SCANDAL: Casey council built toxic tip, approved dodgy development and was warned by EPA to clean up, other than that it's not their fault

miketylersmelly The Casey council approved and consented to all of the notorious Brooklands Green development near its methane gas spewing toxic tip.

Contrary to the assertions of some Casey councillors and their boss Mike Tyler, VEXNEWS has learned that in fact the council agreed to a “consent order” on the development of properties closest to the council managed landfill and enthusiastically approved the rest of the estate.

Sources close to the developer have explained to VEXNEWS that the responsibility for the crisis rests solely at the feet of the council and its all-powerful boss Mike Tyler.

“Please do more digging on this. The council has been repeatedly warned by the Environmental Protection Agency over the landfill. From what I’m told it’s gone on for two years or more. The question of their management of the property was even considered by VCAT. They are just trying to shift the blame on to us or the state government or the courts but, at the end of the day, it’s their tip and their responsibility,” explained a source close to the project who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The council could face a multi-million dollar negligence claim from the hundreds of home-owners in the estate. Slater and Gordon are already sniffing around and are reportedly sending a team down to the area today to solicit interest – in the style of door-to-door salesmen – in a class action against Casey council, the developer and others responsible for the debacle.



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24 responses to “SCANDAL: Casey council built toxic tip, approved dodgy development and was warned by EPA to clean up, other than that it's not their fault

  1. Anonymous

    Apparently Casey and the EPA opposed the subdivsion but the VCAT approved it. Another John Brumby fuckup it would seem.

  2. laughable

    Blaming the state government for VCAT decisions is like blaming them if a Supreme Court lets a murderer off.

    As vex has explained, the council is responsible for its own mess, they own the tip, they have poisoned the neighbourhood. We now need local council and the state government to take action to clean up Casey’s stink.

  3. Noel Jackson

    Anonymous has stolen my thunder. It is also my understanding that it is VCAT which put the residents in that position. Andy, if you think that is incorrect, it might pay to clarify that on your posting – because it is contrary to what you appear to be suggesting.

  4. laughable

    Noel, the council spin is that they opposed PART of the development closest to the tip. That’s true.

    They didn’t oppose the entire Brooklands estate.

    And the entire estate has to be evacuated.

    Their bad.

    I hope Andy does his investigative thing and digs up the documents proving Casey council’s approval of the estate. It’s a matter of public record.

  5. Noel Jackson

    Laughable – it is arguable that the Council would object on limited grounds only. They would not have opposed the estate on other issue such as planning or other issues as it would have been quite safe without the methane. The methane is the only issue, and thus the Council would only need to oppose on limited grounds only – as that is the only relevant issue here.

    As for opposing part of the estate, I understand it has 800 sites – and we’re talking about a couple of hundred homes affected – so it makes sense for them to have opposed ‘only part’ of the site.

    It is possible they got this one right.

  6. laughable

    No, all 800 have been ordered to leave for their own safety. ALL.

    read it and weep for the people of Casey.

    The council must be sacked and the CEO too.

    The state government must act.

  7. Darren

    Also worth reading, laughable, is the EPA report on the situation. It isn’t safe anywhere near the landfill.

    This is a huge disaster for all of us.

  8. who farted

    WTF are you blaming Casey for when it was VCAT that did this. And to say the VCAT is not State Government is to ignore what the tribunal has become – the implementer of SG policy (2030 etc etc). If you cokced this one up so monumentally, Andy, how are we supposed to give your other rants cred?

  9. Peet of Cranbourne

    It is obvious ‘laughable’ is as ignorant at he / she sounds.

    No residents have been ordered to leave, as is law in Victoria, no can make that demand. The CFA have stated clearly it is a personal choice of each resident to either move or stay, however, to garrantee 100% saftey they (the CFA) are suggesting residents to relocated.

    THis estate has close to 1000 homes and it is about 120 homes that are affected by potential gas, not all the others. So get your facts straight.

    The only point laughable is correct in stating is that the CEO should be sacked as it is the reponcibility of the Council, not the EPA, State Gov, or VCAT who were and are, responcible for the management of this site. The bucks stops with the CEO.

  10. No leadership

    Incompetence. Mayor, Councillors, CEO. Planners. City of Casey is the worst run council in Victoria.

  11. HurdyGirdy

    Start with the developer$ and then move gradually through the various government organisms and squeeze them until the bleed.

    As for the culpability of the ALP government… they’ve put softcocks into all the vacant sub judicial (and judicial) positions over the last 10 years, they introduced the disasterous Melbourne 2030 plan … the blame is firmly theirs.

  12. Rio

    City of Casey is the worst run council in Victoria?

    So the City of Brimbank has a rival now?

  13. Anonymous

    Labor wants 1 million more people in Melbourne by 2030. Because of that doctrine, more Casey disasters will happen. Labor brought this on themselves.

  14. evil bastard

    this clusterfuck has more fingerprints on it than a $20 bill. the EPA approved the tip without requiring a proper liner. the council went ahead with it on the basis of exceptionally poor engineering advice. the developers knew they were buying in the buffer but bought anyway because being near a tip site makes land cheaper. VCAT overturned the council’s plannning decision without proper examination of the implications of reducing the buffer. the council backed down when it should have appealed the VCAT decision. the house owners failed to do any checks on what was in the neighbourhood before they bought. the CFA is grandstanding – the levels are pretty low yet they are acting like th residents are in imminent danger of being gassed in their beds. they all deserve good slap upside the head. the only people who will gain from this are barristers

  15. Anonski

    Another Labor stuff up.

  16. Mike Tyler

    What is the one consistancy throughout this sorry saga? Answer is: ME

  17. Anonymous

    What about Evelyn Way in St. Helena?

  18. Anonymous

    Evelyn Way in St. Helena is a toxic waste dump. A 51 unit development was denied by Banyule Council, yet given the go ahead by VCAT. When digging started on this development people including the health inspector became ill. My cat would do a better job than VCAT.

  19. Jim

    Can’t be worse than Shire of Mount Alexander – one of the worst performing shires in the State, thanks to woeful CEOs and a heavily Left-Green council.

  20. Anonymous

    Jim I agree with you, they are prepared to spend $150,000 on green toilets but cannot spare the cash on a bus for the elderly.

  21. Anonymous

    VCAT totally ignored the wishes of the local Council and residents regarding preservation of neighbourhood character, traffic issues and contamination. Now VCAT has washed its hands clean of the issue and turns a blind eye to the issue. The residents are left to deal with the issue and the developer only eager to make a profir, exit the project and leave everyone else to deal with the issues. Buyers beware!

  22. Anonymous

    “VCAT…. Buyers beware” relates to Evelyn Way, St Helena developement.

  23. no more excuses

    VCAT didn’t make Casey council poison the ground, the water and the air with its toxic landfill…

    We’re sick of excuses… show us the money, Casey council.

  24. Shane Lewis

    I was shocked to hear of this toxic blunder, which the scum who did it will get away with.But future sick children won’t! Also if anyone who has any info on parking ‘Kill Zones’ like the one that is set up by Casey council on Kangans dr in front of Berwick Hospital !!!preying of people who are going to a hospital !!1 please call me on 0409514621 and leave your details will get back asap.Who is running the peoples council ?

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