ASCENDANT: Liberal Right delight at Turnbull rewards

sophiemirabella2 Malcolm Turnbull is set to make a major reshuffle of his shadow ministry as he prepares for the Long March to unseat Chairman Rudd in 2010.

He has miles to go before he sleeps. And promises to keep.

Promises to a group of Right leaning Liberals who had previously seen Malcolm as the Great Satan but who came to think that the ear-ring wearer former lefty Dr Brendan Nelson wasn’t much better and looked around for a better deal.

One beneficiary is expected to be the federal MP for Indi Sophie Mirabella who had previously been overlooked for the front-bench.

The one-time monarchist crusader Sophie Mirabella surprised some supporters with rumours that she might have voted with her former Republican nemesis Malcolm Turnbull in the leadership ballot.




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9 responses to “ASCENDANT: Liberal Right delight at Turnbull rewards

  1. Jenny Craig

    Better extend the bench then.

  2. Anonymous

    Given her fondness for Tobacco, make herShadow Minister for Sport or Health, Yes Prime Minister style.

  3. ajax

    right or left?
    the clayton party= labour the liberal party when there is no liberal party. swan says turnbull has a problem, thats correct, how can you pick a shadow treasurer when there is none. mr swan told the electorate he would do the same job but only better—-thats the real problem, keep shifting the blame and do NOTHING.

  4. Anonymous

    Mirabella will hopefully be left out on the scrapheap where she belongs

  5. Sophie Down-Undie

    Andrew, Sophie will one day be Australian PM. You can no longer keep her locked up and under wraps anymore. She will not be a stain on the Austrlian people as you suggest.

  6. anon

    Sophie loves riding a bicycle with no seat.
    Especially since the good Major is not up to the task.

  7. anon

    There is still much debate and doubt as to whom knocked her up.

  8. Spartacus

    Idiots! It was an immaculate conception!

  9. Obi Wan Kenobe

    Beware the dark side and Mirabella…. She bites.

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