GOTCHA: Peter Allan's prostitute fraud on ratepayers fully exposed

Disgraced former Whitehorse councillor Peter Allan has been caught blatantly lying over his ratepayer-funded visit to a brothel. Peter Rolfe at the Sunday Herald Sun has brilliantly exposed the outrage.

In last week’s Sunday Herald Sun, he insisted that he had merely visited a strip club and stuck the council with the tab “by mistake”. It was a laughable explanation at best, even if it was true that he’d paid for drinks at a strip club, as he was saying last week. Turns out he was lying through his teeth.

Peter Allan This week, it can be revealed that the receipt Allan lodged with the council which he insisted was a mistaken payment to a Fyshwick ‘strip club’ was in fact a payment to AT & T Enterprises Pty Ltd whose trading names are Northside Health Studio and Star Escorts.

Click here to check the brothel’s Federal Government tax registration.

Their website – accessible only for people over the age of eighteen – details what sort of business they are in.

It explains (innocent eyes should be averted):

Q: what fantasies are available?

A. it depends on the girl, but some fantasies are anal, golden showers, mutual oral, kissing, various grades of b&d, spanish, fingering, fisting, anal on client, gfe, spanking, lesbian doubles, straight doubles, bi doubles, and gang bangs. We are open to negotiation and suggestion.

His defence that “it was just a mistake” when he put in the debit card receipt relies on a claim that somehow he forgot his experience at the Northside Studios, despite the prompts on the receipt itself including that the expense was incurred at 3 minutes past midnight.

Every word the corrupt ousted councillor utters about this scandal buries him further, he claims he was there for only twenty minutes when the $130 bill he made ratepayers pick up clearly bought substantially more time than that in 1999.

Peter Rolfe identified the inconsistencies:

“It was nine years ago, I don’t remember exactly what happened,” he said. “It was like the Kevin Rudd incident.

“I went in with two other guys, they asked for two strippers and that’s all I’m prepared to say.

“I didn’t participate in anything other than that. We were only there for 20 minutes, there was no intercourse or anything like that.”

But a spokeswoman for the centre said they did not offer stripper services.

The studio’s website says it is “Canberra’s largest brothel with the biggest choice of ladies”.

abnatt Further, as Allan himself is well aware, the story of his theft only came to public attention because – when inebriated – he mentioned the incident to a number of people. Because he was drunk at the time, some assumed he was just skiting. Due to the hard-working journalism of the Sunday Herald Sun’s Peter Rolfe, we know now the truth and can see the proof with our own eyes.

It’s truth stranger than fiction: a public official visiting a prostitute might seem controversial enough, but for him to charge the public for his not-cheap thrills transcends even the highest levels of shameful misconduct and criminality.

This literally obscene abuse of public funds is seen as unprecedented by municipal observers.

Certainly it is the greatest scandal seen at the Whitehorse Council. Which makes ever more curious the role of Jon Ryan, a local “journalist” and staunch defender of the corrupt councillor Peter Allan.

As we reported earlier this week, Ryan wrote a bizarre and highly controversial attack on Allan’s critics, describing those who reported the disgraced ex-councillor’s theft to the Sunday Herald Sun and the authorities.

VEXNEWS has learned that Ryan’s colleagues at News Limited were scandalised by his unusual besmirching of one of his colleagues and a very extravagant and poorly considered sledging of a story clearly of considerable public interest that exposed a most spectacular case of wrongdoing.

Now it is clear that the corrupt councillor paid for a prostitute not a few drinks at a “strip club”, it will be interesting to see how Ryan manages to spin what is much more than a political embarrassment to the Whitehorse council but a serious, pre-meditated crime involving an outrageous abuse of power.

Councillor Allan must now be prosecuted over this abuse.

His sole public defender Whitehorse Leader reporter Jon Ryan must now seriously consider his position and why on Earth he is defending a thief who stole ratepayers funds to pay for his use of prostitutes in Canberra. VEXNEWS admires strongly principled stands taken regardless of popularity, but Ryan’s position is one taken regardless of morality or common sense.

Colleagues talking out of turn to VEXNEWS explain Ryan is an angry and occasionally self-important lad who clearly identified with the unfortunate situation Allan found himself in after booking up a prostitute to his expense account. Another thought it unlikely anyone would ever notice something he wrote on a blog on the the Leader’s website.

While he’s pondering his future at News Limited, he would do well to consider what news is (as defined by a Times of London owner long before Rupert Murdoch arrived to save that great journal):

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.



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39 responses to “GOTCHA: Peter Allan's prostitute fraud on ratepayers fully exposed

  1. sleazy

    One of many incidents. Police should investigate all other Allan finances.

