OUT: Peter Allan quits

peterallan8 Whitehorse councillor Peter Allan has resigned today in a desperate bid to avoid fraud related charges over his expense claims.

Allan says he obtained a receipt from a Fyshwick, Canberra “strip club” and claimed it as part of his council expenses while in the nation’s capital for a local government conference. He said it was “a mistake”.

VEXNEWS has learned – and reported yesterday – that he had told others that the receipt was for sexual services at a brothel and that it was quite deliberate on his part. Brothel or strip club, legal experts insist it’s still fraud.

As a result of these pressures, Peter Allan has today told the Whitehorse CEO Noelene Duff and his colleagues that he is resigning effective immediately, ahead of an emergency council meeting scheduled to discuss the theft.

Whitehorse insiders say that his resignation won’t discourage them from referring the matter to the authorities for their full investigation and prosecution under the Crimes Act.



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31 responses to “OUT: Peter Allan quits

  1. Anonymous

    His career never really recovered after Phil Baressi was voted out and Allan had nowhere to do his printing

  2. Concerned Ratepayer

    At last, abuse of expenses, abuse of privilege and contempt for the community of Whitehorse is rising like a phoenix at the peak of the iceberg.

    About time Local Govt Minister, Richard Wynne, took more than a peek behind the strippers’ stage at past abuse of mobile phone costs, the mayoral car holiday to the Sunshine Coast,and drunk driving vehicle damages by his Labor mates.I’m told that former mayors Droutsas and McCallum have their own blemished record since at least 2003 – all worthy of a thorough investigation along with the rest of the Whitehorse Labor Caucus and obvious inept management practices from the top down.

    WCC needs a cleanout to regain some credibility and we’re still yet to see mirror man, former mayor, Droutsas have his days in court for alleged electoral fraud.

  3. Stephen Mayne

    Am surprised you haven’t mentioned he was a People Power candidate!

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations Vexnews. Google has acknowledged Vexnews as the second most authoritative news site after News Ltd. This item about Peter Allan has achieved a prominent position on Google News.

    This is something for Cait Catt to argue on the other blog and to demand an apology from the blog owner. Go Cait. Go Vexnews.

  5. BluRinse

    He was about as Labor as mal Colston and Gavan O’Connor.
    He has had his snout in the trough Lib for Years.
    Droutsas walked all over him in the Chamber

  6. Just_In McKeegan

    I hope no one finds out what I do with council funds.

  7. Angela Roddard

    When are you going to come clean with what you did to my 15 year old girlfriend Peter? Please give Nunawading Police a call so this can be dealt with now and not later.


  8. What's the girl's mums name?

    Angela Roddard you are lying.

  9. Just Ice

    I agree with Concerned Ratepayer. Perhaps you should also be looking further into how the Mayoral vehicle was written off by Cr Allan the night before he was to hand it over to the new Mayor. It appears however by your previous comments on this site that you’re a little biased when it comes to Cr Allan !!!

  10. Just Ice

    The previous comment should have read Cr Droutsas NOT Cr Allan. Not sure what’s going on here!!!!

  11. Concerned Ratepayer

    “Just Ice” – I think you’re right suggesting the mayoral car was a write-off under the control of Cr Droutsas at the end of his term. Was Cr Droutsas a write-off himself at the time or did bureaucrats at the Whitehorse Pig Pen do a cover up ?

  12. Mustafa Yannizdayiz

    Eh ! Is there a dental team at Whitehorse Council extracting some truth at last. One down, eight to go.

    When the State Govt moves a commissioner into Whitehorse CC (or the “pig pen” as Concerned Ratepayer calls it)maybe then we’ll find out the truth about the extent to which lab & lib candidates (incl God’s Dummies) at the last election prevailed upon local MP’s for “in kind” photocopying … not only “local” but also the mate and boss of Droutsas, fed MP Michael Danby in St Kilda. Many guilty I’d say.

  13. Anonymous

    What happend to Angela’s daughter??? Oh my.

  14. John So, Melbourne’s beleaguered Lord Mayor has called it a day.

    John So has come under pressure lately for his lack of performance, financial management and policy vacuum.

    John So faced with stiff competition has bowed out of the race rather then face a challenge. Accompanied by his wife and family John announced his decision to not stand at a press conference held today at the Town hall

  15. Ihsan Volkan

    Peter Allan’s penchant for fur and feathers is not confined to Canberra.

    A few years later the Labor Boys at Whitehorse Council then lead by the former Mayor Jessie McCallum, got up close and personal at Kittens in Frankston. It may have been a case of the blind leading the blind after Whitehorse Council’s hard workshop day on a “bonding weekend”, but Cr Robert Chong (OAM), former Cr Richard Anderson and the young and impressionable Peter Allan had their jolly visit to the Kittens Club.

    Will the expense claims lodged at that time be headed “Local Laws – Cat Protection”?

