CRUEL: Age sports writer Caroline Wilson sledges Paralympics as "not really like sport"

carobigmouth The Age’s senior football writer Caroline Wilson sneeringly attacked brave Aussie Paralympians on the ABC’s Sunday Offsiders show declaring that “it’s not really like sport.” offers this definition:

an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

To his credit, sports writer Francis Leach immediately challenged her and she seemed to have little to support her assertion other than patronising prejudice.

After stammering a bit, The Age journalist responded “Well, you’re watching people muck up.” She even offered the assertion that some viewers are watching the coverage “for the wrong reasons”, ie to watch the sportsmen and women being injured.

Her comments – will be transcribed here on the ABC website – came after watching vision of the athletes struggling against the odds and triumphing over their disability with indomitable courage.

Click here to view her comments, at the 25 minute mark on the video.



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21 responses to “CRUEL: Age sports writer Caroline Wilson sledges Paralympics as "not really like sport"

  1. Right Said Fred

    What do you expect from Caro, it not really like she’s not a dumb, lazy moll.

  2. John Murdoch

    Caroline you goose……

    I bet Sammy pissing himself laughing that someone else other than him has foot in mouth disease

  3. You’re kidding Caroline aren’t you? You have the audacity to come out with a comment like “it’s not really like sport”. You’re an offensive, sneering and nasty woman. They should call you Caro the Grouch because most of the stuff that comes out of your mouth is absolute trash! Is anyone going to chat to you about your offensive behaviour I wonder? And who are you to talk about what people’s intentions are when they watch the paralympics, I have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the achievements of these great athletes whenever I’ve had the chance to watch them competing. Keep your bigoted views to yourself and focus on the positives in future!

  4. It beggars belief that Wilson would make such a callous comment about the Paralympic Games not being seen as sport(Offsiders 14th/9/08).
    Hello, one wonders who builds this woman up as being a competent journalist when you only have to watch ‘Footy Classified’ to quickly find her contribution as gossip -lacking positiveness most times and self opiniated to the extreme. And this is what is served weekly to the viewers. Now that should give you some understanding of where her sporting prowess lies because Caroline understands little other than the AFL competition.
    Her comments were definitely prejudiced against the decision to hold these games in equal billing to the non disabled olympics. Unfortunately her comments have done an enormous amount of damage to the acceptance years ago of equality and inclusion of all people in all types of sport be it at an elite level or not.
    Somebody should tell Wilson that these competitors are elite sports people who were chosen to represent their repective countries and they did it with such great aplombe, dignity, self confidence and professionalism. And those who won or not were just so happy to have had the opportunity to represent their respective countries.

    But why did Cassidy have to play that footage showing the unfortunate side of a what happens in all sports. Now was he trying to elicit this type of response from Ms Wilson for discussion and if so it didn’t work.
    As far as I am concerned there was no need to select this footage to highlight whether this is sport or not.

    I demand that Caroline Wilson make a public apology to all the Australian competitors when they arrive back to Australia.I also demand that she apologise to the dedicated viewers of the Offsiders program as well.

  5. Paul McMahon

    Absolute disgrace. She can now join that other sports journo Patrick Smith that I will refuse to ever read again. What a prejudiced BITCH! They are genuine sports champions and to see the steelers play murder ball was very exciting. Go for it, you are all champions in my book!

  6. Makes Eddie seem like an angel …

  7. Like she can talk, she isn’t even human. Get her out of the public eye FFS

  8. Wilson, you are a vile woman with not one once of feeling for anyone other than yourself

  9. This “woman” has the audacity to have a long running feud with the president of the club with the biggest supporter base, claims he victimized women and advocated violence by suggesting she get dunked in a celebrity event, yet her pedigree of picking on diabled people and other people is to be conveniently ignored by her readers and the imbeciles willing to take her seriously. My, the hubris this woman sheds is outstanding. Not to mention the hypicrisy and downright pomposity. How she has lasted this long in journalism is testament to her being able to crawl to anyone stupid enough to give her an ear, and to con anyone into believing she is the victim. She’s virtually the Donald Trump of Australia – a bigoted over opinionated cretin with a runnibg sewer for a mouth.

  10. This idiot is really dividing Australia. Her false drug allegations against footballers and her disrespect for our paralympians shows she is not a fit or proper person to work for The Age. She should be sacked and or give a big donation to our paralympians.

  11. So she is personally hurt by a poor but still jocular remark from McGuire and Co, and yet she is unmitigatingly insulting all para Olympians. I have trained para Olympians and I have volunteered at their Olympics. Their dedication and efforts equal if not exceed those of other athletes. SHAME Caroline Wilson, shame

  12. so this person said that the paralympics isnt real sport heres the challenge then put your shorts and running shoes on and see how real dedication and effort will not only beat you but teach you some humility and compassion for those who have the real necessary dedication to succeed our para olympians have me marvelling at their achievements and if you have agrieved them then i suggest that most Australians would feel the same anger at your obvious ignorant and shit spewing comments

  13. She Should be sacked. How dare she. These people are your true
    “Aussie Heroe’s. Try and live their life for just one day.

  14. Are you people serious ? ffs

  15. Wilson seems to be struggling for relevant information since her mate Demetriou has moved on. She is her own worst enemy and will bring herself down, ” Live by the sword, Die by the sword”

  16. OMG…what a joke Caroline Wilson. One set of rules for you and a different set of rules for others.
    I think you should reconsider, who owes who an apology

  17. Oh dear… the ignorant runs strong in this one..

  18. For the life of me this woman has got everyone sucked in ,,she thrives on adverse publicity,,,and dines on the sympathy when someone creates media controversy and frenzyism over a comment made about dunking the lady in water ,and creates further scandal by degrading our paraolympians.
    And because she is a Woman,,nothing will happen !

  19. How effing rude is she!!! These people have got so much determination and guts, I’d watch them any day over the “normal” Olympics!!!

  20. It’s really unfortunate that this didn’t get the media scrutiny it deserved. I’ll be making a short YouTube video with the moment Wilson said “It’s not really sport” just so more people can see her for what she really is.

  21. This is EIGHT years ago ffs. Get over it. She states in the video that she doesn’t enjoy watching athletes falling and getting hurt. Does anyone? She is talking specifically about the footage that Barry shows, not paralympians or the paralympics. BTW I am not a huge fan of Caro, but I can watch and understand context, and when it is used for a specific purpose!

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