NG NAG: "Catherine of Arrogant" fires up in The Age

catherinenag Melbourne Lord Mayoral hopeful Catherine Ng is likely to be underestimated as a threat by opponents because she says and does strange things.

Ng has been on the big spending Melbourne council for nearly a decade and lives outside the municipality in Richmond. While being on the council since 2001, Ng has travelled overseas at ratepayer expense repeatedly, running up expenses bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. She’s less enthusiastic about the hard work of council though, residents’ groups say. “We’ve never been able to get her to do much for us” one activist told VEXNEWS. “She’s always busy or overseas and when we go to attend meetings to talk with her afterwards, she’s often not there.”

Political insiders paid particular attention to her attitude toward Lord Mayor John So and his wife. It was hostile and disrespectful, Town Hall sources have told VEXNEWS, despite So getting her elected on his ticket twice. The attitude has shocked many, with some questioning her values.

Despite behaving in a manner considered by many as like the town’s spoiled kid, Catherine Ng insists she is the “City Mother”, critics charge she is the mother of big council spending, presiding over an unprecedented era of financial irresponsibility while only occasionally showing up to council and committee meetings. They say she let bureaucrats run amok while enjoying the perks of office.

A strange story in today’s Sunday Age confirms that while she probably doesn’t have a message to stay on, she is capable of getting in the paper while others are still plotting and scheming.

Ng is a multi-tasker too, she’s not just getting in the press, she’s pressing to assemble a ticket and is torn between running for Lord Mayor and muscling her way on to #1 of a council group.

Despite claiming that she’s being fitted up by Labor Party members for being a Liberal faction warrior, the truth is that Ng is aligned with nobody and has alienated pretty much everyone. While likeability – or lack of it – will damage her preferences, her ability to be underestimated is a crucial asset as she will dupe many into assuming she’ll poll poorly.

Ng’s nagging in The Age is kind of weird because it centres on her husband Douglas Campbell who the paper thinks is aligned to Ted Baillieu because he works in the Liberal leader’s office. Not necessarily so, Campbell has been there for years, including under the Kroger supported Robert Doyle’s leadership. He’s not really factionally aligned, insiders say. So it was really just a crazy Catherine excuse to get in the paper.

Her former mentor John So regards her with little more than contempt. Liberals of both factions tell VEXNEWS she’s mad and says strange things. Labor sources assume she’s a political conservative although the more informed ones suspect her politics is all about self-promotion.

But despite that, she’s already shown she can generate press, even if it’s not about much. She is well placed to attract support from Melbourne’s substantial Chinese community and will do her best to pretend to be a conservative candidate despite a record that would do Joan Kirner proud.

In a Melbourne Cup field, the nag Catherine Ng remains one to watch.



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15 responses to “NG NAG: "Catherine of Arrogant" fires up in The Age

  1. Anonymous

    john so without the charm

  2. she's hot

    I’d like her to whip me raw

  3. Rose

    I am a resident of the City of Melbourne. I have had dealings both with John So and Catherine Ng. I found John So to be completely incompetent, unable to articulate an intelligible argument, and highly emotional. Catherine Ng came across as very much the opposite….She is a bright spark and understands the intricacies of planning issues. I have not always agreed with her decisions, but I understand the wisdom of them and the difficult political environment she has worked in. Go Catherine Go.

  4. haha

    yeh go to hell


    The corruption and sex scandals continue to surround Local government particularly at Melbourne, Whiehorse, Brimbank and Casey are the reason I believe we should get rid of the 3rd tier of government, and just have Federal and State Governments.

    Federal and State governments are made accountable through TV, radio and print media. local government has little accountablity throough local papers. Now mainly through this website we see some of them exposed..

  6. Fatty Doyle

    Fifi, stop briefing the Fairfax Press, you slag.

    A former Liberal Party adversary of Mr Doyle was less impressed. “If Mr Doyle was elected, we would see council governance conducted from local restaurants. The same lack of application would be a highlight, as was the case when he was leader of the opposition,” the former colleague said.

  7. McPerton

    I don’t see anything wrong with conducting governance and other important matters from local restaurants.

    So long as the cuisine is good and waitresses attractive then it is fine by me.

  8. Tiger5

    Your really good it lies and baseless incinuations.If you cared to look at Cr Ng’s expense account at the MCC you would have found she has been once overseas at the expense of Council in 2002. One overseas trip in 7 years does not sound like rorting the system.

    In fact she has been one of the most frugal of any Councillor over the last 7 years. And as for the bulldust about her relations with John So and Wendy his wife. Get a life, Wendy and Catherine catch-up regularly and will continue to do so. And as for John So, he has always had and still does have a good relationship with Cr Ng both professionally and personally. Check your facts right or get a better dirt thrower.

    The Tiger5

  9. spot on Tiger.
    your correspondent is way off the mark Andy.
    it was, however, a weird story about nothing in the sunday Age.
    standard fare for them these days.

  10. Goldchain watcher

    What the Motherof###ingmelbourne is going on?
    Catherine is the mother of Melbourne,leave her alone. I mean leave her alone.
    Those who do not will find out the hard way

  11. NG's Library fine

    What about Catherine NG being caught up in the “payback” scandal where she approved the appointment of Kate redwood to a paid position on the Library board only to discover that the appointment was illegal. Catherine NG and the Council then made a non-disclosed secret payout to Kate Redwood in compensation for the illegal job offer. Many have commented that the payout was made in gratitude for Kate’s support for John So at the 2004 Council elections. All Highly questionable and highly illegal. Kate Redwood was elected to the City Council in 2001 on Peter McMullins ticket.

  12. NG non Affiliation?

    if Catherine NG is not affiliated with any political party then ho0w is it that she was seen handing out Liberal Party How To vote cards in St Kilda?

  13. emily jackson

    Johnny So without the charm sums her up very well

  14. Chinese Spy Network

    John So’s team appears to have gone ALP.

    Peter McMullin has side stepped APm Women candidates and nominated John So’s Chief of Staff as his Deputy.

    Not to be out done, Will Fowles has appointed John So’s Cr. Wilson as his deputy having dropped embattled disgraced Cr. Redwood.

    Is China subsiding the City Council elections?
    Is Peter McMullin a Chinese ‘sleeper’ agent?

    Peter McMullin is a renowned Maoist and supporter of the PLO during his University days.

  15. Wun Hung Lo

    Fatty Doyle and McPerton often dine in my Restaurant, both very partial on No 69 Lemon Chicken.

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