DUPED: The Age's exclusive blows up in its face

hird The Age newspaper has been humiliatingly deceived by an anonymous source who assured them that retired star James Hird was hoping to return to AFL football.

They ran the highly dubious claims as a front page “exclusive” this morning, on the express orders of Editor-in-Chief Paul Ramadge. Age insiders tell VEXNEWS this debacle is a “very serious embarrassment” for the new editor. The false story has now been pulled from The Age’s website, but is republished here in full.

It is unknown whether the Age paid the dodgy source – possibly a conman – for the tale. Its author Rohan Connolly was not immediately available for comment.

The Herald Sun online has since gleefully reported that Hird has no interest in returning to play AFL and is busy with his business interests. James Hird has emphatically refuted the Age’s false story:

But today Hird flatly denied the claims.
“There’s no chance of me coming back to football.”
And Hird said there was no truth to the claim that he was seeking a meeting with Knights.
“No. That’s not right.”
“My footy days are well and truly over,” he said.
“I’m very happy doing what I’m doing as a director of Gemba which is a marketing company.
“We’ve just invested a lot of money overseas into India and Hong Kong where there are offices there and a push into the US.




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6 responses to “DUPED: The Age's exclusive blows up in its face

  1. anon

    Another ‘exclusive’ front page debacle for The Age in season 2008. First it was Caroline Wilson with her ‘exclusive’ page 1 story on the supposed West Sydney Celtics team – emphatically denied by the AFL and emphatically ignored by everyone else. Now it’s Hird.

    One journalistic stuff-up that big could be an accident. Two in one season really is carelessness.

  2. and what happened to the old-fashioned idea of going to the source?
    nowhere in the story, or Connolly’s “think piece” in the sport liftout is there any indication the Age tried to contact Hird.
    Instead he quotes an unnamed former teammate as saying Hird was keeping fit.
    then proceeds as if the whol thing’s a fait accompli.
    shocking journalism.

  3. Anonymous

    Especially ironic considering their attack on Andy over Hicks. Rank, front-page hypocrisy.

  4. Rita Randles

    The other blog certainly didn’t pick this up. That’s why Vexnews is now Australia’s best source of news.

    Interesting story on the other blog by a person claimed to be an old trade teacher in a Victorian technical school and I’ll plagiarise it for the benefit of Vexnews readers.

    It’s about how a relation of James Hird used to run education in Victoria during the 1980s. His name was Alan Hird and it was claimed the then Technical Teachers Union, which we all know was ultra corrupt, called him Hird the Turd. A little unfair, as Alan Hird was really just a lackey for his boss, the very able Mr Alan Hunt, father of Greg, the current MHR for the Opposition down Flinders way. The union used to say “Hird’s a turd and Hunt’s a c__t.” Not very nice but that’s the level of personal abuse the other blog stoops to.

  5. Jack Jones

    The Norwegian storm troopers in Norway during Quisling’s regime in World War 2 were called the Hird.

    James Hird ought to change his name or he’ll find only neo-Nazis will support his team.

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