ELIXIR OF YOUTH: Has Rupert Murdoch reversed the aging process?

superrupe Australia’s most successful businessman, twice divorced US based media mogul and publisher of the Sunday Telegraph Rupert Murdoch appears to have added a successful reversal of the signs of aging to his list of considerable achievements.

While other Aussie billionaires, like Solomon Lew, struggle with their appearance, the “Rupe”, as he is affectionately known by his adoring employees like the tattooed Mary Bolling and Les Twentyman’s little mate Alan Howe, is looking magnificent at age 77.

In a recent meet and greet with Prime Minister Kevin 747 Rudd, Murdoch’s locks had darkened considerably and his teeth appeared considerably whiter, shinier and more youthful than ever before.

One disrespectful employee claimed “he had been spending too much time in California.” Others attributed his youthful appearance to the level of refreshment he felt marrying Wendi Deng, who is younger than his two eldest daughters and slightly older than his two sons.


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  1. Sylvio Berlusconi

    I sent Rupert to my makeover people

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