OUCH: NUW contemplates radical surgery without anesthetic

The National Union of Workers is contemplating a radical structural shift that will abolish all state branches except for NSW and Victoria according to union insiders.

The logistics and manufacturing union’s national leadership – headed by ALP Victorian President Charlie Donnelly – has launched a new proposal that would merge the smaller states into a “General branch” in an attempt to maximise efficiencies.

State branches of unions are traditionally jealous guardians of their turf, and its fair to assume that will be the case in the NUW as state secretaries contemplate a change of status to assistant secretaries of the general branch, with what they might imagine would be the risk of them being directed by the national office.

Sources close to the national leadership insist this isn’t about shafting anyone or seizing control of the smaller state branches but is a recognition that without radical change right now, the union faces some very serious challenges.

They explain the reason why this proposal was not circulated prior to this week’s national meeting in Melbourne was to ensure there could be full and frank discussions with everyone around the table. The non NSW/Victorian states are said to be less than impressed, both with the level of consultation and the proposal itself. Some say the process will only enrich members of the legal fraternity.




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243 responses to “OUCH: NUW contemplates radical surgery without anesthetic

  1. Ant

    These reforms are a very good idea.

  2. Anonymous

    Who will win who will lose? Answer that question and you will find out where people stand.

  3. McPerton

    Not an easy question, but could you please return my vibrating thrusting blug plug?

  4. ibrox

    the first union to look within for change , many to follow would be my guess

  5. chunky charlie

    I suspect that a certain national secretary spent way too much on a big Docklands building ($30 mil and not very handy to the members either) and is feeling a need to tap into other sources of revenue.

    The trouble is, if his big gamble doesn’t work, he may lose it all.

  6. anon

    Changing the structure wont get new members. It is clear Charlie Donnelly is just out for power and cash.

  7. Richo

    The private school boy’s club wants to control it all man – they’re scared the bogans up north will get bigger, stronger, and *gulp* richer!

  8. Big Q

    You’d think unions would be busy recruiting new members not trying to “restructure” and fight among themselves. If egos could be put aside until at least we have a decent set of IR laws working people would be much better off.

  9. anon

    Charlie Donnelly’s ploy is designed to give him access to the resources of state branches of the NUW. He has a brand new builing at Docklands to pay for and few avenues to access finance, other than tapping into the branch accounts of the NUW in Queensland, SA & WA. If he loses his gamble he loses his ACTU ambitions and his plan “B”, the ALP career path. It’s a hell of a bet Charlie.

  10. anon

    In the NUW universe Charlie Donnelly is George Costanza, Derrick Belan is Kramer, and Tim Kennedy is Elaine Bennes

  11. Chairman Mao

    And John Cosgrove is Bart Simpson

  12. anon

    ….And Nick Thredgold is Millhouse
    ? 🙂

  13. anon

    …I’d say Anthony Thow is Sideshow Bob but that’d make him too interesting!

  14. Sarah Palin

    Is Mark Furner trying to imitate me???

    These are some examples

    “Standing here today in this great democratic house before all senators, visitors and family is a humble and proud opportunity.”

    “As a newly elected senator, I cannot help evaluating the future. We are all fortunate and responsible in having a genuine opportunity to accomplish proper legislation to showcase our great nation as leaders in sustainability for our future generations”

    “Twelve February this year marked my inaugural journey to Canberra and Parliament House. I had never had the opportunity or occasion to visit this esteemed house until then. My journey to this house and Labor values, unbeknown to me, started back in my young prime as a youngster growing up in a housing commission home on the northern side of Brisbane in the suburb of Chermside. My parents never spoke of politics. Those conversations came from external discussions and debates with other families.”

    Stop it now you moose turd

  15. Sarah Palin

    Is Mark Furner retarded?

  16. anon

    Oh, leave him alone…after all he IS from Queensland!

  17. Sarah Palin

    “The Mongolian Bowl Dance’ was a certain favourite as was the performance ‘Nymphs of the Sea’.”

    What does Stephanie Rice have to do with anything?

  18. Chairman Mao

    Queensland has given us Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan, Quentin Bryce, even Kevin’s new office boss Alisdair Jordon and all people remember Queensland for is Mark Furner. Come on guys give Queensland a break

  19. Chairman Mao

    “Chairman Mao knew the military orders issued by Chiang Kai-shek before they ever made it to Chiang’s army commander.”

    Ignore my power at your peril

  20. anon

    Is that really Chairman Charlie?

  21. Sarah Palin

    But what about the bee keeper? & the square bears???

  22. Jindy Cheese

    If Ted and Old Man Winter are serious about winning the next State Election, does that mean that useless time-serving seat-warmers like myself and McGoo Norma Wells have to resign from the Admin Committee?

  23. Norm B Chillin'

    I think it’s hilarious that the QLD Branch want to bleat about state rights and autonomy when the State Secretary can’t even manage to make it to meetings of the QCU Executive. Just one of many things he is incapable of doing… walking and chewing gum springs to mind.

  24. General Milton

    Why would the NUW go to the QCU they are useless and we are going to leave them when we win the vote. They just want all our money so they can give jobs to fat nurses

  25. Union Democrat

    I find highly interesting that those conservative small state secretaries are running a case based on union democracy, and yet they were the ones who voted against a simple national referendum on the matter.

    This vote is about Australian unions moving out of the late 19th century and into the 21st. More power will be vested down to delegates and activist on the shop floor, and the union will be able to speak with a united national voice when dealing with large employers!

  26. Chairman Mao

    Shows how out of touch with QLD you are “union democrat” In QLD we don’t rely on activists. We have family,friends & neighbours. That’s how the union is run up here. Members shmembers

  27. Disgruntled NSW insider

    Unfortunately, I don’t think they have much choice. Qld, WA, and SA have virtually no members, and NSW isn’t doing much better. With membership going south everywhere except Victoria, this proposal would appear ro make sense.

  28. DB

    Those Mexicans just can’t help themselves. Will they ever learn that we’re a lot smarter here in the Premier State? Their “democratic process” is doomed to failure, and then I will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

  29. banana boy

    Cosgrove got laughed off my site this week. Can’t even run a mass meeting how can he run a state branch?
    Bring on reform, I am sick of being part of the qld branch when it can’t even do a decent job. Why don’t we get access to extra organisers on the phone like vic do? Not good enough Cosgrove.

  30. Forrester Gump

    You have to do the best with what God gave you.

    Drill Sergeant(Derrick): Gump! What’s your sole purpose in this army?

    Forrest Gump (Cosgrove): To do whatever you tell me, drill sergeant!

    Drill Sergeant: God damn it, Gump! You’re a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160. You are goddamn gifted, Private Gump. Listen up, people…

    Forrest Gump: Now for some reason I fit in the army like one of them round pegs. It’s not really hard. You just make your bed real neat and remember to stand up straight and always answer every question with “Yes, drill sergeant.”

    Drill Sergeant: …Is that clear?

    Forrest Gump: Yes, drill sergeant!

  31. spare the sad rhetoric

    The new building in docklands was built and paid for by LUCRF (Labour Union Co-operative Retirement Fund) the first industry super fund that was established by the Storeman and Packers in the 1970s and led the way for the potable and compulsory super we all now take for granted.

    Because the Vic branch is growing – unlike NSW who after 30 years of Bealan and son at the helm is 30% of the size it once was – they are moving to one floor of the new building because they need the extra space. National office has a small part of that one floor and it is all fully paid for by the sale of their existing building.

    Members come first and members need a union that is strong nationally. Reform is crucial and the members will have their say in the referendum.

  32. Gilgamesh

    A strong national union is one thing, what Donnelly is proposing is simply a way he can access more funds and have more control. How can a union grow or be strong locally via “call centre activism”?

    As for the Victoria Branch growing, well, the reality is that they have lost at least 800 members over the past couple of years.

    This rule change is simple about two different camps. One believes in shop floor unionism, the tried and tested activism that made the S&Ps strong and the other group that thinks a call centre can replace face to face servicing.

    Oh, and as far as Charlie goes, his clout has been lobbied for him, in the ALP and the union movement. He got his position from buying out his opponents (What kind of pay out did Greg Sword get?).

    In the final analysis, centralised unions die a slow death. What we have here is a ballot not just on centralisation but a plebisite on Charlie Donnelly himself.

    Roll the dice and let the fun begin.

  33. The Joker

    ….and once the fun begins, we can make it go a long, long time.

    Oh Charlie….why so serious..?

  34. Confused Bronco

    I got a text message today asking me to vote no, saying my union organiser would be replaced by a call centre and it was signed by “QLD Secretary”.

    Well I have not seen my organiser in the 2 years I have worked at my site and as for the QLD Secretary he or she couldn’t even bother to put their name to the text, so is it really SECRETary?

    The text also directed me to a web site that had a NSW phone number, is that what local means to the bludgers running the QLD Branch?

    Not wanting to call NSW I called the QLD office 3368 1077 and got a person called Stacey Furner, is that a relation of Senator Furner?

    If so is the QLD NUW under its current leadership a family business?

    Any change could not be worse than what is happening now.

