SLUSH: Secret Socialist Left slush fund revealed in confidential documents

SLsecrets The Victorian Socialist Left faction is planning a secret slush fund which would be used to finance ALP election activity, branch-stacking, interference in union elections and other irregularities.

In addition, the once dominant Victorian Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party faces an existential crisis, according to its own faction. The grouping – known for often searing Maoist style self-criticism – has directed its executive to report on how it might become an “effective organisation”.

The secret document obtained by VEXNEWS was prepared by SL faction secretary, government adviser and lawyer Andrew Giles scandalously canvasses the prospect of raising funds for branch-stacking (an offence under Party rules) when it declares:

Andrew Giles “That recognising many activities important to advancing the faction’s interests require funds, the SLX is to consider options in this regard in order to provide a source of funds for the effective running of the faction.”

Concerned observers fear the SL slush fund would be used for faction mail-outs, bribes, payoffs, union election campaign expenses, party membership fees for branch-stacking and nefarious purposes that are jokingly said by factional rivals to include subsidising the souvlaki consumption of feared factional tough Lee Tarlamis.

It is anticipated the fund would be the subject of complaints to the Australian Electoral Commission and other regulators concerned with money laundering.

Keen observers will note the newsletter is being sent to an old address of former supposedly independent state MP Susan Davies of Wonthaggi.

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6 responses to “SLUSH: Secret Socialist Left slush fund revealed in confidential documents

  1. Go VexNews

    Good get Andy, loving the new site.

  2. Gold chain watcher

    Maybe they intend on allocating some money to the save the chook campaign.
    They sure stitched him up.
    Lord no way.

  3. Anonymous

    So the Fergs, non-aligned etc are self-serving for being left ‘factions’ in the ‘pejorative sense’ concerned only with, to paraphrase, supporting their own power base….

    Amazing that they are able to overcome such morally bankrupt stances and seek to work with them, indeed, absorb them. Principled one second. Hypocritical the next. Lazy and disorganised, even in thought.

  4. LT

    Susan Davies is a stooge! Thats why the people of Latrobe did not vote for her.

  5. emily jackson

    They don’t know whether they should be marxists or turn into pragmatists.

  6. November case to watch

    Muncipal elections is the SLX stalking ground With new local government campaign disclosure rules in place this could be a test case. The SLx and Andrew Giles and tried to fleece money out of Will Fowles in an attempt to offer Will unchallenged ALP endorsement for the Lord Mayor.

    Will Fowles’s campaign is becoming a wake-up call to reality with Will Fowles facing stiff competition for the LM job. Ex one year out of a three year term Deputy Lord Mayor Peter McClown is seeking to also contest for the third time the seat. Both face stiff competition from well backed and high credential candidates such as Robert Doyle.

    But that did not stop or prevent the likes of Barbra Champion, the SOLE member caught in an embarrassing situation involving a cop, a car and a blow job whilst driving. Yes the same SL member that took a highly paid commissioner job as one of Jeff Kennett’s hench women in the City of Yarra.

    Will Fowles family fortune is still under the influence of the cult like executive that seeks to milk him dry.

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