A TIME TO CHOOSE: Turnbull dithers over frontbench selection

malcolmchoosing Supposedly decisive man of action, new Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull has started up aggressively against the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd but surprised Canberra insiders by failing to announce his new front-bench team by Friday.

Federal parliament is sitting next week so he’ll be forced to make a decision in time for the first Question Time, party room insiders have told VEXNEWS.

Showing the remarkable timing and sensitivity for which he is not well known, senior frontbencher Tony Abbott protested in a Daily Telegraph blog on Friday that he has not happy with his social policy portfolio because it was not at the :centre of the action”. Turnbull will almost certainly move him and possibly wants to drop him into the drink near the Cruising Yacht Club in Double Bay.

The reasons for Turnbull’s delay include an arm-wrestle between former party director Andrew Robb and the photogenic Julie Bishop for the Shadow Treasury and a struggle to reconcile the number of promises made prior to the party room vote with the limited number of positions.

Supporters of Sophie Mirabella MP expressed concern about the process. “He should just get on with it. Everyone wants to get stuck into the government and follow Malcolm’s more aggressive style. But we’re now all in limbo, waiting for the decision to come from on high,” one said.

Another party insider “We were expecting the announcement on Friday. I think this long wait points to a radical reshuffle. If (Costello supporter) Tony Smith were sweating anymore, there’d be a new salt water lake out in Casey.”



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21 responses to “A TIME TO CHOOSE: Turnbull dithers over frontbench selection

  1. Ecclesiastes 3:1

    All things have their season, and in their times all things pass under heaven.

  2. help

    I’m not surprised he’s taking so long, not exactly blessed with talent.

  3. Anon

    Help – although Chrissy Pyne is a joke, and so too is Greg Hunt, I’d rather be choosing a Ministry from the Coalition than the bunch of no-hopers and union hacks that make up the ALP any day.

    There is simply no comparison. The Liberal Party talent makes the ALP look like a joke.

  4. Insider

    Apparently TOny Smith has been sacked in the first Malcolm move

  5. Chrissy Pyne

    I’ve always had a thing for Mal’s butt.

  6. Psalms 30:5

    “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

  7. Anonymous

    Is Mal saving it for Insiders in the morning?

  8. Dan.c

    When you think about it, taking a couple of extra days to decide on a shadow ministry that will enable the party to win an election in 2 years time is good judgement. Rushing the announcement would allow short term gain but could risk long term gain.

  9. Revelations

    The ABC is now picking up on your dithering angle.

    Your contacts in the Libs seem better than the whole Gallery.

    Mal should get his rollerblades on.

  10. Biblical

    Matthew 19:24

    The operative bible quote for 2010.

  11. Nostradamus

    Jeez – Tough Choices! Its like a sewerage contractor chosing the best grades of shit. Mal, you’ve got all the Howard remnants like Shrek, the Mad Monk, road kill Bishop, and a heap of other dunderheads. Maybe its time to be a dictator, and send everyone else to the backbenches.

  12. C Pearce

    I am ‘up’ for Mal’s rear as well.

  13. C Pearce's lingerie fetish

    Smith should stay, Billson is the goner.

  14. Cyclops

    And Mal, for heaven’s sake don’t overlook Howard remnant Amanda Vanstone:

    She’s in The Age tomorrow with this lovely story:

    THE deportation of a suspected Melbourne Mafia identity was overturned by former immigration minister Amanda Vanstone 14 months after a large donation was made to the Liberal Party by the man’s brother — an alleged Calabrian crime figure.

    Four Liberal MPs in two states lobbied or contacted Ms Vanstone — now Australia’s ambassador to Italy — about Francesco Madafferi’s case after being approached by his supporters, including businessmen who had also donated to the Liberal Party.

    Is ANYONE accountable anymore?

  15. Anon

    Nostradums – you are a moron.

  16. Party Pooper

    Mal’s trying to flog a dead horse.

    All choices yield equivalent, often undesirable results. The Liberals are a rabble of misfits, stony-faced wankers and supporters of laissez-faire economics from the dark ages.

    Australia deserves a much better opposition.

  17. Jim

    If only Barnaby Joyce accepted a shadow cabinet position. That would have been good fun.

  18. anon

    smith and fifield didn’t just vote for nelson, they ratted on turnbull.

    Their heads must be put on stakes at the entrance to the village as a warning.

    Rats must never be rewarded.

  19. DJ Mitchy Fife

    For some strange reason I don’t think I will get my long-awaited and much deserved promotion to the front bench!

  20. Arthur conan doyle

    Malcom The Arrogant. I love it. Costello with a part time job (Woolies?)more fun for the troops. Bishop and Robb at war, 45-41 the split, Labor must be shaking in their collective boots. Or relaxed and comfortable? Overseas jaunt for the PM, why not he say’s.

  21. Oh Dear!

    The bland leading the blind.

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