  35. Chairman Mao

    Confused Bronco, you are a fool, you think the NUW QLD Branch is there to represent you.. NO it is there to give jobs to family, friends & neighbours of mates & also loser officials of other unions that were sacked by their original unions. If you can find an official ask them where they worked before they got on the NUW QLD drip. Happy hunting

  36. Reality Sucks!

    Fact 1:
    Call centres in the US are an appreciated 21st century service and don’t replace Organisers anywhere in the world. Vic and SA members appreciate the service.

    Fact 2:
    DB should stop hanging with Forest Gump and the WA SDA Secretary with the futile hope they will give him power. They CAN’T!

    Fact 3:
    If National Office is so hell bent on power, why isn’t it trying to take over NSW? Afterall, it has the numbers! Answer: NSW is a functional branch, Qld, WA & SA aren’t.

    Fact 4:
    The upcoming vote is a democratic vote run by the Electoral Commission. As unionists, how could the NSW, SA, WA and QLD branches vote to NOT give members a vote?

    Fact 5:
    Stop the psycho babble about call centres taking over, massive debts, evil officials….it is obvious that the Qld wing is grasping at straws. Get some real facts, if you do this, you will vote YES also!

  37. QPSU Member

    Poor NUW members, we sacked Cosgrove years ago, now you guys are stuck with him. Why the hell did you give the fool a job? As a fellow unionist if any of the people wanting to get rid of him need help just let us in the public sector know. We have plenty of time to help. If voting YES means NO to Cosgrove then count your state public sector comrades in

  38. spare the sad rhetoric

    Don’t know where you are getting your numbers from Gilgamesh but the Vic branch is growing right now, unlike any other state.

    Given your ill-informed crack about “call centre activism” I assume you hail from NSW – where Derrick won’t let the members have access to ADDITIONAL organisers via NUW Assist. Vic members get face to face servicing AND access to five extra organisers via a membership service centre. The Vic members love it.

    And how dare you invoke the “tried and tested activism” of the S&Ps when you are backing the camp that tried to deny members a vote about the reform. The S&Ps were about members having control – just what this referendum is offering. Qld wouldn’t know “shop floor unionism” if they fell over it, what sort of state branch has 2 of 33 officials come from the shop floor??

    This is a plebiscite about the vision of Charlie Donnelly and the others in National Office who have the courage to be true to members. Who think members should decide directly if they want change. And who will not stand by while the NUW sinks into oblivion in Qld, SA and WA.

  39. Chairman Mao

    The current Queensland NUW view of the “shop floor” is late night trading at Westfield Strathpine. Members are sick of these dopes. NSW should back off now QLDer’s will not cop the continuation of the current rot. Our union is not a family business “Furner & Cosgrove Pty Ltd” and we will fight to get it back.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom

  40. Blues Suck

    Hands off our union NSW. Vote yes for a stronger union in Queensland: Go Maroons – simply the best

  41. Reality Sucks!

    Chairman Mao and QPSU member seem to know some facts! Are you listening DB???

  42. Idiots Should Rule. OK?

    If members vote YES to reform what will I do for a job? Dam you guys.

    P.S. Dad needs a job as well. Also I have a canary, know any minesI can hire it out to??? We could do with the extra cash.

  43. Lost Chatsworth & Bonner

    What does this mean for me?

  44. Lost Chatsworth & Bonner

    It was only a 16% swing against me (is that bad?) and Peter Beattie told me to get out of the way next time so Labor could win the seat. He said we need a candidate that had a personality.. DAM that ruled me out. (but why didn’t it rule Mark Furner out? at least my father loved me)

  45. Lost Chatsworth & Bonner

    PS I hate chris bombalos amd kerry rea.. dam u guys

  46. Fat Nurse

    Know any gyms??

  47. SA proud

    Further to comments above let it be known that the SA branch of the NUW has worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to transform a union that lacked vision and recruiting personnell to a union that today has structure and a plan for the future. The branch currently recruits more members than it ever has and membership is steady and slowly easing up in the face of numerous site closures over the past years. Also it is my understanding as a member that the national office is in place to support all state branches and to provide leadership over the whole union however i have to say that i have never seen charlie and co. in adelaide for the time he has been at the helm, hardly national leadership. How do you expect people from other states to take this plan seriously if those at docklands hardly ever step foor outside of victoria?

  48. Sarah Palin

    Get a life Nick you are a loser and a joke. The National Office has paid your wages all your life. Even your own family thinks you are stupid (I have spoken to your wife) . & stop paling around with terrorists

  49. Sarah Palin

    Oh, I forgot you wanted a payout. You are a fraud you moose turd. You want me to come down there to S.A. and tell your members how stupid you really are? Put a pic up on your site, that should seal the deal.

  50. Crow eater

    Has Nick ever met a member?

  51. Port Power

    Never seen anyone from the S.A. state branch at our site, so any change sounds good to me

  52. SA Proud

    For the information of all i am not Nick threadgold the secretary of the SA branch but just a member in this state that has seen the hard work put in over the last 5 years with no support from the national office and whether you like it or not it is true that charlie and team have hardly stepped foot in this state since elected. support and leadership is what is needed for the state branches to grow not a grab for their assets for members to call victoria if they have a problem

  53. Ernie Adset

    Hands off the Storeman & Packers & our flag & God save the Queen. I hate you Irish republicans

  54. derrick belan

    It amazes me how gutless you people are. Put your name to your comments, show a bit of front and stop telling lies. I’m proud of my families history with the NUW and before that the Storeman & Packers Union. I have better things to do than read comments from faceless cowards trying to say that the Belan’s have done wrong by this great Union. Unlike my some of my counterparts in other states, all Belans worked on the shop floor for many years before working for the Union. I am proud of my background, it is a shame others are not proud of theirs.

  55. Sarah Palin

    I think I need therapy. Anyone know a good doctor??

  56. The Joker

    Hee hee…I found out how to become a National General Secretary of the NUW….

    All you got to do is pay off Drago Illich, Dennis Lennon and then Greg Sword….

    Then *poof* the job is yours!

    Who says money can’t buy happiness…?

  57. The Joker

    Sarah…come lie on my couch and tell me all your woes. I’ll turn that frown upside down.

  58. Sarah Palin

    Joker, you know any wolf cubs I can hunt from a helicopter? That would make me smile

  59. Norm B Chillin'

    Sarah Palin, can you see New South Wales from your backyard?

  60. union democrat

    Nice to see union leaders like Charlie and Tim stick their neck out for what is right for the union instead of just angling for a place in parliament.

    Now that is change I can believe in.

  61. Sarah Palin

    I can see the shop floor from my front porch

  62. I know what you did last summer

    Be afriad be very afraid


    What are these people on?

  63. I know what you did last summer

    that should be afraid but my hands were shaking

  64. Polar Bear

    Piss of Sarah, I am sick of dodging your bullets

  65. Bristol Palin

    Please don’t abort my Branch, I mean my baby. Even simpletons have a right to life

  66. Opus dei

    Leave the QLD Branch alone, remember, stem cells are people too, and they have feelings


    I know what you did last summer, whats there to be afraid of? Why offer that link up? If you are the creator, you really are Forrest Gump.
    After the vote remember “Run Forrest Run” you dropkick.


    This looks like the first step to federation. No States just Australia.

  69. AWARE

    If you rednecks think you can bang on about state rights try looking after your State branches and the members first and we might listen.

  70. I know what you did last summer

    but what about the children?


    You should know, your still wet behind the ears.

  72. Chairman Mao

    remember … A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery.

  73. AWARE

    Revolutions are so chic, reminds me of middle class yuppies wearing op shop clothes.

  74. Chairman Mao

    The revolutionary war is a war of the masses; it can be waged only by mobilizing the masses and relying on them.

  75. AWARE

    Chairman Mao, have you got any good recipes.

  76. Chairman Mao

    ‘It’s always darkest before it’s totally black.’.”


    Why war? Why revolutions? This is Australia anyone with those views should leave. Our previous generations kept that sort of carry on away from our shores in WW1 and WW2.

  78. Chairman Mao

    We nust work hard to save Comrade Cosgrove he has already lost one union job at the QPSU.

    To lose one union, Mr. Cosgrove, may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose both looks like carelessness

  79. Atom Ant

    I had a good laugh at the earlier comment from Derick Belan. What planet does this bloke come from? Sorry Derick we know the score with you. You inherited a union, you didn’t get your stripes off your own bat. You are a talentless git. In fact, you wouldn’t cut in the world outside of your bunker in Grandville. You are on a par with Joe McDonald. An embarrasment to the movement. You surround yourself with a bunch of drunk thugs in black suits and a couple smart arses like Stephan Muller and c*unts like Mark Ptolomy, who must be taking time off attacking other NSW unions and Labor politicians to do your dirty work on this scurrilous campaign, cos your not smart enough for that. You hate Charlie Donnelly because you just enjoy hating anyone, as long as they are from Victoria(you need profession help with this problem, old mate)

    You would rather see the whole NUW flushed down the dummy than see it made a success by a Victorian. You are mentoring a couple of tits in the form of Thredgold & Cosgrove. You are mad and it is time you got a life and gave up the “family business”, because mate, unions are not inherited, they are not family affairs, they are DEMOCRATIC and owned by MEMBERS not FAMILIES!


  80. Sarah Palin

    what about hunting moose??

  81. Atom Ant

    And one more thing: You dont own LUCRF either mate.

