TOXIC: Casey council CEO Mike Tyler contemplates vacation to escape the bad smell of landfill

miketyler2 Casey council’s chief executive Mike Tyler is believed to be planning on taking holidays from next week in the midst of the municipality’s greatest ever environmental crisis.

A council insider warned “If Tyler is a no-show at the next council meeting, he should only be coming back to pack his desk.”

Council insiders were shocked by news of Tyler’s planned vacation and hope that VEXNEWS bringing it to public attention will embarrass the council executive into postponing his leave so he can attend to solving the multi-million dollar calamity created by the council’s toxic landfill tip in Cranbourne that could leave a part of the neighbouring Brookland Greens estate as a smouldering and stinky ruin.

The damage caused by the council’s out-of-control toxic tip has been estimated by some as exceeding $100 million.

The council’s spin-doctors have asserted that the council opposed the developers – a listed company Peat – proceeding with the development and that they were overturned by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. VEXNEWS has learned the council actually approved much of the disastrous development and merely disagreed with a part of the scheme.

Meanwhile, the dangerous site threatens to explode into a grave political crisis with the looming prospect of the council and developer being sued for negligence and misrepresenting the land they were selling.

Doesn’t really sound like the ideal time for a holiday for the council boss.



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2 responses to “TOXIC: Casey council CEO Mike Tyler contemplates vacation to escape the bad smell of landfill

  1. I have been researching the impact of waste management failures and am wondering what has happened since this story hit the headlines? What has the cost been, and how many people have been affected both directly and indirectly (i.e. did people have to leave/sell their properties and what was the bill paid by the local council and/or state government?

  2. Still waiting to hear what has happened to the residents who took the council to court…

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