OUTRAGE: "Cage Peter Allan now" say angry Whitehorse ratepayers

peterallanarrogance Disgraced former Whitehorse councillor Peter Allan – who yesterday resigned in scandal after revelations by the Sunday Herald Sun and VEXNEWS that he’d used ratepayers money to pay for his sexual thrills – now faces the prospect of a Victoria Police investigation.

While it is not clear whether the Whitehorse council at its secretive “in camera” meeting last night referred matters to Police, VEXNEWS has learned that concerned ratepayers have decided to file their own complaint with Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon so she can ensure the matter is properly probed by the fraud squad.

“Now is not the time to sweep this under the carpet. Ratepayers are fuming about this. We want Peter Allan in jail where he belongs. If you do the crime, you should do the time,” one local activist told VEXNEWS.

Few details have emerged from the secretive Whitehorse process, although one Whitehorse employee broke ranks telling us they believed the bill for Allan’s sexual pleasuring was $140, not $200 as previously reported. Another expressed concern that they would all be blamed for the theft and sleaze of someone representing Whitehorse in an official capacity while “on the job”.

Pressure is mounting on the Whitehorse authorities to tear down its wall of secrecy over the sleaze allegations. As things currently stand, Allan’s public denial that he successfully claimed reimbursement for his payments at a brothel for sexual services sit uncomfortably with his private confessions to colleagues, including senior council officers. Isn’t it time they all came clean?



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2 responses to “OUTRAGE: "Cage Peter Allan now" say angry Whitehorse ratepayers

  1. Peter Allan

    With a face like mine and my Deviants mind – it’s no wonder I have to pay for it.

  2. Rough Justice

    Will Peter Allan come quietly when the Police knock on his door?

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