  82. AWARE

    and then it’s red. Got any spring rolls?

  83. Chairman Mao

    I have some DIM SIMS aka Furner & Cosgrove

  84. Mal Colston

    Vote no and keep the union weak


    Right on the money Atom Ant. Not only are they drunk thugs, they hit every branch when they fell out of the ugly tree. Monkeys.

  86. Mal Colston

    oops I forgot I died, thank God we have Senator Furner to replace me. You can count on a Queenslander

  87. Joey Stalin

    i thought communism was mean-assed, but we aint got nothin on y’all. you nuw folks know some mean shit. yo nasty muthers. makes me be glad to be LHMEU *whew*

  88. AWARE

    they are very Dim comrade.

  89. Mal Colston

    I need to eat a pie

  90. Mal Colston

    LHMEU why did you waste that peanut butter. I am hungry

  91. Nick Foolsgold

    It wasn’t me – it was like that when I got here.

  92. Charles Manson

    Peace man

  93. Joey Stalin

    i mean holmes, puttin yo dirty laundry out like this is kinda undignified. y’all gotta do this hit behind closed doors. this is on public view, you know what i’m sayin? cover up this shit, man, don’t let yo neighbors see it. its embarrassin, brothers.

  94. Atom Ant

    If there are any fair dinkum NUW members here, just remember that a YES vote is a vote for the future. A NO vote ensures the past and its proponants like Belan (and thugs and spin doctors) hold us back and stop us from being the union we should be – powerful – progressive – proud.

  95. Atom Ant Crusher

    The only ‘fair dinkum’ thing I have read here is that the fuckwit who calls himself ‘atom ant’ truly is an ant.

    It is fascinating to see the Victorian ants all imploding here together….thanks for the entertainment and the soon to be repeated NUW loss you south sea losers!

  96. Atom Ant Crusher

    Could Atom Ant be chairman charlie or tony (i’ve never had a win) sheldon… All will be revealed!

    They are the two who have never laid a glove on Belan or never will as long as all of our asses point to the ground.

  97. The Joker

    Ouch….little Atom Ant, you seem a little cut, m’friend. Whats up? Scared of a “no” result? Well, like my doctor said, “if the results are negative, the best thing to do is operate”.

    So, how will I operate on you, little Ant? With or without anesthetic?

  98. Ant Onia

    Vote YES and vote often.

  99. Union Democrat

    I believe it’s those who voted against a national referendum – state secretaries in NSW, Qld, SA and WA who are scared of the result.

    Those who voted for a refendum wanted the membership to do the talking.

  100. The Joker

    Hmmm Ant Onia…..gone off the Jenny Craig program I see….?

  101. banana boy

    Why is Bealan spending NSW members money on blogs and mailouts opposing the reform when it will have no effect on NSW? Vanity and ego?

  102. Neville 'Bloody' Bartos

    As Chopper once said “Jimmy, if you keep stabbing me, you’re going to kill me. “

  103. trotsky

    Cut the crap! History has shown you can’t build “socialism” in one country.It needs to be International. So you can’t build “unionism” in one state and that’s demonstrated by the downward spiral in QLD,WA & SA.

    We need a national union with a national program (transitional Program) to begin to build a genuine union that represents the members interests and supports union workplace representatives and structures.

    Vote Yes for change now and so we can build a genuine national union for all.

    Signed Trotsky

  104. Atom Ant

    Belan and his monkeys must be feeling very proud of themselves. You idiots might be able to use the court to slow progress but you wont stop it. You shortsighted dopes. Leadership will prevail- something Belan would not understand. Unless it is given to him. He could never earn it himself.

    Stopping the general secretary from speaking to your delegates was a great move for democracy in the NUW. What a hero of workers rights you are!

    The talentless may be scared of the future but you know in the end you will lose.

  105. Jolly Roger

    Looks like there is a pattern emerging – General Secretary banned from speaking to NSW delegates, comments in support of the yes case being deleted from the get your hand off it blog, attempts to stop members having a vote – why are some so scared of an open debate and democratic process? Too easy to expose the lies, crazy conspiracy theories and personal attacks that seem to be all the supporters of the no case can come up with I guess…

  106. Reality Sucks!

    You Canadians should stop wasting money supporting states who can’t grow or represent their membership base. It is a pitty those states have a stay of proceedings for the time being. More time to bleed their branches and more time for the Yes Voters to prove the No Voters conspiracy theories are NOTHING but LIES & PROPAGANDA!!

    As if banning Charlie and Doug from Delegates Conferences in NSW and WA isn’t proof enough of this!


  107. SA Delegate

    It is surprising the amount of crap that gets put up here lets look at some more facts. The states got the court injunction because they fought on the grounds that 2 weeks is not enough time to adequately inform people of the biggest proposed resturucture in the unions history whether it be for or against, why did the national leadership not allow more time to educate the memebers about the changes? And why was the proposal sprung on the states without prior warning unless they wanted to rush it through. And secondly the states did vote against the referendum that was proposed because they rightfully beleive that the only members that should be balloted in this circumstance should be those of the states that will be effected, why are victorian members voting on something that the national office is trying to claim has nothing to do with them and wont affect there branch. They shouldn’t vote along with NSW! The only reason they are voting is because without them these changes would have no hope of succeeding because the truth is the memebers in the states dont want these changes. Another point in the many years that charlie has been the national secretary i have not seen him once at the delegates day in south australia, funny how when they want to try and convince people to vote for there reforms they finally discover where the airport is in melbourne and want to visit other states

  108. The Joker

    Comrade Donnelly wasn’t “banned” from any meeting in NSW. There was a motion put to the meeting to allow him to speak, a show of hands was taken and that motion was lost. It was a vote. He was unsucessful. That’s life and he should get used to it.

    Anyway, members will have the opportunty look at the proposed Rule change via the glossy, professional brochure that has been posted out.

    By the way…how much did that classy book cost? Must have been well over $100,000 with postage.

    Wouldnt it be great to have that money spent on members through better agreements or recruitment material and not a PR exercise that will not be successful?

    No matter which side of this issue you stand you have to admit one thing – while the National Office think about rule changes and state branch abolishments, we STILL have a federal Labor Government that has an IR regime with most of the harmful aspects of Howard’s Workchoices, we STILL have workers being shafted because of the lack of pace of change and we STILL have a labour movement that is showing itself to be ineffectual against the Federal Labor Government’s half-assed commitment to reform.

    Maybe it we considered those issues first over any “structural reforms”, NUW members would be better off.

  109. Vic from Vic

    As a member of the NUW I can’t argue against that last message

  110. power for members

    The reason Donnelly has power within the NUW is because membership of the Vic branch almost doubled under is leadership. The Vic branch can also recruit good organisers from their delegate ranks.

    Two things that ensure the future of any union organisation.

    Two things the Qld branch has consistently failed to do.

    Any delegate worth their salt in Qld has been disgusted when they find out how the branch really operates.

  111. real vic member

    What a wanker you are Joker.

    Does the NSW branch have a show of hands every time someone is to speak to delegates? Didn’t think so.
    Anyway, if the yes case is so weak why wasn’t Charlie allowed to address the NSW delegates? Oh, that’s right, you don’t believe in free speech in NSW, that’s why you are not letting the hundreds of posts for reform onto the “get your hand off” it blog.

    If the structurally stuffed branches had accepted the help on offer for the last two years we wouldn’t have to have a ballot. If Derrick could resist the limelight and his pathological hated of Vic for a minute we wouldn’t have to have a drawn out court battle.

    The members deserve and need a strong national union. Reform will give them that.

  112. Douglas McArthur

    Joker you’re not a joker you’re a SMOKER and right now your under the desk smoking Derek Belans little Cheroot.

    As I once said “A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops under his command make him”. Belan junior employs a brigade of monkeys, and rubs the tummies of fools for fun. In the end the snotty kid of Frank the fingerless will end up as a labor movement laughing stock, just like he is within his own union.

    Oh and Derek, putting your name to a blog just proves that you are a goof off time waster like the rest of us, except you little boy are supposed to be running a union and looking after your members, not missusing the only computer in the NSW branch. By the way, why dont you let your officials have their own email address’s? Scared that they will have contact with the outside world and discover that you are not Nero, just a fiddler?

    Seriously though folks why would the National office want to take over the the ailing branches? Well it isnt for the money, there isnt any. Cant be for the infrastructure or activists or talent, non of that either. Could it be that they want a national that can do its job and look after its members (take note Derek you little time waster you). Could it be that it sees a membership in terminal decline in states that are booming and wonders why the so called officials in those states are too afraid to go see their sites and recruit (take note Nick the nuttless). Perhaps it sees a skin of his teath senator despeately trying to ensure he has a job in 6 years by employing a fool and some family to mind his branch for him when he is away. Whatever the reasons are, not reforming the basket case states will see members in those states suffer and continue to leave the union in droves.

    I shall……well, you know the rest.

  113. Spike Milligan

    I spent some time laughing how QLD ran their branch. Then I was told it wasn’t a joke…

  114. anon

    Can you Victorian NUW Officials check your spelling before you start slagging the other Branch officials’ intelligence levels? It’s embarrassing enough that there is a public shit-slinging match going on, the least you can do is spell your spite-filled messages properly!

    Hate is one thing – but bad spelling is just totally unacceptable, Comrades.

