BEEFED: Jetset John Murphy grounded after Stroganoff debacle

johnmurphygrounded NSW federal MP John Murphy – whose complaints yesterday about the portion size of food servings at Parliament House provoked national fury and a Herald Sun front page – has been ordered by the Prime Minister’s office to cancel a junket to Mexico.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Trade and his large portion seeking spouse Adriana were due to embark today on a ten day first-class all-expenses paid trip to Mexico as part of his trade responsibilities.

He is effectively the deputy minister to Simon Crean, the federal Minister for Trade. His enthusiasm for a lavish lifestyle is still considered by caucus insiders as being dwarfed by Crean’s fondness for five-star but as one noted “Crean does set the benchmark very high.”

The journey of luxury and undoubtedly large portions of lavish cuisine was summarily and cruelly cancelled on the instruction – sources say – of a furious Prime Minister and his Hollowmen who know to smell fear when the Herald Sun comes hunting.

The story of Murphy’s over-promotion to be Mini-Me to Simon’s Crean’s Dr Evil is indeed a fascinating one. It’s essentially Deputy PM Julia Gillard’s fault for organising a blatant pay-off for past loyalty in votes for Crean, Latham and Rudd.

His promotion was considered by many to have been an indication that Rudd’s promise of promoting people by merit.

A recent caucus meeting had members groaning in the aisles as he insisted on providing them with a travelogue of his trip to Ghana or Gabon or some other tin-pot little African country.

“There were no small servings in the Presidential palace,” one caucus wag noted.



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7 responses to “BEEFED: Jetset John Murphy grounded after Stroganoff debacle

  1. anon

    How on earth as a Party do we preselect such imbecilic lightweights?
    John Murphy is a disgrace and needs to go.
    Maybe his wife should spend a minute to think about pensioners and the poor instead of filling her fat face like a pig.

  2. Jim Duffield

    Seems like the hard task of impacting this Prince and Princess of Paunch is for the PM to have him expelled from the party? Let him sit on the cross-bench in solitary “Coventry”…

  3. Swing Lowe

    John Murphy will never get booted out of the Labor party – he’s the only reason why Labor managed to hold onto Lowe since 1998…

  4. anon

    Murphy has done sweet F A for Lowe.
    He is the sort of vile scum that brings disrepute on all Politicians.

  5. Imran

    Just bk frm Pak.;ur politics sound worse than Mushareff& Zardari/combined. Murphy IS a disgrace, but we all 4get he purports 2 represnt us on th Intnat Theatre.Referring 2 Ghana et al is a gross insult, same as referring to people as leftards, when my partners sis is sev. Cerebral Palsy & a bloody fine woman & intell.U criticise the Party for paybaks…why are we not havin Royal Comm about Vandstone & Ruddock? LOL…”please explain”.

  6. Imran

    LOL…………with all respect………anyone brave enough to debate/comment upon comments by Muslims……….Re Murphy (snouts n d trough)and true Labor Party Values…hah,hah,hah, it’s Ramadan, but I bet no one takes this up. U R “lucky” God has blessed Australia,dont ignore his goodness to all of us, lol I even tolerate the Jehovah witness people now…

  7. Anonymous

    This site has jumped the shark!

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