Anonymous

    Total bullshit that. Tiny percentage of ministers/priests are involved in any such thing.

  11. Lord Lesley Twentytonneguts

    Who’s up for a drink at Goldfingers?

  12. LEON


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