  115. Union Democrat

    I had a comment removed from the handsoffourunion blog. Where’s the spirit of free debate in that?

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that “hands off our union” sounds like the State Secretaries view the union as their’s?

  116. anon

    I think http://www.handsoffourunion.wordpress.com has a arrogance filter feature…so that’s why your message may have not gotten on.

    By the way, how’s the view from the new building at Docklands?

    Do you reckon the NSW Branch should relocate to next to the Opera House? Or maybe Queensland Branch on the beach at the Sunshine Coast?

  117. real vic member

    “hands off” is stifling free speech – just like NSW did when they would not let their delegates hear Charlie talk.
    You have gotta be suss about a mob who won’t even let their opponents express a point of view.

  118. Spike Milligan

    What do you call QLD,WA,SA,TAS all reformed into one branch?


  119. Spike Milligan

    Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
    BARACK OBAMA: The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a change! The chicken wanted change!
    JOHN MCCAIN: My friends, that chicken crossed the road because he recognized the need to engage in cooperation and dialogue with all the chickens on the other side of the road.
    HILLARY CLINTON: When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little chicken to cross the road. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure right from Day One that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road. But then, this really isn’t about me.
    GEORGE W. BUSH: We don’t really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road, or not. The chicken is either against us, or for us. There is no middle ground here.
    DICK CHENEY: Where’s my gun?
    COLIN POWELL: Now to the left of the screen, you can clearly see the satellite image of the chicken crossing the road.
    BILL CLINTON: I did not cross the road with that chicken. What is your definition of crossing?
    AL GORE: I invented the chicken.
    JOHN KERRY: Although I voted to let the chicken cross the road, I am now against it! It was the wrong road to cross, and I was misled about the chicken’s intentions. I am not for it now, and will remain against it.
    AL SHARPTON: Why are all the chickens white? We need some black chickens.
    DR. PHIL: The problem we have here is that this chicken won’t realize that he must first deal with the problem on this side of the road before it goes after the problem on the other side of the road. What we need to do is help him realize how stupid he’s acting by not taking on his current problems before adding new problems.
    OPRAH: Well, I understand that the chicken is having problems, which is why he wants to cross this road so bad. So instead of having the chicken learn from his mistakes and take falls, which is a part of life, I’m going to give this chicken a car so that he can just drive across the road and not live his life like the rest of the chickens.
    ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: We have reason to believe there is a chicken, but we have not yet been allowed to have access to the other side of the road.
    NANCY GRACE: That chicken crossed the road because he’s guilty! You can see it in his eyes and the way he walks.
    PAT BUCHANAN: To steal the job of a decent, hardworking American.
    MARTHA STEWART: No one called me to warn me which way that chicken was going. I had a standing order at the Farmers Mark et to sell my eggs when the price dropped to a certain level. No little bird gave me any insider information.
    DR SEUSS: Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad? Yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I’ve not been told.
    ERNEST HEMINGWAY: To die in the rain, alone.
    JERRY FALWELL: Because the chicken was gay! Can’t you people see the plain truth? That’s why they call it the other side. Yes, my friends, that chicken is gay. And if you eat that chicken, you will become gay, too. I say we boycott all chickens until we sort out this abomination that the liberal media whitewashes with seemingly harmless phrases like the other side. That chicken should not be crossing the road. It’s as plain and as simple as that.
    GRANDPA: In my day we didn’t ask why the chicken crossed the road. Somebody told us the chicken crossed the road, and that was good enough.
    BARBARA WALTERS: Isn’t that interesting? In a few moments, we will be listening to the chicken tell, for the first time, the heart warming story of how it experienced a serious case of molting, and went on to accomplish its lifelong dream of crossing the road.
    ARISTOTLE: It is the nature of chickens to cross the road.
    JOHN LENNON: Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing roads together, in peace.
    BILL GATES: I have just released eChicken2008, which will not only cross roads, but will lay eggs, file your important documents, and balance your checkbook. Internet Explorer is an integral part of eChicken2008. This new platform is much more stable and will never crash.
    ALBERT EINSTEIN: Did the chicken really cross the road, or did the road move beneath the chicken?
    COLONEL SANDERS: Did I miss one?

  120. Hugh Jarse

    Nerdy beetroot head Donnelly failed at his first hurdle. If he can not get that right then maybe beetroot head Donnelly should go. If I was a NSW Delegate I wouldn’t let nerd boy into my meeting either.

  121. The Ultimate Hero

    Dickhead Donnelly tried to stifle democracy by committing an ambush on all states. Luckily the federal court has seen through this arrogant shit’s tactics and put a stop to it. Sit on the Docklands, enjoy the view and think about some other way to pay for it.

  122. MOL

    I agree with Hugh Jarse. It seems that heeeeero Nerdmeister Charlie (Beetroot Head) Donnelly should gather up his gear and give someone else the Docklands view. Maybe Hairy Arms Timmy? Hmm no. What about Pretty Antony? Nah…Someone else..? Yes…and in a couple of years an election will decide person will be.

    The real reason that poor old Chuckie couldnt get in to the meeting was the height requirement at the door. If you were 3 foot or under you couldnt get in!

  123. MOL

    Hey, while all you Vic dweebs are busy sooking on these blogs, whose minding te shop? Oh, thats right, you do all your work over the phuking phones!

  124. Atom Ant Crusher

    How sweet it is..victory for the true believers.

    The Judge saw straight through the attempted ambush by the Nats. Sucked in you dumb asses!

    You play with fire you get burnt.




    The creation of a non-active member branch is imposing” DICTION” over other states
    How can Victoria serve the other state’s whist failing to manage their own?
    Let stop this centralized structure you see that GREG SWORD try this and did not work he stuffed around with the member’s at DAVID HOLDING NSW (IGA) his mate GARY JOHNSON that was a official of Victoria branch that is now the HR for IGA (DAVID HOLDING) with backdoor deal’s attempted to do over the NSW STATE BRANCH, at a cost to me and my member’s on site, GREG SWORD liked the idea of a centre branch,
    I remember all too well I will voting NO and will tell all to do so, and if mean’s I lose a week wage to get the word out I will to, me and the member’s will this fight.
    It’s is so stupid try it again we should be work with the official and delegates to grow and support the branch’s in the states not just stripping away them.
    To have spent 30mil on luxurious new office is a joke that money is better in the state’s office’s to help them grow.


    if derrick is supporting all the branch’s and has strong strategic plan
    Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision.

    Muhammad Ali
    1942-, American Boxer
    and a clear vision,
    charlie donnelly is trying to destroy the branch’s

    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

    Winston Churchill
    English, Statesman Quotes

    i think we all should remember this and exercise and have change in leadership next union election,

    to vote for a unionist (derrick belan) that will demonstrate by collectively supporting all branch’s and the membership,

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal�

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    1929-1968, American Black Leader, Nobel Prize Winner, 1964

    hail derrick belan for general secratary

  127. Lost

    Dear NSW delegate, love the quotes but the only thing you hail is a taxi. If you equate Derrick to NSW cab drivers then we’re in trouble coz they never no where they’re going and always get lost!!!!

  128. Help I'm lost

    Dear NSW delegate, love the quotes, but the only thing you hail is a taxi, if you equate Derrick to NSW cab drivers, we’re stuffed coz your cabbies never know where they’re going and always get lost.

    God help us all!!!!

  129. Vic from Vic

    Charlie Donnelly’s setback in the courts at least gives all members an opportunity to think about the proposal and come to a rational decision that suits their needs not that of ANY paid official from ANY office.

    If National Office were to allow ample time in the first place (say a period of two months) then the NUW may not be tearing apart itself in public view.

    None of us want to be rushed in any decision making process. I take great offence at the view that because NUW members are blue collar workers we are somehow not able to look at the facts and reach a decision.

    We are a diverse range of people, generalising us only alienates us.

    So, lets all take a deep breath and calm down and then start discussing this issue as adults.

  130. Disgruntled

    If OUR Union were to relocate all of OUR resources to Cairns or Broome then maybe some of our fellow unionists in Victoria would have a greater appreciation of the situation faced by members in other states.

  131. wyrdsmythe

    All these duluctual comments are inflaborant!

    Stop being so exfaradiant!

  132. tHE jOKER

    WTF? Are you a nerdie sycophant from Victoria? Sounds like it….I had my exfaradiant cleaned last week!

  133. wyrdsmythe

    Joker – you are more like a Jerker.

    Don’t discorragulate my verbotalim. If you had as good an education as me then you would confalute what I meant.

    Get a theasaurus… no, that’s not an extinguiated dinosaur.

  134. tHE jOKER

    AWWW….why dont you insipuate my shiny vemgottellgliser!

  135. wyrdsmythe

    It is too small to insipuate. I would need an electron microscope to locatulate it first.
    I’ve heard that many people have had a go at your vemgottelgliser and I don’t want any part of it….not that there is that much to go around.

  136. tHE jOKER

    …hmmmm..at least its shiny.

  137. exqldmember

    a yes vote will mean smart educated unionminded organisers representing members and growing the union in queensland.

    time to get rid of the corrupt boys club that put up fees and reduced organiser numbers just so they could say the qld union made money. The annual report tells the tale – fewer members every year.