  16. Just Ice

    “Concerned Ratepayer” – yes this was just another BIG cover up by the powers to be at Whitehorse but what do you expect when Councillors set the remuneration & bonus packages for CEO’s!!!

  17. Mary Kostalotta

    I’m just a newbie to this shocking bloggy news on (now) fmr Cr Allen. Pity ’cause he seems to have achieved some good things over a long time in council.
    A month or so ago I read where his colleague Cr Chris Aubrey was outraged over the costs of councillors junkets, then, hypocritically not long after I saw where Aubrey slinked down the Great Ocean Rd to a $990 a head MAV councillor development weekend at Lorne where he joined his Labor mates Crs Droutsas, Ellis and Chong.

    Maybe it was a farewell party weekend with only 12 weks or so till the end of their terms. In the absence of fmr Cr Allan, I wonder if Cr Sharon Ellis provided the entertainment and what would the expense claim look like ?

  18. Anon

    Mary – I think your comments regarding Cr Ellis are way out of line. Don’t lower yourself to their standards!!!

  19. Laughing

    HAHA you’re a disgrace Cr Allen not to mention a racist! Karma def got the best of you this time. Time to head out to Yarrawonga with Cr Mccallum and the rest of the hillbillies. Whitehorse can now move forward without the corruption you brought to it.

  20. SACKEM

    Time to get rid of the lot of them, we need a whole new council and senior management. Droutsas & Allan are only the fishy tip of the iceberg. Rates have been shooting up in the last few years well above CPI, services have been cut back for the elderly plus the hostels sold off.

  21. Spendup big

    What about the tens of thousands of ratepayers dollars wasted on Councillor and CEO junkets to Japan. What was the benefit to ratepayers?

  22. Mayoral Car abuse

    Agree with “Concerned Ratepayer”. We have seen in recent days the daily press getting stuck into the Casey Council Mayor for using his car on interstate holidays, how come Whitehorse Council Mayors holiday trip to Sunshine Coast did not come out to the public, and was the Mayoral car smashed and who paid for damages and how much..is this another coverup at Whitehorse.


    Were the hostels sold off to pay the millions of dollars spent on the Ivory Tower renovations at Nunawading for the Councillors and staff?

  24. sleazy politics

    Peter Allan having tried most political parties,, had a bad reputation among genuine party members with over a decade in the ALP including being a Federal candidate for Menzies.
    After resigning from the ALP he then joined People Power and The Greens (some say at the same time). Tried to join the Liberal Party but has not been accepted.

    So this little visit could have been just part of Peter misunderstanding of the term “political prostitute” which was thrown at him on many occassions.

  25. mayor should pay for smashed mayoral car

    In the Sunday Herld Sun on 5/10/08
    Banyule Mayor Wayne Phillips said a council worker smashed two council cars. But after reimbursing the council the cost of the first vehicle – about $20,000 – the man had been able to return to work, Cr Phillips said.

    WHITEHORSE Mayor(s) who smashed the mayoral car should also reinburse the ratepayers.


    The corruption and sex scandals continue to surround Local government particularly at Melbourne, Whitehorse, Brimbank and Casey are the reason I believe we should get rid of the 3rd tier of government, and just have Federal and State Governments.

    Federal and State governments are made accountable through TV, radio and print media.

    local government has little accountablity through local papers.

    Now mainly thanks to this website we see some of them exposed

  27. CEO conflict of interest?

    Not long before his death Cr Bill Bowie was concerned about a payout..possible golden handshake..to a close friend of the CEO Ms Duff.

    As an obvious conflict of interest it should have gone to the Councillors to decide.

    The Councillors he said were not informed till afterwards.

  28. Whitehorse is a donkey

    It was right that Peter Allan went for this mistake or rort or whatever it was.

    However it seems strange to me that something that he did 9 years ago should become public in an election year.

    Could it be that the as he was no longer a member of the ALP, the other ALP Councillors were no longer protecting him.

    If that is the case, are there any other ALP Councillors with something to hide from the voting ratepayers, that is beiong covered up by the ruling faction?

    From comments above about Droutsas, McCallum and others referring to crashed mayoral cars, interstate holidays in the mayoral car, mobile phone expenses etc, it seems there is more that should come out.

  29. Anonymous

    In New South Wales the ALP have a Premier from the Left who used to work for Left Minister Orkopoulos who was and is a paedophile.

    The ALP certainly protects its own. We are grateful we have Vexnews to keep the bastards honest (to plagiarise the late Don Chipp).

  30. Cutie Kirstie

    source http://whitehorse-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/taxi-incident-investigation-for-mp-kirstie-marshall/

    Whitehorse residents not only have a council that should be sacked, but their MPs are also lacking leadership skills.

  31. Cr Chong in double jeopardy on sick board

    Do not forget that Cr Robert Chong is not only a member of the Whitehorse Council that should be sacked, but also a member of Box Hill hospital which is also in a similar position from all the media reports about the hospital.

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