FISHY: Councillor Peter Allan denies charging up prostitute to ratepayers, insists it was a stripper!

Whitehorse councillor Peter Allan has today admitted corruptly claiming expenses from the council. His side of the story is that ratepayers had paid for his use of strippers but VEXNEWS understands that he had previously confessed to buying sexual intercourse at council expense.

We have learned that the bill was for nearly $200.

Allan appears to have lied to the Sunday Herald Sun about it. He visited a strip club in Fyshwick, according to today’s Sunday Herald Sun.

A contributor to a News Limited blog noted there is only one strip club in Canberra. That is located in Mitchell, on the other side of Canberra.

Capital insiders report that Fyshwick – the location nominated by Allan to the Sunday Herald Sun – is in fact a major hub for the city’s brothels.

Indeed a search on “brothel Fyshwick” leads to a facility called Northside Studios that professes to be “Canberra’s largest brothel with the biggest choice of ladies”.

Perhaps the old-timer Councillor was attracted by this exciting offer:

A $10 discount applies to all Pensioners,Disabled persons and Seniors card holders, just show card and ask for the discount.

Allan would not have struggled to find entertainment in Canberra’s stretch of sin. Another brothel “Parlour-ment House” was popular until it was burned to the ground in suspicious circumstances.

In a disturbingly detailed account of the sex industry in Canberra, it explains that Canberra’s brothels are in either Fyshwick or Mitchell.

Only a serious investigation into Allan’s fraudulent expense claims can give ratepayers comfort that there hasn’t been widespread embezzlement of the council’s funds by Peter Allan, a former bank manager who left NAB recently in circumstances he still hasn’t explained.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports that the alleged fraud will be referred to Victoria Police, the Ombudsman and the Minister for Local Government for them to investigate.

He could be charged with fraud related offences and sacked.



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6 responses to “FISHY: Councillor Peter Allan denies charging up prostitute to ratepayers, insists it was a stripper!

  1. looking for lyle

    Both Jacinta Allan and Lyle Allan ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves to have such a sleazy person as a relative. Both of them should disown him or lose their seats at the next state election.

  2. BluRinse

    And the Hun reported former ALP.
    What an understatement.
    Rat and poor Mayor and poor Cr,
    Thank the heavens he is not seeking re-election.

  3. Angela Roddard

    And what did you try to do to my 15 year old girlfriend Peter?
    Wait till that story hits!

  4. Anonymous

    Why do we get such silly people elected to local government? Come to think of it there have been several political careers ruined in Canberra by MPs who diddled their expense accounts.

  5. Sleazy Pete

    Adds a`whole new meaning to the words “out-of-pocket expenses” outlined in the Victorian local government act. Such abuse of ratepayers funds should not be allowed. No doubts Peter Allan will try and claim it as Entertainment or private research into Australia’s`adult entertainment industry requirements. All in the day/night of a sleazy councillor.

  6. Beat Nicked

    I bet you he was banging on more then a set of drums.

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