    I was embarrassed everytime furner and his boys showed up, always unprepared, undereducated about industrial relations and never won anything decent. They were happy to keep getting paid and using the union’s resources to get furner elected.

    Bring back organisers and secreatries that work with the national union and are willing to put members before their own stupid egos.

  138. wyrdsmythe

    I ‘spose that “at least it’s shiny” is all you can say in favour of the docklands palace.

  139. tHE jOKER

    Hey – watch the spelling!! Bad spelling is unacceptable.

  140. tHE jOKER

    That and that it is full of vemgottellglisers

  141. wyrdsmythe

    Hyphenate your dictoctorate rhetoricate!

  142. Dirty Harry

    What a surprise,a vic takeover.Well nerd boy Charlie,you got to ask yourself a question,do i feel lucky?Well do you nerd punk?And hairy arms Timmy,you`re about as popular as a turd in a swimming pool.Old Dougie,a good man knows his limitations.Lets hope you`re a good man.Bucky westgate Richo,I just opened a fortune cookie,it said you`re shit out of luck.So why don`t all you boys stop acting like hero`s,go sit at the docklands and suck on some fish heads.Call centres are for assholes.

  143. anon

    With the court action to stop the ballot, does that mean that General Secretary Donnelly acted wrongly or dishonestly? If there were no inconsistencies or irregularities, then one would presume the court would have rejected the application for an injunction.

    Does anyone have a link to the exact wording of the orders
    that were handed down?

    It would be in the best interests of this debate to have that information publicly available to the membership.

  144. remember us cosgrove?

    Having someone on the end of the phone is better than getting bad advice from a dickhead that forgets to show up to meetings, forgets to return calls and bullies members when they don’t get their own way

  145. Informed

    No Dirty Harry, call centres are for members who have a general query relating to their wages and conditions which they want answered in a timely fashion. After receiving a query Member Assist instantly emails your Organiser (that’s right, not only does your Organiser still exist, they are also always informed). Member Assist is a supplementary tool, not a replacement for organising. Nor will the new structure have any greater reliance on this service, so lets stop pretending these changes will be the end of state-based officials. It’s as big a wank as the crap about Docklands, asset grabs, etc…

  146. anon

    With the court action to stop the ballot, does that mean that General Secretary Donnelly acted wrongly or dishonestly? If there were no inconsistencies or irregularities, then one would presume the court would have rejected the application for an injunction.

    Does anyone have a link to the exact wording of the orders
    that were handed down?

    It would be in the best interests of this debate to have that information publicly available to the membership.

  147. anon

    All quiet? I thought so. Well, as a REAL member and not an official I would rather read that than his childish slagging.

    Can we see the court results????

  148. anon

    Is there a website I can look at that would have the court information?

  149. tHE jOKER

    Hmmm….lots of nasty shit on this blog….

    Speaking of nasty….DHL members know all about nasty – Charlie Donnelly signed off on DHL workers being worked up to 50 hours with no overtime…..

    …now THATS nasty!

  150. tHE jOKER

    …and while we’re on the subject of DHL…what’s that genius Sam Roberts working on now?

    Did you learn anything from your great work at DHL, Sam?

    It was good teamwork…Sam set it up and Charlie signed off on it.

    Quality work fellas.

  151. Atom Ant

    You should talk.

    Lets have a look at the calibre of tools Belan surrounds himself with.

    Well, if you’re lucky enough the office phone will be answered by his little sister. He also gave his brother Nic a job too. It’s a family business, you know. Cosy.

    Then look at his official –
    Fools and failures.
    Amanda Perkins – failed NSW Printers Union Secretary
    Martin Cartright – ex- AMWU and ex NSW Trades Hall
    Steve Caine – Ex NSW TWU
    a few ex-has been delegates too but only those who cant read or write and cant use a computer – Derick likes ’em dull and compliant.
    What about his media man – Mark Ptolomy – former ALP hack and candidate. The worst the NSW ALP Right can offer. Ran the dirtiest federal campaign in NSW in 2004 and only was preselected because he was mates with Mark Latham. Recently famous for trying to destroy a local independant councillor’s reputation in western Sydney by claiming an assault (yes, we can use the a google search, unlike you dickheads). Spends his spare time helping (NUW NSW mate)Paul Gibson destabilise a duly elected LABOR government in NSW. Real class act.

    What about the 2 gorillas who were in court recently over STOMPING on the feet of a union offical? Nice one, dickheads.

    And Derick himself. Inherits a union, runs it into the ground, makes a reputation as a thug and boofhead and thinks acting like an idiot is somehow how to run a union.

    So, when you look behind the attempt to stop progress look no further than this mottly crew of misfits, animals and retrobates.

    We should expell them from the NUW because they bring us nothing but grief and SHAME!

  152. wyrdsmythe

    mutatis mutandis

  153. wyrdsmythe

    Atoms are mainly made up of darkmatter

  154. wyrdsmythe

    Ants are little things that kids burn with a magnifying glass

  155. angryvicofficial

    I hope the “yes” vote fails.

    What happened to my car-parking spot at the taj mahal?

    Even Kennedy got one.

    The rest of us have been left out on the street like commoners.

    Workers’ right should start at the union with ample car-parking spaces?

  156. tHE jOKER

    Hey, Sammy Ant…
    Did you get a car spot?
    A genius like you deserves one!

  157. The Jizzler

    The self-deigned elite even have their own arm-waxing studio.

  158. Fingerless Frank

    Hey Thowy…..

    Did you drop in to say hello to Karen on your last visit to NZ?

  159. Fingerless Frank

    …..and how’s your old mate going in the upper house? Still looking for a lower house exit?

    Geez, getting your arses smacked by Crean musta stung.

  160. Informed

    It seems the NSW led ship of TOOLS have lost a rudder. Perhaps you sniping little bitches should interupt your circle-jerk just long enough to think up a coherent argument against the changes, rather than just smearing all and sundry. Don’t whine about Docklands, don’t cry about Member Assist, give us some substance or shut your dumb wannabe mafioso mouths.

  161. Atom Ant Crusher

    http://handsoffourunion.wordpress.com for the latest Federal Court Orders

  162. jester

    how do you pay for a 30million dollar building
    with other branches money

  163. nobody


  164. Jeff

    The info from head office was well produced, but it seems to me that if we vote yes for the rule change and a few years down the track someone else proposes a takeover of the Vic Branch, what is to stop them?

    Charlie is a good bloke and I dont think he’d do anything under hand but I’m reluctant to vote yes just because I think the big state branches need some kind of safe guard against takeovers. The Vic branch and the NSW branch have a lot of assets – members assets – so I am all for making sure no one can take that down the track.

    By the way, the contents of this blog are being talked about on other blogs so, you guys may want to think about some of the things that are being said on this. Everyone can see it.

    All I know I want the NUW to stay strong and stay cashed up. Im not sure the rule change will keep that happening.

  165. people power

    Well said “nobody oct.17”
    How much more money is the Vic Mafia going to waste trying to bully and bullshit their way into controlling the “MEMBERS ” Union.
    Also, How long before this call centre goes overseas?

  166. confused

    Hey jOKER I suppose you think this is Charlie’s and Sam’s fault too???????
    TWU fights for worker reinstatement and WINS:
    NSW NUW refused to represent unfairly
    dismissed DHL worker
    The National Union of Workers NSW Branch refused to represent DHL worker Kulwant Kaur when she was unfairly dismissed at work. The TWU took the case to court on her behalf.
    On Friday 12 September 2008, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission said:

    “We have decided, for ourselves, to make an order that Mrs Kaur be reappointed to the position in which she was employed immediately before her termination.” and

    “We will also order that DHL pay Mrs Kaur an amount in respect of the remuneration lost by her, consequent upon the termination.”

    (Source: Decision, K Kaur v DHL Exel Supply Chain (Aust) Pty Ltd, AIRC, 12/9/08)
    Here is what Kulwant said herself:
    “I had been a member of the NUW for years and had never called on their help. I was sacked for no reason at all. The NUW refused to help me. They seemed to be on the side of DHL. They asked me to leave the room so they could have a private discussion with DHL. They then came out and told me they would not run my case I couldn’t believe it. It was like they were acting for DHL not me.”
    “I contacted the TWU who advised me that my dismissal was unfair. They took up my case and fought for my rights. I can say the TWU has stood up for me and fought for me, they stood up for my rights. The TWU took my case to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and won.”
    Kulwant Kaur, DHL Huntingwood.

    Derrick be careful as Cosgrove is idiot enough to actually believe his own self promotion and next thing he’ll try cutting the strings because he thinks “I’M A REAL BOY”

    And as much as people are banging on about “State Rights” can someone please tell me what’s RIGHT about the STATE of the WA branch???
    No self respecting unionist thinks that it’s OK that the leadership (cough)is in charge of two unions and that one of them takes unlimited leave to go and take a position in a third union to help Grow it. What the ???


    You see I can get my organizers to email me the gear I need, not someone who is an EX DEMTEL EMPLOYEES (NUW ASSIST CALL CENTRE) I do not need a free set of steak knifes
    I can talk to my organizer as he has upstanding about campaign.
    I can still help SA, OLD, WA in vote no, and I can also help in recruitment, that is better way than make up branch’s or to get a glossy booklet, or have a 30mil new office so you can have latté
    To act as a politician on makeup branch’s as central that has not grown, that’s we should close that one,
    See if you act politician what next central/general sub branch off the subcommittee wake up
    Be a unist, stop make up rule change as you do like them.
    Or Charlie Donnelly has to go to bed with no TV.



