FLICK: Another Kennett emerges in Melbourne's Town Hall race

felicitykennett The wife of former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, Felicity Kennett is rumoured to be planning to run for the City of Melbourne elections.

This is considered an indication that her husband wants to fight the election battle “by proxy” involving his wife and other supporters including Fairfax Chairman Ron Walker’s son Campbell and others.

Political spectators will be disappointed as a Kennett v John So contest for the Town Hall promised to be a spectacular and bloody contest. Most insiders still considered So to be overwhelming favourite, even against Kennett given So’s clever campaigning, strong ethnic support from Chinese residents, business and property owners and popularity in the general community. Preferences will be a strong factor as well, with So politically positioned “in the middle” collecting preferences from the left against the right and the right against the left.

UPDATE: Jeff Kennett has now announced he is not running. The rumours about Felicity continue…



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7 responses to “FLICK: Another Kennett emerges in Melbourne's Town Hall race

  1. Mary West

    Jeff Kennett would make a great Lord Mayor. If we have to have Felicity as a candidate she’ll be great too.

    I read on the boroondaravotereform and melbcity blogs that Kennett was going to appoint Diane Anderson as his campaign manager. He would not be so stupid, unless he wanted to lose. This comment about Diane comes from wishful thinking by So supporters.

    Please stand Jeff. You’ll make a great Lord Mayor, just as you were a great Premier. We love you Jeff.

  2. Celebs with-out a chauffeur

    Seriously the Socialist Left should be held to account for introducing the Celebrity Only race for Lord Mayor. What ever encouraged them to push for such a stupid policy?

    As a reminder it was Bob Cameron that introduced the direct elect model for Melbourne City Council. A decision that the ALP will crow to regret.

  3. Mary. I do not remember making a comment about Diane Anderson (I tend to ignore anything related to her).

    I disagree with your comment about Jeff making a good Lord Mayor. Jeff single handedly caused more damage to Melbourne then any other person of recent history most notably the positioning of Crown Casino, the moving of Melbourne Museum into the Carlton Gardens and the missed opportunity with Federation Square. Add to that the policy of dividing the city and creating a small parochial and out of touch with reality Municipality.

    Sure a Jeff for LM would have been entertaining but I do not think he would provide good governance. We would see bun fights with Spring Street and ongoing abuse and misuse of Council funds with ratepayers footing the bill. It is bad enough with John So and would only get worst will Kennett.

    As to his Wife by proxy. I think she would not be any better. I see her more interested in the social life then the governance of the city.

    As the previous commentators have noted, the introduction of directly elected Lord Mayor was a huge blunder on part of Bob Cameron. Dick Wynne has proven that he is not capable of addressing the City Governance issues and failed to subject the City Council to a proper and public review. Every other Council is required to undergo a review but not Melbourne. WHY? If we are to be lumbered with this circus clown show then the State Government should as a minimum separate the role of Chairman from the role of Mayor. The chairman should always be elected from and by the City Council.

    John so is looking to be in poll position once again. With Kennett and Fowler adding to his likely success.

  4. Anonymous

    Melbcity is right cameo screwed it up.
    The Wynbag is exactly that.
    Jo and his deputy Little Mac will romp it in.
    It is celebrity here there and everywhere

  5. Mary West

    Apologies for not making myself clear melbcity. You did not make the claim that Jeff Kennett would make Diane Anderson his campaign manager for his Lord Mayoral race, as the Americans say. The claim was made by a commentator on the melbcity blog.

    It was originally made on the discredited boroondaravotereform blog.
    That’s the blog that claimed Diane Anderson was the woman behind Jeff Kennett and Mary Drost, the community activist who objects to development around Camberwell Junction.

    The commentator on the melbcity blog didn’t think the claim amounted to much. Neither do I.

    Evan Thornley is more likely to make Diane his campaign manager than Jeff Kennett.

  6. Doldrums

    Why do the Libs keep on dragging out useless, spoiled toffs? The electorate is getting tired of these cardboard shams who represent privilege and riches. Melbourne is going down the tubes thanks to overcrowding and neglect. It needs expert resurrection.

    So, fark off Flick! You’re not needed here!

  7. Anon

    Thought you meant Flick Strong for a second. Yikes.

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