JACKIE: Folks are dumb where I come from

jackiekelly Former Liberal federal MP Jackie Kelly is chilling out these days, enjoying the surf and her parliamentary pension.

But former party comrades prevailed upon her to campaign in the wilds of Penrith City elections where she withstood the elements on Saturday at the Samuel Terry Primary polling booth in Cranebrook telling punters as they passed by:

“Send Iemma a message”

A well informed source told VEXNEWS that the former federal minister “only stopped when someone tapped her on the shoulder and said…. he’s not Premier any more Jackie.”

Liberal insiders offer competing theories about her lack of familiarity with the most prominent political story in NSW in years (possibly since her husband was caught distributing race-baiting anti-Muslim campaign literature during the federal election). “She used to insist all her ministerial briefs were reduced to one paragraph, perhaps she’s still waiting for someone to summarise the daily papers for her.” Another said “She’s simply never been that interested in politics. I’m surprised you’re surprised, mate. She’s a doofus. What she was good at was sucking up to Howard. He and Janette adored her.”



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8 responses to “JACKIE: Folks are dumb where I come from

  1. anon

    She really is thick, I wonder what she is good at?

  2. Anon

    To be fair – she is not as thick as Albo, Dumb Hoare or Belinda Neal

  3. Little Johnny

    Ah Jackie was my favourite. She reminded me of the good ol’ days with Prue Goward before Janette found out.

  4. Little Johnny

    Oh Gee, I will never forget how Jackie shaved her ladies department.

  5. Little Kevvie

    No one has ever accused me of cheating on my wife with another woman.

  6. Forbsey

    The same can be said of me.

  7. DJ Mitchy Fifie

    I support Brendan – so too does my good friend and mentor and soon to be Great Book-seller, Cossie.

  8. Casey Tone

    I also support Brendan. He will make a great PM one day.

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