    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.


    Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.



    CHARIE DONNELLY(aka: col klink)
    his masterpiece as he try to sell out the SA,QLD,WA.


    Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don’t hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.



  172. believer

    There will be no more blasphemy allowed J.C Rules

  173. Greenie

    Woah….big time public flagulation.

    There’s some seriously nasty shit going on here!

  174. AWARE

    If you don’t like the shit don’t smell it and bugger off.

  175. Greenie

    Sorry, I thought this was a public blog….obviously it is only for those players inside the tent. You NUW boys are all pretty dumb. The stuff written here is being looked at by other unions. We are all seeing how disunited you all are. Your national office attacking state branches…them fighting back…and all in the public domain. Beats payTV.

  176. swordy

    i had the same problem with those nsw bastards you knock them down they get up again sucked in charlie this is a better pay back than anything i could have done

  177. Greenie

    Ahhh, yes, whatever happened to Greg Sword? Another skeleton in the NUW closet.

    Is there much more room in there? Donnelly is only a little bloke.

  178. Ultimate Hero

    Hey shit bag Sheldon and filthy sell out Forno, stop pretending your Swordy and some dickhead greenie. Go play on someone elses blog. Besides, havn’t you got some Linfox or Dairy Farmers members to sell out.

  179. Greenie

    Actually, “ultimate hero” (modest name you chose there), I’m CFMEU in NSW and I am not the poster “swordy”. It isn’t just the TWU would know your dirty secrets. Almost every unionist in Australia knows about Greg Sword’s time as NUW national boss. We also know about the current feud in nsw between the twu and you crazy mother fuckers.

    Most people I talk to are pretty inpressed with it, no one likes the twu after all their shit was hung out on channel 9. We all know they are crooks. eals with bosses and secret campaign accounts are the things that damage the whole union field. The slag rags and dvds that were sent to all union officials (from the NUW in NSW we guess) may have been over-kill but I have to say very effective. We pissed ourselves over that stuff. Poor Tony Sheldon didnt match you in his return fire. The latest letter and flyers were weak as. It’s like he was crying to his mummy that you pinched one of his toys.

    What I meant in my previous post was that fighting in public is not good for anyone. Can’t you blokes deal with it Sopranos-style? Your enemies could be put in concrete and have a warehouse built over the top of them : )

  180. Ultimate Hero

    OK Greenie,I apologise for thinking you were that other shitbag.Can you get us a cheap backhoe so we can start our warehouse.

  181. Greenie

    Ha ha we’ll see what we can do. When the warehouse is built you could ask one of the politicians who benefited from the TWU secret fund to officially open it!

  182. Beaver Moustache Man

    Woa man,some real serious shit going down here.Some of you dudes sound like crazy motherfuckers.

  183. Barney Rubble

    A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on.

  184. Barney Rubble

    Well nerd boy Charlie,you got to ask yourself a question,do you feel lucky punk?
    hands off our union and it’s branch’s

  185. Embarrassed for NUW members

    If you read this article and all these blog comments, it makes you realise how immature, stupid and irrelevant unions are!

    Obviously the NUW is run both nationally and in each state by a bunch of bozos.

    Read the comments! If I were a member of this union I would be asking for my membership dues back. What kind of idiots are these people. Too incompetent to keep membership up and stupid to keep their feud in-house. The area which they cover, according to thier website, includes storemen. Now, go for a drive around any industrial area in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, not to mention Darwin and Perth and all you see are new warehouses! Australia doesnt make anything anymore – we import it all and it is distributed from BIG WAREHOUSES FULL OF WORKERS! And this bunch of dodos CAN’T FIND MEMBERS!

    If there are ANY members of this union reading this – do yourself a favour: resign and save your money. Obviously, the so-called “leaders” of the NUW are too busy writing childish nonsense on the internet and playing ridiculous internal power-games.

    Clowns are only funny at the circus. If they are running a union it is no laughing matter. It is taking members’ money by deception!

  186. woolies member

    I have been following this blog for a week now and I must say the last entry is spot on.

    Can we have a vote, not on Charlie Donelly’s dumb plan but on new leadership BOTH NATIONALLY AND IN NSW.

    Both secretaries are idiots. Union membership is dropping across the board. All we hear from delegates is rubbish and a dumb plan, which only worries those who work for the union. As a plain old member I would rather see MY hard earned bucks spent on SERVICES for members, a RECRUITMENT DRIVE and something, ANYTHING in return for our fees!!! In NSW we get sweet FA for our ten bucks a week!!!!

    I only found out that NUW officials get about $90,000 a year! The bosses of the union get about $150,000!!!! We are paying these ratbags ENORMOUS amounts of money for what???? To put bullshit on the internet????

    I WANT to be unionised. I BELIEVE in it. But these people are taking the piss out of all us members.

    Wake up NUW members. Start asking questions about your so-called leadership in NSW and in every Branch in the country. DEmand more. Better services. Better value and BETTER PEOPLE running the bloddy show.

  187. Ant

    hey – I’m worth every cent.

  188. Jim

    The NUW is a joke.

    I was once a member at a place called Danks in Sydney.

    The union rep was never to be seen. Once I saw him at a meeting and he was a complete idiot. Talking shit and making it up as he went along. He was like something out of the 1950s. The union delegates at the place were dumb and not really interested in any of us.

    I got another job as a forkie but left that and have gone into IT.

    I have relaised unions are dinosaurs. I checked out site because a mate, still with the nuw told me to have a look. Glad I did because it proves my point. The nuw is a joke.

  189. Annoyed NUW member

    I also have been following this blog for a week.

    This is a f#%ked up way of dealing with shit. A public slagging match, f#%k off you c#*ts.

    I am proud NUW member who works in a warehouse. We the members are the union, we want a strong an united union to help us achieve better wages and conditions on the sites we work at.

    Think about that before you continue making the NUW look like shit in public.

    The members will decide the outcome as they should.

    For those who are hell bent on destorying NUW should f#%k off now.

    The members are the union, we will keep our union strong,proud and we will make the decisions to keep it that way.

  190. Anon Anonski

    For the union makes us strong??
    Clearly not if you are a dinosaur member of the NSW Branch of just about any part of the Labour Movement. They roll a premier for daring to try and do something about the state’s chronic financial and service delivery problems, they stymie national IR reform by insisting on a system that allows them to boot their duds upstairs to the NSW IR Commission and they resist sensible reform of a counter productive structure even when they have a visionary leader like Donnelly.

  191. see unt

    Anon’s either under the table on his knees or looking in the mirror regarding the “visionary leader.”

  192. Annoyed NUW member

    The members are the union and the union is the members.

    The outcome of this vote will be decided by the members as it should.

    Stop wasting our money with court challenges and bring it on.

  193. SA delo

    The court challenge is to ensure that there was time for members to properly consider this proposal, the states are realistic that the vote will be going ahead, i dont believe in half the stuff that is said on here, are these people really members of a proud union, because it doesnt take much for them to turn on them. Cant we have a debate without the public name calling? How juvenile is that and just shows how these people cant put a point across with facts. I will be voting against the change because i dont believe it will increase representation or services in our state, if i ring my state branch now they can be at my site within the hour if required will it be like that under the new structure, i dont think it will. i emplore all members to think about members in my state of SA, we are happy with our union, the services and support it supplies to its members, please let us keep our state branch.

  194. why o why o why

    well well well…

    a truer word cannot be said. not only do these officials get the money (that most dont deserve( a hard working few in their i take my hat off to)) but get the car and the package….but what good is a car without a car space? why is the new charlie donnelly center in the middle of corporate center? why is there such secrecy? why is it that members wont be able to visit you charlie unless they pay for parking or get a tram? will you provide a free lunch for me charlie? will you buy me a car charlie (you know i would like a 4wd just like yours)?

    why oh why oh why

  195. why o why o why

    further proof that messers donolley and co are positioning themselves for political power and really dont give a stuff about you the member is in the article By Andrew Landeryou â‹… August 14, 2008. it reads

    “IT’S ON: NUW formally resolve to re-join Labor Unity

    The National Union of Workers group met Wednesday evening an unanimously resolved to endorse the decision to rejoin the Victorian Labor moderate faction Labor Unity. The new members of the executive will be NUW National Secretary and state Party President Charlie Donnelly, NUW Victorian secretary Antony Thow and Parliamentary Secretary and rising star Martin Pakula.”

    Now, why in the midst of all this, what with them wanting to go all political, would they start this sort of national campaign? me suggests that, when once the NUW and the Labor Unity will be together, they will really be together, and the death of this union will follow. Messers Donnelly, Thow, Pakula and the rest of the cronies have been at this for ages and only now is it coming to fruition with them.

    Remember an article in the Herald Sun regarding Mr Pakula (March 29, 2007 )? To paraphrase that article he had a potential conflict of interest when he was parliamentary secretary for transport, yet had shares in oil and transport firms .

    In much the same way, I believe these three men (and some of their offsides…yes messers Kennedy, Richardson and Lyons) have also a conflict of interest in not only joining the Labor Unity, but aligning their names (and therefore the unions name) with that organisation. Not so long ago, these 2 parties were sworn enemies…now….hmmm.