  2. Did not inhale

    I only sat and was forced to watch I did not inhale.

  3. Following Melbourne's lead

    Peter Alan was just following Melbourne City Council’s policy leadership where senior staff had booked up sex services to the expense account under the disguise of social research in the City Sex trade… Every City has a red light district and Peter Allan was just comparing notes on his interstate fact finding tour.

  4. not like scores at all

    Nothing like Rudd. Rudd went to a strip club, not a brothel. Rudd didn’t get taxpayers to pay. Allan is a greasy pig.

  5. haha

    Jon should be comforted that the egg on his face should be good for his skin…

  6. Very Angry Friend of Peter Allan

    Peter Allan is a married man. Whether he went to a brothel or not is surely only an issue between him and his wife Sue.

    His mistake – and I believe it was a genuine one – was lodging a receipt for reimbursement. He was probably careless. As you can see from the receipt you posted, it’s from AT&T Enterprises which doesn’t sound like a brothel to me.

    You’ve done your research and proved that it was. No doubt your chuckling to yourself about how funny it is. But is it funny to destroy the lives of others purely for a politically inspired thrill kill.

    How do you sleep at night ?

    When will you stop ? When he kills himself from the shame ?

    If he loses his family ?

    How much is enough ?

    Peter’s served his community for decades and enjoys popular support. If he runs again in the council election, he might surprise all you grubs and wannabe west-wingers and win.

    Real people make mistakes. Good people forgive them.

    Where’s the forgiveness ?

  7. Anonymous

    You could and would make excusesbfor whatever peter Allen did. He is nothing more than a jumped up sir les Patterson style corrupt pig. Good riddance.

  8. Anonymous

    and jon Ryan is probably nice to Whitehorse to keep up the ads from council to leader. Both as corrupt as each other. It’s all adverising if you ask me

  9. Anonymous

    and I don’t think a list of the brothels services is needed. Imagining Allen on the job is ugly enough

  10. Anonymous

    A comment on the other blog suggests Peter Allan’s two close relatives in state parliament (presumably Jacinta and Lyle) will lose their seats unless they disown him.

  11. Anonymous

    When will Police be investigating Allen and charging him with offences for breaches of the Crimes Act?

  12. Anonymous

    Make Allen Pay. He must be fully punished for his actions.

  13. Mustafa Yannizdayiz

    Youse gonna luv this brothers and sisters.

    I heard from a maaate in Glebe that PM Rudd is calling all the mayors together Nov. 18 in Canberra. No panic, he’s a telstra man, will not use AT&T. Telstra screws everyone.

    My maaate thinks he’s onto the “strippergate” / “brothelgate” at Whitehorse Council. Wot’s goin on boyz ? Enough to turn a white horse, green. Geez, has there ever been a mayoral car at Whitehorse not written-off in questionable circumstances. Even the carpark burnouts cause blue smoke.

    Does all this rampant abuse of council moolah mean Whitehorse Mayor, John Koutras (regrettably often mistaken for Droutsas), will now have to have a minder go with him to Canberra. Yeah, maybe the CEO needs to go too to learn from the head prefect how to control expense accounts.

    Fly up. No. Thumb a lift with the Cardinia Shire Mayor … he’s only had the mayoral car to Sydney and Darwin so far this year. I see where that makes former mayor at Whitehorse Council Jessie McCallum’s Sunshine Coaster mayoral car trip look thrifty.

    I trust that Mayor Koutras will bring back some toyz from Canberra for the boyz to play at their final pre-election meetings. One for Pete too and one for Droutsas in the dock, while all the other jolly little piggies giggle their way home.

  14. Sheikh Gayly

    If we put in for a grant is it too late to get our hooker bill to be paid by ratepayers.

    Otherwise, we’ll go ahead with our plans for a mosque in Blackburn.

    Wah allah. Jihad.


    The corruption and sex scandals continue to surround Local government particularly at Melbourne, Whitehorse, Brimbank and Casey are the reason I believe we should get rid of the 3rd tier of government, and just have Federal and State Governments.

    Federal and State governments are made accountable through TV, radio and print media. local government has little accountablity through local papers.

    Now mainly thanks to this website we see some of them exposed

  16. Anonymous

    This a very sad state of affairs. Peter had many, many enemies on council and in the community and unfortunately had a very big mouth to match – which is a not a good combination. What is important now is his welfare. Leave the guy alone.

  17. new name

    Any truth to rumour that Whitehorse will be renamed Crazyhorse?

  18. Sir Les Twentytonneguts

    Peter is an honourable man, he and I have ‘dined’ often at the Elsternwick Bistro.

