RICH: Victorian Socialist Left plot to milk millionaire's moolah

willfowles Members of the Fowles family are believed to be gravely concerned that heir to the family fortune Will Fowles is involved with what they call a “dangerous cult”, the Victorian Socialist Left.

Toorak circles are abuzz with speculation that Fowles is now linked with the grouping formally, mirroring the approach of the Church of Scientology and their pursuit of rich and lonely celebrities and trust fund beneficiaries who are on a “search for meaning.”

The Socialist Left is a well organised group, active within the Labor Party and has a large financing requirement which they have been struggling to meet in recent years.

Fowles is regarded by some group insiders as a “golden goose”, potentially delivering them a fortune to fund their activities.

In return the group is deploying considerable support for his almost certain to fail Melbourne Lord Mayoral bid, because it will “encourage him to think he owes us”, one whistleblower told VEXNEWS over the weekend.

“We’ll lift him up to a more prominent role while deftly picking his pocket. Gavin Jennings has always wanted a black Amex…”

Meanwhile, certain Socialist Left figures, like Anthony Leong working at the Party’s head office, have been volunteering on Party time to assist Fowles’ campaign. Despite this, the ALP Administrative Committee denied Fowles’ demand to become an endorsed Party candidate. Leong has attributed this to a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and is believed to have had a hissy fit after learning of the decision involving profanity and foot stomping. Witnesses feared for their safety, a party insider told VEXNEWS on condition of anonymity.



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12 responses to “RICH: Victorian Socialist Left plot to milk millionaire's moolah

  1. Donut King

    We support our biggest customer!

  2. Crown Me Lord Mayor Boy

    There is a sucker born every day. Last time it was McClown (McMullin – from the Spotless stain industry) now its Willy We Wonker and his hen pen pals (Will Fowler the Auction Boy)

  3. Mary West

    Comrade Fowles is a good committee member of the MCC. I would have supported him for that. I will not support him for Lord Mayor of Melbourne. He needs local government or parliamentary experience. The Melbourne City Council is not the Melbourne Cricket Club.

    Remember the late Peter Costigan? A nice bloke, but his lack of experience told against him when he was elected Lord Mayor. He had never previously been even on Council. Jeff Kennett, on the other hand, has been Premier and he would be a really outstanding Lord Mayoral candidate.

  4. Bamboo Johnny

    I give him 18% tops maybe an extra 3% if Kennett runs. But not enough to out poll Bamboo John So

  5. Incredulous

    Your source of information regarding Anthony Leong is gravely incorrect. Anthony has been helping Will after hours and in his own spare time. He did not have a hissy fit following the decision of Admin to ignore the decision of the Municipal Forum which overwhelmingly supported endorsed candidates. He was just disappointed. And last time I looked, Anthony was not a member of the Socialist Left and nor was Anthony. If you were even vaguely interested in the the truth, you would have checked these facts first. But of course, you do have a fondness for not letting the facts get in the way of a good story.

  6. Question of Experience

    From what I can see no one currently on Council is running for Lord Mayor (So has not made up his mind as yet). And let us not forget that it was the Labor Government who introduced the directly elected Lord Mayor system which only encourages the less experienced and wealthy to run for Lord Mayor. In spite of all this, it is good Will is running as he probably the only hope of much needed change and fiscal responsibility at Clown Hall.

  7. Anon

    Ironically most people in the Labor party of both factions- the Carr part of the left and the Right as a whole- would probably feel more comfortable with Kennett than Fowles, with the possible exception of those that fought the bloke tooth and nail when he was Premier.

  8. fouled nest

    I hope Fowles paid Leong for his “moonlighting”.

  9. Your Principal

    What are you doing out of school? Get back into class this minute!

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  11. emily jackson

    The SL will put him into state parliament like they did with the Syrian.
    The moolah will really flow then.

  12. Anonymous

    Leongs contibution to Local Government campaigns is well known.
    Managed to completely stuff up Pledgey Hedley Moffatt’s Campaign when Hedley was the sitting Mayor.
    Managed to let the Looney James (aka Tony) long defeat his candidate.
    Fowles has no chance if Leong is involved.

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