    I dont begrug them for wanting to have political aspirations, in fact good on them….and personally i would be glad to see the back of a couple of them, but not at the expense of the members and their rights, and definately not at the expense of the union.

  196. N.s.w member

    Just as well the Federal court stopped the ballot.It gives all members a better chance to understand what these changes are REALY about.Officials are going around talking to members and there are some things that concern me and other members at my site.Some questions for Charlie-,will Qld and S.A have their own independant State Secretary? Is the proposed General Branch secretary 68 years old and ready to retire?How much Union money did you realy spend on your new building at docklands?Will the proposed General branch secretary have control of General branch members money or will the money be controled by Charlie?Did you,Charlie,say in a affidavit to the Federal Court,that NUW members are to stupid to understand complex issues,thats why you needed a quick ballot?(shame on you if you did).Do you need the members money from Qld,S.Aand W.A to pay for your big new office?These and many other questions need to be answerd for all members sake.Then we will have a proper ballot and not a big Charlie con.

  197. jack

    Is Donnelly putting Doug Stevens in charge of the new “general” branch?
    oh crap.

  198. anon

    Just heard a nice juicy piece of gossip about bruvver Derrick. It seems he has been a bad boy. Would nayone like to know what he has been up to?

  199. SA delo

    yes it is true Doug AStevens will head the new general branch, however in the proposal there is no mention of what will happen to the current state secretaries in WA, QLD and SA or the officials and office staff in those states. It would be a shame if this centralisation costs jobs especially since the union is a vocal opponent of such an exercise

  200. Vic Del

    I just want to understand this…the national NUW Sec Charlie Donnelly proposes a plan to grow and strengthen NUW membership by taking control of QLD, SA & WA Branches.

    NSW as I understand is not part of this plan yet all the states affected including NSW don’t support it. This means unless I am mistaken that the current National Sec is Dead Man Walking and the NSW Secretary has united all states.

    It seems to me that Victoria is well and truly on our own so unless we move to the other states we are fu$%ED…Great work NUW National Leadership We can’t wait roll on 2010

  201. Retired member

    In all the years of being a unionist and a long time delegate in Victoria, I must say that never in all of my years have I seen such an ill thought out, undemocratic and underhanded ‘ambush’ of the states such as this. This is also difficult to comprehend given that I viewed the current national leadership amongst the best for a long time. So good in fact they have ‘hoodwinked’ me into believing they were good for NUW members. This national plan has united like never before all states and I dare say it as difficult as it may be..victorian members as well, against the national leadership. The leadership should not be forgiven for this and as many have contributed on this site. We victorians can say what we like about the states but in all honesty they must be doing something very right in this campaign because they have certainly united so can we use some of that cash we have been splashing around on flyers and get Belan down south to unite us?

  202. melb member

    I’m confused. Why would queensland members be happpy to work on lower wages and crappier conditions than we have in melb. The weak union branch up there allow our employer to pass crappy decisions into their national procedures and then we have to fight against it down here. WOULD IT NOT MAKE SENSE TO HAVE IT FACE STRENGTH RIGHT FROM THE START?


    Not sure if the property boom has hit up north yet, but whats with all this Docklands Palace crap.
    Anyone had a look at property prices in North Melbourne lately? Umm, Didnt the Nth Melb building get sold to put towards the new one.


    why o why o why ,
    You questioned accessibility of the new building for workers. Sometimes those 4! carparks in North Melbourne are occupied.
    Too bad the docklands only has the cheapest parking in melbourne with 10,000 spots at the dome, ooh and be careful crossing the train lines, it’s right next door to victorias largest train station.

  205. also a woolies member

    In reply to woolies member.I also work at woolies the Minchinbury NSW site to be precise.And i would love to know what state you work in because here in NSW our union is strong,united and powerful.I dont know exactly why Charlie wants to take those other states over but before this all started I had never heard of him.From what I get out of all this is he is NUW National SEC with very little growth out of his own Office.MMMM So maybee he needs to ask our union here in NSW to take him over after all thats how you help your fellow Brothers isnt it??????? National secretary of nothing is nothing.Member NUW NSW Branch and Proud.Storeman and Packer & Pruod.Hey Charlie I might stack boxes mate but that doesnt mean I Stupid.

  206. VIC Woolies member

    I have recently been talking to one of the Woolies delegates from NSW. His organiser told him that Charlie Donnelly said in an affidavit in the federal court that the union members had to have a quick ballot because we did not understand complex issues. Do you think we are stupid Charlie? If this is true you can go and get Fucked…and so can all the rest of you bastards at the national office. How dare you.

  207. Jihad Jeff

    Its interesting too see on the NUW website that Donnelly has put up glowing praise of the new NUW building. The article says that the building cost $7 million…! That’s a little hard to believe! Given its position and size one would presume it’s a whole lot more than that!

    ‘Fess up Charlie & Co. Exactly how much members’ money was spent on it?

  208. Hinch

    Why is the NSW branch supporting and cuddling up the SDA in WA. In WA the NUW should be run by the NUW and not the SDA.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  209. I know

    Why is the NSW branch supporting and cuddling up the SDA in WA. In WA the NUW should be run by the NUW and not the SDA.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  210. Jihad Jeff

    It’s amusing how the last 2 bloggers wrote EXACTLY the same thing….communications in the new Docklands office must not be very good!

  211. Kaos

    Jihad Jeff? You’re Maxwell Smart.

    Use your “special” skills to investigate what’s going on.

    Ask Agent 99 it’s all about “CONTROL” that’s what you really want, that’s what you’re about.

    Premier state, ha ha.


    What a wanker Donnelly
    You say that: We need a new building to accommodate almost 100 staff and meet the training needs of over 1000 delegates. Open plan office space for up to 100 Union staff- including local organisers, member service organisers, legal officers and administration. BUT NO PARKING FOR THE DELEGATES? Good plan wanker.

    You say that: new building did not cost 30mil only 7.5mill you full shit more lies tell us full cost wanker, NICE TO TAKE IT OF THE WEB got something to hind.

    You say that: Doug Stevens is the head of new general branch he did good with the centre branch look how fucked up so some one that has not grown the union just look after the old fart what are you running a retirement village.

    Hay Donnelly you can keep all mail as it lies and propaganda as voting NO!!!!!

    I am in full support with QLD, SA, WA, and NSW.
    George Baker- Little Green Bag.


    Stuck in the middle with you.



    What a wanker Donnelly
    You say that:
    We need a new building to accommodate almost 100 staff and meet the training needs of over 1000 delegates. Open plan office space for up to 100 Union staff- including local organisers, member service organisers, legal officers and administration. But no parking for the delegates? Good plan wanker.
    You say that:
    that new building did not cost 30mil only 7.5mill you full shit more lies tell us full cost wanker, NICE TO TAKE IT OF THE WEB got something to hind
    You say that: Doug Stevens is the head of new general branch he did good with the centre branch look how fucked up so some one that has not grown the union just look after the old fart what are you running a retirement village.

    Hay Donnelly you can keep all mail as it lies and propaganda as voting NO!!!!!

    I am in full support with QLD, SA, WA, and NSW.

    Stuck in the middle with you.


    Little Green Bag



    NUW National Call Centre


  215. Honeypot

    I hear Joe De Simone also likth ith-cream.

  216. Jim

    Watch this space for a major bombshell. Soon

  217. James



    Is it a continuation of the mushroom syndrome (keep us in the dark, feed us shit and hope we thrive on it).

    Bombshells are bombs that are not good enough to explode first time around.

    Be careful with unexploded bombs it can dangerous.

  218. impartially interested

    does anyone know where the legal procedings are currently up to?

  219. If any SA WA or QLD members want to speak to a delegate regarding anything , they have to ring Melbourne? Yeh right! UN#$%^&@!BELEIVEABLE!!!!!

  220. Ray.NUW delegate of 20 years

    Charlie Donnelly cannot be trusted,just ask some of the members he let down and sold out when he was organising in the Western suburbs. He has no stomach for fighting the boss.Think very carefully before you vote to accept anything the lying sellout proposes.

  221. Poultry Dazz

    To all you Real and true members who get up go to work day after day.Who strive to own or buy that house or unit that they once saw in a magazine or realestate add.Who shop for their Families looking for the best buy.
    Iam one of these people.I ask members of the NUW ,would you .
    Go to work and give someone else your pay. Would buy that house you cannot see or inspect.Would go shopping for food or goods that bear no labels in plain black wrap,but the sign says its fresh.Would you Vote for something that does not make sense. I can Talk to my Delegate .I can ring My Organizer , AND THEY WILL COME when my workmates or I need them .

    Thats …..UNIONISM.

    every State has it we sometimes just don’t see it and when we do need to unite for our union nation we fly our flags and give our voice.
    WE don’t need Politicalism.

  222. Ian

    The vote is certainly not about a massive funds grab – Vic & NSW have assets of approx $21 million.
    QLD , WA & SA combined have $1m.

  223. Ian

    VIC membership is 54% of total NUW membership – NSW is 26%

  224. Jason

    If any SA WA or QLD members want to speak to a delegate regarding anything , they have to ring Melbourne? Yeh right! UN#$%^&@!BELEIVEABLE!!!!!…

    I don’t think that is how NUWAssist works.