  19. Pallan

    I am hung like a horse

  20. Anon

    No mention that Peter Allan is a former ALP Councillor.

  21. Anonymous

    You’re an absolute c@nt Droutsas. You will pay for this.

  22. Anon

    Its abit rich going after John Ryan. He’s just reporting the facts as he knew them at the time.

  23. No mention that he is a former People Power candidate. You must be slipping.

  24. And I join in declaring that Jon Ryan is a massive tool.

  25. Fatty Doyle

    I much prefer ‘Westministers Secrets’ and last time I partook in their devine services McPerton kindly paid, with the proceeds from his one and only brief at the HREOC.

  26. Fatty Doyle

    Victor this must assist me in becoming Lord Mayor don’t you think?

  27. McPerton

    Yes, this will help enormously.

  28. Anonymous

    Peter Allen – this brothel rought is just the tip of the iceberg.

    He’s been plundering his tax returns for the past 20 years.

    You think he’s declared his councillor’s allowance as income? Nope. That’s over $100,000 he has failed to disclose to the Tax Office.

    Wheatley got 9 months for $300k so Allen is looking down the barrel of a 3-6 month stint at a her majesty’s facility.

  29. Mayor Quinby

    I am not a crook!

  30. Bob

    methinks pete will make a packet from you lot.

  31. Judgement Day

    Catherine Ng could cash in too.

  32. Ishan Volkan

    I have a revelation. No more pondering over the disguising pixels on the face of the nymph with Pete in Aubrey’s Mullum Mullum Forestway. I’m talkin about the “The Smoking Gun” headline pic.

    It is, with confidence, the one and only, former mayor of Whitehorse, Jessie McCallum, looking serene and happy post Noosa hols. I know that frock from the last red carpet appearance… designer – “Madge from Middleborough Road”.

    They make a luvly couple. Despite Pete’s pref for stage trained women, Jessie as the mother and mentor in the ALP Blackburn and Whitehorse Council Labor Caucus heavyweight, she is credited with teaching Droutsas and Allan all of the local tricks during their days of mutual trust, respect and mateship.

    John Brumby and Richard Wynne will reflect with pride the days when the caucus controlled Whitehorse and the Crs simply had to stay at the trough while the CEO & heavies dictated the agenda. The recycled mayors at Whitehorse were ahead of their time on dealing with sustainability.

    Sadly, relationships don’t last like they used to. They become ‘fractionalised’.

  33. Concerned Ratepayer

    The Whitehose Allan Affaire has grown legs I see. Entertaining, but very serious for ratepayers in the municipality who must decide at the forthcoming election if one uncovered incident 9 years ago is multipled many times below the surface.

    Maybe the next few weeks will be filled with revealing recriminations worthy of prompting second thoughts by encumbants planning to stand again; particularly if their closets aren’t empty.

    A state govt insider tells me consideration is being given to deferment of the election in Whitehorse pending a “review” of the council. Ratepayers like me would welcome that.

  34. Whitehorse is a donkey

    It was right that Peter Allan went for this mistake or rort or whatever it was.

    However it seems strange to me that something that he did 9 years ago should become public in an election year.

    Could it be that the as he was no longer a member of the ALP, the other ALP Councillors were no longer protecting him.

    If that is the case, are there any other ALP Councillors with something to hide from the voting ratepayers, that is beiong covered up by the ruling faction?

    From comments above about Droutsas, McCallum and others referring to crashed mayoral cars, interstate holidays in the mayoral car, mobile phone expenses etc, it seems there is more to come out.

  35. Anonymous

    They should investigate Jacinta Allan as well.

  36. Funereal

    Is it true former Cr Peter Allan, deposted councillor and ex- bank manager has now become a funeral assistant at a local palais de corpse ?

    Is it legal for the dead to handle the dead ?

    Should ratepayers be concerned Allan could be running a “Risky Business” style escort agency from the morgue style operation ?

    Is Allan qualified at handling stiffs ?

  37. Necro Pete

    What a great gig I have. There is no buzzer that rings when your one hour is up!!

  38. GCGirl

    I can see that Cr Allan has been put into a bad situation by people who for all the wrong reasons cannot be successful on their own steam. Cr Allan in a fine community spirited good man of vast experience with Council matters. His good work will be remembered by those of us who benefited from his time. Many commentors on this site have no understanding of the commitment of a Local Councillor who has to hold down a full time job as well as attend meetings and weekend functions, that keeps them away from their families. If you knew Peter you would know that this situation is not indicative of the man. Like with other political fall outs we can lose the good work of good man just because all men can fall victums of thier own humanity. Good luck Pete we will miss you.

  39. Interesting article, Cheers George.

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