OOPS: Disaster narrowly averted in Mayo as Briggs gets set to climb greasy pole

briggs It beggars belief, Malcolm Farr said on Sunday’s The Insiders, for Senator Nick Minchin, the free settler’s State most robust Tory, to claim that the Liberals ran the Mayo by-election ‘under difficult circumstances’.

‘What difficult circumstances?’ Farr snorted as he went on to say describe the Liberal’s campaign as incompetent.

Farr was correct when he said the elusive cricket bat wielding voters of Mayo lining up to send a bloody message to Rudd did not eventuate as the Liberals had predicted. Instead the voters of Adelaide Hills delivered a 10 per cent swing against the Federal Opposition. Not exactly the Bass by-election of 1974.

The result could have been a loss to the Liberals if the Greens only had an ounce of campaign organisational capacity to shift another two per cent of the 2PP vote.

Farr, nevertheless, was too harsh on Minchin. The SA Liberals were campaigning under difficult circumstance: a dud candidate. This was indicated by the dearth of Briggs’ achievements in the Mayo campaign material and official website. Sure the portraits of his family were lovely but pictures without content are just pictures and punters smell the insincerity.

There was nothing to commend the endorsed Liberal candidate as an accessible yeoman who knows the local community. Briggs’ greatest career achievements were as a adviser who championed Workchoices in the PM’s office and an accompanying communications campaign – gifts that keep on giving as far as Deputy PM and Workplace Relations Minister, Julia Gillard, is concerned.

Briggs will now return to Federal Parliament – albeit as a humble backbencher and not as a precious, self important insider. Most people predict that Briggs will throw himself straight into leadership intrigue. Unaligned factionally, Jamie will be hawking his vote for rapid elevation, many will say beyond his maturity and ability.

Nelson and Turnbull will predictably open their arms to Briggs. If Costello takes up the mantle as Opposition Leader, the reception may not be as warm.

Costello endorsed Bob Day, a multimillionaire property developer, as a preselection candidate for Mayo. The endorsement partly reflects Day’s long history in fundraising for Party; it also partly reflects Briggs’ alleged intrigue to stymie Costello’s bid for PM in 2006.

Bob Day took umbrage toward Jamie’s successful preselection result, claiming but not citing irregularities. Day threw his towel in with Family First which is well organised in South Australia.

Bob Day scored a respectable 11 per cent of the primary vote last Saturday. Family First preferences went to the anti-Christian anti-humanist Greens – an unprecedented decision in that party’s short history – before they went to Briggs. Family First must have felt strongly about Jamie!

Costello will not be embarrassed by his decision to back Day who was also close to Minchin. If he wants the leadership, Costello will not need Briggs’ party room vote.

Jamie now has to ensure Mayo will move out of the marginal seat column by becoming relevant to his immediate constituency. Envious and ambitious eyes will be watching closely.



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17 responses to “OOPS: Disaster narrowly averted in Mayo as Briggs gets set to climb greasy pole

  1. Anonymous

    Wifey looks nicer

  2. bob day forever

    Briggs was in tears on Saturday when it looked like he had lost. He blamed flu, we all knew otherwise. His campaign hissy fits and prima donna faggotty ways will be long remembered in the Hills…

  3. Anonymous

    bob day is telling everyone he plans on running again in 2010, suck on that lardass briggs

  4. Anon Anonski

    Briggsy is more boof than poof!!
    Work what? Work who? On no it was the ‘its time factor’ wasn’t it jamie!!

  5. Kazza

    I understand the counting is not over yet – preferences still to come. Why is no one talking about the outstanding achievement of Independent Di Bell who in four weeks captured 16.47% of the vote – More than FF Bob Day at 11%. The question to ask is where will FF preferences go. It’s not in the liberal bag yet.

  6. Barr Smith Downer

    Surely “prima donna faggotty ways” are seen as favourable attribute in the Hills.

  7. so funnay

    Briggs tears can wash away the stain of downer and his league of rights associations

  8. Anon

    Briggs was not a star quality candidate – but to call him a dud is bit harsh. How is any worse than almost any ALP candidate that is a union hack/staffer?

  9. Arthur conan doyle

    This fellow Briggs is such a gift to the ALP. He really looks like a Billy Bunter caricature.What has he ever done? I suspect Day could have knocked him off if he ran as an Independant rather than a Family First canditate.

  10. Arthur conan doyle

    Call me harsh. Briggs is a Dud.

  11. Snoozer

    Briggs impact in party room = 0

  12. Bring back Howard

    If you go in with leadership intentions but are not an active local in the seat you will lose the seat guaranteed either on re-election or on 2nd re-election if a marginal like Mayo now is.

  13. S&M

    Congrats on the new site Andrew. While I dont agree with your opinions on everything, it’s fantastic to see innovation in Australian media, particularly innovation carried out not for profit, but for passion.

  14. Anon Anonski

    Briggs is definitely more boof than poof! But hang on, what was that? Work who? Work what? What choices?

  15. Cwissy Poo Pooh

    Bwiggs leads with his chin…all seven of them…I’d rather have him wobbling his turkey neck and working his jaw under my balls than in parliament. Hmmm…pwerhaps we can become very best fwiends aftwer all. He’ll fawget I worked against him won’t he?

  16. Anon Anonski

    Briggs is more boof than poof, but what’s that you say? Work what? Work who? Which choices?

  17. Jaffer

    FFP have blotted their copybook once too often. The so-called values party has no values – only expediency just like almost everyone else. Doing deals and then breaking them doesn’t sit well in senior Lib circles.
    Watch out for Di Bell – the independents coalesced to preference her before the greens. She could get enough of a flow to jump over the Greens.

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