NO TRIP FOR YOU: Herald Sun shares the love for beefy John Murphy and his Stroganoff spouse

VEXNEWS exclusive revelations on Thursday of federal MP John Murphy’s grounding by the PM have been repeated and confirmed in today’s Herald Sun.

Staff Writer (nee Sergeant) reports:

Stroganoff MP loses overseas trip

THE MP who sparked Parliament’s beef stroganoff food fight has been forced to pull out of an official trip to Mexico.

Parliamentary secretary for trade John Murphy was due to leave on the 10-day trip yesterday, but pulled out after discussions with the Prime Minister’s office.

Mr Murphy was condemned after he complained in Parliament about the portion size of a $7.90 casserole bought by his wife at the staff cafeteria.

Mr Murphy’s office said the MP had reconsidered his travel plans.

“Following discussions with his colleagues in Parliament and the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr Murphy made a final decision to reconsider his plans to travel overseas on official government business in order to stay in Australia to focus on local electorate issues,” his spokesman said.

Mr Murphy’s complaint, which was later withdrawn, led to two separate inquiries into catering services in Parliament House.

Struggling pensioners accused Mr Murphy of being out of touch.

Mr Rudd rebuked Mr Murphy, saying it was wrong to bring the matter up in Parliament.



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4 responses to “NO TRIP FOR YOU: Herald Sun shares the love for beefy John Murphy and his Stroganoff spouse

  1. oink

    Did Rudd shout them a feed at Taco Bills at least?

  2. lost hopelessly

    THey have no sense of priority…

  3. Proverbs 23:20-21

    The Trough is to an extent all you can eat, save for the carvery.
    So she could pay $7.90 for a kilo of food if she wanted to. But one so familiar with Parliamentary dining would probably know that.

  4. Anon

    Typical ALP MP – no idea about the concerns of real working families.

    Come back Johnnie – time to get rid of Krudd.

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