SAD: Prominent lefty hospitalised after road trauma

raeperry The head of the left-wing dominated Victorian Local Governance Association, Rae Perry, has been tragically struck down in a traffic accident and is currently in a coma in intensive care in a Melbourne hospital.

According to the VLGA, she “sustained a serious blow to the head.” She is in a stable condition, according to well informed sources.

The Socialist Left identity and former mayor was understood by locals to have planned a comeback with an election bid to reclaim a seat on the currently Labor moderate dominated council at the November elections.

Friends and family expect Perry to make a full recovery.



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6 responses to “SAD: Prominent lefty hospitalised after road trauma

  1. Jean Lyon

    We all wish Rae a speedy recovery. She doesn’t deserve this.

  2. Anon

    Rae will probably not now be a candidate in the local government elections for Darebin this November.

  3. Anon

    Rae Perry was defeated at the previous Darebin Council elections by Theophanous backed Greek-ethnic candidate Steven Tsitas. Neos Kosmos was delighted with Perry’s defeat.

    The then Mayor Perry’s problem was the Greeens. They polled too well. Perry also offended a left independent who preferenced Tsitas. After preferences were distributed dummy votes for Tsitas plus the votes of the left independent put Tsitas ahead of Perry, and her preferences then elected the Theophanous sub-faction Greek.

    Another problem for Perry was a deal done by the Leighton-Scott sub-faction of Labor Unity to keep Theophanous out of their bailiwicks. Three Darebin Councillors, Salata, Asmar and Tsitas, are aligned with the Theophanous sub-factions. The other six, Kairouz (now the anti-abortion MLA for Kororoit), Chang, Stephenson, Kundevski, Kelly and Fontana are aligned with the Leighton-Scott sub-faction.

    Darebin will be different this November. The problem now is that there are multi-councillor wards elected by proportional representation. Most likely the Greens will win one spot, an Independent another, leaving seven spots likely to be filled by the various ALP factions and sub-factions. Very complicated.

    The Left could win a spot, but more likely the Leighton-Scott and Theophanous sub-factions of the Right will have to deal if they are to resolve control of the Darebin Council.

    All fascinating stuff. Marlene Kairouz is glad she’s now an MLA away from Darebin and she doesn’t have to deal with it any more!

  4. looking for lyle

    wondered where you have been lyle. But since when have you been Anon September 12, 2008, 10:03?

  5. anon

    Rae’s condition is not good, very unlikely she will make a full recovery

  6. Harry & Geoff (H.Nash & Richards)

    Rae was a close personal friend…a vibrant and engaging personality she had only recently discovered the joy of a new relationship….she faced a hard fight from the ultra-right aligned faction after defeating Nazih el Asmar at a previous election….it was a poison cup… and every tactic was employed to defeat her.

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