WHO'S YOUR DADDY: The Marksons turn gossip into fun for all the family

sharrimarkson Political circles were abuzz after Sydney slicker journalist Sharri Markson reached into the Victorian political news box and pulled out a gossipy story about rising Labor star Bill Shorten’s private life.

VEXNEWS embraces and wishes to extend Ms Markson’s trivialisation of political reporting by reporting on her in the same spirit.

Sharri Markson is the daughter of Max Markson, a well-known Sydney spiv talent “agent”, representing the likes of white trash Queen of Mean Pauline Hanson and other notables.

Nothing wrong with that. You can’t choose your parents, even if your parents can choose their clients.

But it seems that Sharri really is Daddy’s Little Girl because Party insiders explain that it was Papa Max who provided with the hot goss on the ALP identity as early as mid last week.

Most of the Canberra Gallery and many Melbourne journalists were aware of the story and pretty much all of them had decided not to go there. Unless it related to the chap’s public duties, it seemed not especially relevant.

But from a private discussion at a board meeting of Progressive Business on Wednesday, the yarn went from a prominent advertising agency executive based in Melbourne – who has done business with Markson – to the apple of his eye Sharri.

She couldn’t believe her luck when everyone else passed on the story. And she certainly researched the yarn well, trawling through vice-regal notices to find a paper trail substantiating little other than people had once met.

News Limited insiders explain this is not the first time Daddy has given daughter a leg up. And it’s a reciprocal arrangement too we are told, with many of Markson’s clients getting Most Favoured Nation status when trading is done.

Ms Markson, herself considered an up-and-comer in News Limited, winning awards and such, is usually discreet enough to get colleagues to assist Papa Markson rather than doing it herself, after being flame-grilled Hungry Jacks style for helping one of his paying clients a few years back. Media Watch questioned her ethics.

Daddy Markson has previously been engaged by the Labor party in several states to assist them with fundraising and events. This seems unlikely to continue, certainly in Victoria, although his association with race-baiter Pauline Hanson is expected to blossom with possible book-deals and whites-only dance contests on the cards.



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10 responses to “WHO'S YOUR DADDY: The Marksons turn gossip into fun for all the family

  1. Billy

    I have been a naughty boy with the GG’s daughter.
    We will not mention the earlier conquests in the netball team will we.

  2. Right Said Fred

    Someone needs to ask Max where the money from the Cherie Blair fund-raisers end up.

  3. Todd and Russell

    SO, Andy, why are you criticising a journalist for breaking the best yarn of the weekend while at the same time lauding the actions of so-called journos who decided “not to go there” rather than pointing out their dereliction of duty. All that aside, I always thought SHorten was gay so the idea that he can pick up a hot and well connected girly spins my mind a bit.

  4. Anonymous

    Shorten’s problem like many men of Power is he thinks all too often with his little head. He has always been seen as a womanizer, admired by fellow male trade unionists and hated by femo Nazis. Mind you we all thought the marriage was not going to last. That’s Bill. He will dump the GG’s daughter if she does not dump him first.

  5. Little Kevvie

    Shorten is not gay.

  6. anon

    Shorten is smoke and mirrors, piss and wind.
    Don’t look too deep into Billy as you will be very disappointed.
    Take him out of his comfort zone, like the Makeup Van at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine and you have nothing but a dill.
    The Eddie McQuire of federal cabinet.

  7. Anonymous

    Regardless of what you think of him, his private life really shouldn’t enter into things, whatever he has or hasn’t done.

  8. Rossy Cameron

    Yes – I feel so sorry for Shorten. It is all so very unfair.

  9. Finally someone has said what everyone knows. She didnt finish uni because the telegraph knew she could provide information from her dad, which is worth more than her education!
    Given her fathers dubious business affairs, of course she doesn’t have a consiense.

  10. Dean

    I wish I knew who Sharri was before being put in touch with her in December 2008 when leaking information out of a government department on a particular minister. Sharri helped in giving up my identity by faxing the leaked information that originated from myself back to the ministers office which enhanced their investigation.

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