    I’m a new delegate in regional Victoria. Our members on my site talk with us directly and often. But, being on rotating shifts and having some casually employed members who might not be on site everyday, the lines of communication might get a little crackly.

    Recently, one of our casuals had a problem. He travels a long way to get to work and didn’t have a contact number for me. He called 1300 ASK NUW to ask for help. The officials manning the lines contacted me, I sought some answers, and got them back to our member. NUW Assist was quite a useful tool in this circumstance.

    I see this as a complementary service for members and not an alternative to delegates and organisers on the ground.

    As a delegate, being contacted regarding issues of a member on my site, I felt acutely accountable. I can only think this is a good outcome for member service.

    (this is NOT a paid advertisement)


  225. Jason

    Firstly, let me say I am a new delegate (a whole 6 weeks) and am busily trying to get my head around this. I have a bit of information, but a lot seems emotionally charged and a bit abstract.

    Until I recieved the Ballot today, I didn’t actually know what we were voting on. So, in the interest democracy, I would like to have some discussion.

    Everyone got their ballot and document describing the rule changes?

    Good. Now can we stop the personal attacks and partisan rally crys? Let’s look at what rule changes are proposed and decide why we should vote yes or no.

    Anyone got a link to the full set of rules as they stand? We need these to understand some of the changes.

    referencing the rule amendments doc mailed with the ballot;
    – is my current understanding of the item and
    * is my assesment of what I think it’s all about:

    A. – seems to be a name change Central Branch to General Branch.

    *Ok if all else is Ok

    B. – seems to be to stop paid officials double dipping by being paid officials of another union (and avoids conflict of interest)

    *Ok by me

    C. – seems to be about money funnelling.

    *I don’t have enough info to know if this is OK. It is about other peoples money, so ethically, I can not vote yes to this without more info.

    D. – more money detail stuff …

    E. – more money stuff.
    *Again, Dunno

    F. – even more money stuff.
    *still, Dunno

    G. – National Committee chooses General Branch office Location.

    *Why can’t the General Branch Officers do that? Probably doesn’t matter much though with modern communications, location is of little concequence. If everything else is OK, I reckon I’d let this slide

    H. -defining new turf boundaries

    *has to be done for the plan to work

    I. – ???
    * how can you vote on something you don’t understand?

    J. – document housekeeping?
    * if that is all it is, OK

    K. – I can make no sense of this without the source document.

    * again, how can you vote on something you don’t understand?

    L. – the structure of the general branch committee.

    * If this is a dublicate of Vic and NSW branch structure, that seems Ok. right now, dunno.

    M. – a special structure for General Branch to provide a voice for the subjugated states?

    * if that will work, it seems reasonable.

    N. – Ammendments to meeting rules (to cope with transit issues for general branch?)

    * if that is the motive, seems OK

    O. – rules for the transition and a plan for structural changes

    * seems practical from here and OK unless someone can point out otherwise

    As it stands, I can not confidently vote in this referendum. I simply don’t know enough about how my vote will effect the Union.

    So, Yes Vote campaigners, No Vote campaigners, convince me. Explain what the changes mean, point by point, in the context of the union today and into the future and win my vote.

    “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  226. :-(

    Hooray Jason!!! You win the prize. Finally someone contributed to the blog in a meaningful way. Thank you.

  227. Emma P

    Can i ask all the Victorian NUW members a question? Would you like to have another state, whether that be NSW, WA or anyone, removed from his position of Secretary, Anthony Thow part way through his elected term? That is a reason in itself for Victorian members of the NUW to VOTE NO because it is something that as SA Member i am unhappy with someone from another state removing the Secretary that WE voted for to work for US until 2010.

  228. Emma P

    In regards to L Jason

    Why is it that the President of the second smallest sub branch of the general branch, the central branch, be the new President of the general branch? Shouldn’t the president of the largest sub branch have that position as well as the Secretaries position? Thats right he can’t be the secretary because they are sacking him.

  229. Emma P

    In relation to B Jason

    I think we all agree to that but it is something that should’ve been dealt with a long time ago. Donnelly has been in office for how long now 5years + and has not dealt with it.

  230. Emma P

    In relation to C Jason

    Why isn’t the General Branch secretary going to have the same responsibilities as Thow and Belan to control their branches money? Why is it that the money collected from us members will be allocated to the general branch by the NCOM, which as we all know is run by Victoria? I don’t believe that is fair because the members won’t have control, nor will they be able to make the secretary accountable as to how their money is being spent.

  231. Jason

    from Emma P:

    “Why isn’t the General Branch secretary going to have the same responsibilities as Thow and Belan to control their branches money?”

    If this is the case, it seems inequitable.

  232. Emma P

    Yes Jason it is as it states that the national fund will be under the control of the NCOM.

  233. Jason


    Keeping general Branch on a financial tether. That seems like an unnecessary sticking point to me.

  234. Christine

    Just goes to show you are never to old to be fooled. Here I am thinking I would follow and support my union or any other union for that matter in what ever way is needed. Coming from a strong Labor /union (Welsh) background nothing could sway me from my belief that the unions were there for their members, “Bullshit”
    The battle that is going on with Mr Donnelly and all his little followers and the states has totally shattered any concept that I have held all my life. You can all go on writing about who is right and who is wrong but ultimately it is only the members who are suffering and becoming more Disillusioned as each day goes by. Last night myself and all of my workplace and presumably all of Qld received no less that 7 text messages telling us to vote yes from victoria, yes you heard it right 7 text messages, you bloody idiots..this is the memebers money you are wasting Mr Donnelly and quite frankly i don;t think I want tyo be a memeber of this union anymore Christine..

  235. wayne

    let’s give the other states the advantages we have in Victoria! Go Yes!

  236. essie powerpoint

    Vote yes if you support unions being taken off unionists.

    This proposal is insane – it wont help anyone but Charlie Donnelly.


    Have a read of this, all you proud Victorians and Yes voters, tell us what you think….

    March 6, 2009

    A Joint statement from:

    Mr. Derrick Belan, NUW (NSW Branch) State Secretary

    Mr. John Cosgrove, NUW (Queensland Branch) State Secretary

    Mr. Nick Thredgold, NUW (South Australia Branch) State Secretary

    Mr. Joe Bullock, NUW (Western Australia Branch) State Secretary

    As the State Leaders of the National Union Of Workers (NUW) in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, we are seeking a commitment from NUW General Secretary Charlie Donnelly, in his role as the Chairman of the LUCRF Superannuation Fund to remove Mr. Ted Eftimiadis as a director of the LUCRF board of Directors. As Mr. Eftimiadis is also the Employee Relations Manager of Pacific Brands, we feel his position as a director of LUCRF Super is inappropriate & untenable.

    In light of the recent decision reached by Pacific Brands to terminate the employment of 1,850 workers, we feel it is an insult to those sacked workers and to the working people who keep their superannuation with LUCRF Super to have an executive of Pacific Brands in a paid position on the fund’s board.

    It is important that industry superannuation funds, of which LUCRF was the first in Australia, to have directors who reflect the standards and values of the working people who entrust these organisations to be custodians of their retirement funds.

    Considering the actions of Pacific Brands, we feel it is entirely appropriate to ask Mr. Donnelly to remove Mr. Eftimiadis from the LUCRF board. Furthermore, we regret that Mr. Donnelly does not see the inconsistency in Mr. Ted Eftimiadis being a director of an industry Super fund and an executive of a company that so ruthlessly sought to terminate the employment of so many Australians.


    This was on the http://www.handsoffourunion.com site

    what do you think? More power to charlie? Or his mates????

  238. Jason

    keeping the pressure on.

    Looks like very clever politics to me.


    No, it’s called fighting for what you believe in and I believe members own their union.

  240. Jason

    ideological contests at members expense?

    the whole sordid mess isn’t making any of the players look good to me.

    from my observation, all most members want from their union is good representation from delegates and organisers on site. All this background political wrangling, at their expense, is a confusion and an annoyance.

  241. Broken heart

    For all you union lovers a word of advice.

    I have been dating a NSW Union Secretary for around a year now, he told me he was seperated, been the best year of my life until now. I have learnt a harsh reality about this brotherhood so to speak.

    I have been trying to forge a future with this man only to get all the excuses in the world, kids aren’t ready, hes not ready to tell the kids, ex wife will not let me get involved with the family etc, you name it I have heard it. I have travelled everywhere with this man, interstate, to dinners, functions, gala dinners you name it he took me or we just had our time together.

    Until now!!!!!! He is still married, yes that is right he is still married. Things just didn’t seem right to me so unfortunately I took the next step, went to see the ex wife, only to be told they are still together and never separated, what a blow that was. This man had been sleeping with both of us. This man told me she new everything about me only to find out she knew nothing, we were both horrified.

    The moral I guess is if a man cannot be true to the one he marries or loves for that matter, how can he be true to all his members.

    If you only knew what I do, you would be horrified…..

    Over the past year or so, I have learnt so much about unions, trust and also love, I have been told so much by this man the good and the bad.

    I will never trust again.

    Everyone is always in it for themselves; the saying is “what’s in it for me”!!!

    Union Secretaries are no different it is all about them.

    Broken heart

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