CORRUPTION: When journalist becomes apologist

jonryan Whitehorse Leader “journalist” Jon Ryan has used a blog on a News Limited website to attack one of his colleagues’ stories as promoting a “low grade dirty trick”.

The thinly veiled smear has shocked observers in the company. Particularly in circumstances where it might have been reasonably expected Ryan might have been able to get the story for himself.

Ryan was referring to the Sunday Herald Sun story that revealed corrupt Whitehorse ex-councillor Peter Allan’s abuse of council expenses to claim back the cost of attending a “strip club”. VEXNEWS has previously reported – but cannot yet prove beyond reasonable doubt- that Allan in fact visited a brothel. Either way, it was a blatant act of theft.

Allan’s spin is that it was all a big mistake.

The problem with that explanation that Jon Ryan didn’t have the wit or local knowledge to see is one simple question: How did this story leak?

It was an open secret in the Whitehorse council ranks, among senior officers and councillors. Why? Because the corrupt ex-councillor boasted about it. To at least two councillors, one of them now deceased. It appears they were concerned and told others.

Jon Ryan – who poses in front of Australian flags in promotional photographs for his newspaper – needs to consider very carefully what journalism in the English-speaking non-totalitarian world is all about.

He writes:

Is there really any need for these low-grade dirty tricks that have effectively ended the local government career of a long-serving councillor?

Why is it a low-grade dirty trick to report an act of theft? Why is it relevant that the corrupt ex-councillor was first elected to local government in 1986? Its only possible relevance might be that he’s had a pattern of this form of misconduct.

The defender of sleaze opines:

Mr Allan has also been the victim of an online smear campaign in recent times.

Whoever could he mean? Is he jealous that VEXNEWS gets more news on what goes on in the municipality Ryan is paid to report on. The hack continues:

What this boils down to is West Wing-wannabes wrecking a man’s reputation to win a seat on council.

No, what wrecked and incinerated Peter Allan’s reputation was his own actions. If it turns out that he lodged a receipt for the public to have paid for his having paid sex at a brothel. There wouldn’t be many public officials who could survive that without their reputation being shredded and being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Ryan has more:

As a journalist I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me and suggest council leaks are a bad thing. When they expose genuine wrong-doing in a way that is designed to further the public good, they are an important thing. That simply isn’t the case here though.

The obvious question is why the hell not? He’s stolen money from the public. Stolen in circumstances where his defence “it was a mistake” is undermined by his own boasting about it to colleagues and where his theft was calculated to fund his paid sex with a young woman probably half or a third his age.

Sounds like very genuine wrong-doing to me.

If Jon Ryan doesn’t get that he has no place drawing a salary from the greatest journalism company in the world, News Corporation. If and when corrupt ex-councillor Allan is proved to have visited a prostitute and charged it to ratepayers, Ryan will have little choice but to follow his little mate’s lead and resign.



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13 responses to “CORRUPTION: When journalist becomes apologist

  1. Rough Justice

    Is Jon Ryan a prostitute of sorts too I wonder…

  2. the Madam

    We likey Jonny and Petie, they can cum again.

  3. Andrew Jaspan

    That is what we wee Englishman refer to as a “career limiting move”

  4. Anonymous

    Jon Ryan wants a job at the ABC.

  5. helene razor

    That’d be all he’s good for. What a buffoon.

  6. Vernon

    Is he – like Peter Allan – a member of People Power?

  7. Nuna Wonder

    Who is or was this guy?
    Thank the man above for Vexnews.
    Heh Andy what happened to the other cheek?
    Never mind more breaking stories on Vex

  8. Deadwood

    What about Melbourne City Council Catherine Ng illegally appointing Kate Redwood to a paid position on the city Library Board. An appointment that was`seen as a pay-off for Redwood’s Support for John So’s ticket ahead of the ALP. What was the advice given by Alison Lyon, Council Legal Advisor at the time? When the Council realised they acted illegally they then paid out Redwood in a`undisclosed sum of money Redwood” compensation” for the illegal contract. It does not get more corrupt then that andcost the City of Melbourne much more then Allan’s $200 wank job

  9. Bone Jon Ryan

    Ryan should have had this story if he wasn’t so busy updating his blog and posing for pics in front of the union jack. Not credible.

  10. Anonymous

    Should be summarily sacked. If NewsLtd wont act, what are thy hiding?

  11. Nicholson Scam

    Then there is the story of Anthony Nicholson, The Melbourne city councillor that spent $20,000 on a4 day trip to St Petersburg, the sex capital of Russia. When he lost office he refused to return the cities computer, fax`and mobile phone. The Councillors had to cover-up for him and wrote of the loss/theft. Nicholson’s $20,000 Northern lights luxury tour was never declared on the Council expense books with Senior Staff specious dlky claiming that as the expense had not been acquitted can not be included on the council expense statements. Turns out senior management was engaged in a cover up/conspiracy to defraud. Yes The same council staff that were caught out by the Ombudsman in a`corruption scandal on parking meter fraud. Thecouncilssenior legal officer was`engaggedin an`atgtempt to pervert the Ombudsman from investigatingb the allegations`of corruption. Alison Lyon’s later resigned Just before the Ombudsman report was made public. Now works for the MAV, I guess the leader journalist would have thought the`council should be able to hide this information also.


  12. Allan's crime

    Ryan is trying to have it both ways. The crime was not Allan’s desire and need to visit sex shows it was the fact that he sought to claim the
    “Out of pocket” expense on the ratepayers tab and then embarked on a cover up excuse. The same goes for other Councils such as Melbourne City Council who tried to cover up and avoid disclosure of $20,000 luxury ratepayer funded trips. Linda Weatherstone Melbourne City Council Governance Officer compromised Melbourne’s auditors when she tried to cover up the expenses in what is seen a as culture of corruption. Staff and Councillors all have their nose in the troughs as they seek to avoid disclosure and accountability. What Ryan is seeking to do is add to the cover-up.

    Bill Clinton is an adult and so was Monica but as the Republican Party claimed the real offense was not the 20 million in dollar blowjob but the fact that Bill lied under oath that is what counts.


    The corruption and sex scandals continue to surround Local government particularly at Melbourne, Whitehorse, Brimbank and Casey are the reason I believe we should get rid of the 3rd tier of government, and just have Federal and State Governments.

    Federal and State governments are made accountable through TV, radio and print media.

    local government has little accountablity through local papers.

    Now mainly thanks to this website blog we see some of them exposed

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