SICKNESS SLUR: Monash "Left" guilty of attacking rival for her disability

juliancampbellnohands Socialist Left Labor candidates in Monash University elections have been found guilty of breaching electoral rules after attacking a political rival for her disability in a poster smear campaign during recent elections.

The poster claimed an official of the Union who had fallen out with the dominant Socialist Left grouping “Go” was faking a disability that led her take medical leave from work. Campbell confessed to putting up the poster and Hilakari had endorsed it.

Election returning officer and Greens party member Stephen Luntz found Julian Campbell and his mentor Mat Hilakari guilty of electoral offences and disqualified them both from the election. Campbell was the Socialist Left’s candidate for President of the Monash student union, Hilakari is the incumbent president and was contesting the election to the NUS Conference. Hilakari’s some-time lover, “Bad” Zoe Edwards was believed to be also involved in the hate campaign but has so far not been charged with any offences.

Luntz’s decision was regarded with some astonishment by his colleagues in the ultra-left as many believe his company Above Quota Elections is in the business of delivering a “Socialist-Greens-friendly” vote-counting service.

The electoral tribunal on Friday endorsed Luntz’s finding that Campbell and Hilakari were responsible for the hateful poster campaign but declined to disqualify Campbell from the Presidential ballot instead banning him from all future elections.

Monash University insiders have expressed concern this leaves the student union in the hands of a disgraced figure found guilty of political sledging of the “ugliest and sleaziest” nature. Ironically Campbell professes to be a radically celibate Christian who declines all bodily temptations. As a member of the Monash debating society, he frequently engages in en masse debates.



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30 responses to “SICKNESS SLUR: Monash "Left" guilty of attacking rival for her disability

  1. Tony Lang

    I find this article puerile.

    But not defamatory.

  2. Mark Baker

    I was also disqualified, for falsely spreading rumours that the Women’s Officer candidate for the other ticket is pro-life

  3. Zoe Edwards

    This is not good for my anxiety levels, or my fungus levels

  4. Angela Roddard

    When are you going to come clean with what you did to my 15 year old girlfriend Peter? Please give Nunawading Police a call so this can be dealt with now and not later.


  5. Zoe Edwards

    Universal bullied me, I’m leaving the university

    Lot’s Wife caused my fungus, and it’s archived in perpetuity

    Andrew Landeryou ruined my chances of running for public office

    I have no idea what made me sleep with Mathew Hilakari or join the NLS

  6. Mat Hilakari

    I’m telling Will Fowles about this!
    He’ll represent me!

  7. What do you get when you cross some out of control student politicans, offensive posters and Stephen Luntz? A millionaire Melbourne City Council candidate running around playing King of the kids for his foot solders.

  8. Moe

    We are ready to take on anyone who crosses us…

  9. Luke Hilakari

    Maybe it was the ghost of June Haffenden

  10. Gemma Buckley

    It’s ok Julian, you can hide in the folds of my arse

  11. David Taft

    They are fricken morons and they deserve everything they get…
    (I could have gotten Go! out of trouble so much more easily…) I cannot believe they almost took my mate Fowlesy down with them… idiots!

  12. 5.45

    Zoe needs a hug.

  13. Anonymous

    Zoe needs a retrospective abortion

  14. Fowles

    My paddock was better than some.

  15. The Man

    The underage after party gig has slowed. *Yawn*

  16. Anonymous

    There’s got to be a satirical song in this.

    Hope you’re not too busy, songwriter.

  17. Moe

    “Zoe said she felt Steven (sic) Luntz was a very good returning officer and is incredibly fair.”

    “Mat also noted that Above Quota Elections were on the MSAs preferred suppliers list”…

  18. Piano Man

    At the MSA there is a Secretary deleting photographs
    Removing incriminating comments from his Facebook wall
    And all the non-Ukranian people from MAD and GO!
    Stop and say hello.

    On the corner is a wanker sans motorcar
    The first year leftards laugh at him behind his back.
    And the wanker never brushes his teeth
    In the 2007/8FY, very strange.

    MSA is in my ears and in my eyes.
    There beneath the gray Claytonian skies
    I sit, and meanwhile back

    At the MSA there is an Edwards with a leg fungus
    And in her pocket is a portrait of the Queen (herself) (Tegan: I think the H should’ve been capitalised.)
    She sometimes keeps the President’s fire engine clean,
    It’s a clean machine.

    MSA is in my ears and in my eyes.
    A mix of donuts and meat pies for Baker
    Meanwhile back

    Behind the centre in middle of the campus
    The pretty Tory is amidst the electioneering fray
    The Secretary feels impure thoughts today
    So he runs away.

    At the MSA the Treasurer is absent once more,
    We see Baker intimidated by this.
    The overgrown man attacks her for being away
    Very strange.

    MSA is in my ears and in my eyes.
    There beneath the gray Claytonian skies
    I sit, and meanwhile the…

    MSA is in my ears and in my eyes.
    A mix of donuts and meat pies for Baker

  19. Anonymous

    Where was the welfare officer while all this was happening???

  20. The Peanut Gallery

    The Peanut Gallery is enjoying watching Omar the Trot become Go! ‘s new attack dog….perhaps someone should tell him that Go! secretly despises SA and that he is in reality only one step above a Lot’s Wife editor in the Go! hierarchy.

    To you Omar we say this; STFU and remember Jimmy Mentor. Always remember Jimmy Mentor.

  21. Anonymous

    The welfare officer would have been getting his lines from the President

  22. Julian, seriously GTFO….no amount of Hail Marys will save you now.

  23. Don’t worry Julian, I still believe you. We’ve all made mistakes in the past…I joined the Hitler Youth so I can totally empathise.

  24. Anonymous

    Maybe the MSA can start a eugenics department

  25. MSC

    Let’s punish those involved with a two week paid vacation.

  26. Jimmy Mentor

    To you Omar I say this; always remember red things. Always remember shiny things.

  27. Tegan Dobbie (House Elf)

    This is, like, so; true.,,24428018-12332,00.html

  28. Yuliya Mik

    These guys are all loser lowlife nerds. Who cares. See where they are in 20yrs time.

  29. anon

    LMAO @ Piano Man

    But seriously, this is just student politics.

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