INGRATE: Social conservative Labor MP finds his inner rat by joining Greens party in quest to hang on to Liberal heartland seat

ronanrat Queensland state MP and ladies man Ronan Lee has stunned colleagues by dumping life-long colleagues in the Labor Party for the poorly performing Queensland Greens Party.

Some wags suggested this morning that he’d already exhausted the supply of Young Labor women and was looking to “greener pastures”.

Lee compared himself with one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century by saying the change was like Bob Dylan’s move to electric: It’s the same great tunes but there’s just a bit more oomph.

Modesty is clearly not a pre-condition of Greens Party membership, although Bob Brown’s Leader’s office staff had already established that doctrine reasonably well.

“The Leader” was up there spinning enthusiastically for his young rat recruit, declaring the move “courageous”. “Courageous would have been resigning and re-contesting”, one seasoned Ronan Lee watcher told VEXNEWS. “This is all about what’s best for Ronan.”

Others suggest that the socially conservative Ronan Lee will not fit in very well at all with Queensland Greens on abortion and has calculated he’d receive more support in his seat from them than from Labor because his seat of Indooroopilly is based on some of Brisbane’s ritziest suburbs that have narrowly voted Labor only when their vote was very strong and while the Liberals were in a state of dysfunction.

Dylan buffs will also be wondering whether Family First is a future option for former Comrade Lee. Bob’s famous turn to evangelical Christianity drove his 60’s era fans mad.

Perhaps the Greens party will be plenty mad enough for Mr Lee.



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10 responses to “INGRATE: Social conservative Labor MP finds his inner rat by joining Greens party in quest to hang on to Liberal heartland seat

  1. haha

    Did he and Merri Rose have it off at the races?

  2. anon

    I hope he has a current Working With Children card.

  3. anon

    No he had it off with ‘Weekend Hussler’ at the races.

  4. anon

    Merri Rose is far too old for Ronan…

  5. Blown in the wind

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. A traitor to those that elected him. The Pied piper of rats.

  6. joan baez

    I’m surprised the Greens want him, given he got in originally by using fake Greens how-to-vote cards (produced, I think, by the Wilderness Society). Ronan has since devoted himself to guerilla re-election campaigns rather than to representing his electorate. The ALP is better off without him.

  7. Arthur conan doyle

    “This is all about what’s best for Ronan” —– He is a politician.

  8. joh

    The greens have no idea what they have taken on. Staffing issues, personal issues (the man does not know how to treat women with respect), he is a pathological liar (even lied in his press conference). This was purely and soley about Ronan getting himself in the media. First press release he sent out he spelt Garrett and Garnaut incorrectly. This is a man who shoots first and asks questions later. Completely irrational man. If Ronan was so concerned with climate change and the environment why does he drive his car everywhere, eat takeaway food etc. What a hypocrite.

  9. Richard

    I live in Ryan and am a LP (sorry, LNP) member.

    We all think he’s a bit obnoxious but has managed to win 3 elections on the trot in this area. We do have to take him pretty seriously, he is good at winning around here….

  10. geelongman

    The ol former Premier Wayne Goss said Qlder’s were waiting on their porch with baseball bats for Paul Keating in 96. Maybe the same applies to Mr. Lee in Qld State election 09 or when ever the hell the geniuses at HQ decide to pull the trigger. LOL

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