NO SURPRISE: Jon Faine gets grouchy about Asia

jonfaine ABC Melbourne’s snooty breakfast drama queen Jon Faine seems to be struggling on his journey from Melbourne to London with his son Jack.

He doesn’t like Indonesia at all:

From the moment we started, the single overriding impression of Indonesia is of pollution and rubbish. The place is just one great tip.  And no one cares. Just one example – we are looked at like we are weirdos because we bother putting empty drink bottles in to rubbish bins.

On ferries, everyone throws styrofoam, plastic, paper – anything – off the side into the sea. No one even looks sheepish about it. It is totally normal. Streets are coated in crap. Drains are choking with plastic.  Fires burn everywhere, adding to the most foul exhaust belching into the street from every second truck or bus. Black, dense, choking clouds, soot so thick you can chew the air. Add to the mix the haze from swarms of two-stroke motorbikes.

Why has the worldwide concern about the environment had no apparent impact here? Al Gore where are you? The absence of even any environmental consciousness is glaring.

What a joyful travel companion he must be.



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7 responses to “NO SURPRISE: Jon Faine gets grouchy about Asia

  1. Anonymous

    what a total loser. Can’t he just enjoy his time off?

  2. james

    amazing that a guy so prepared to tell everyone else how to think can be so unworldly

  3. loves2spooj

    He’ll find the same thing in London I’m afraid. I lived in Bethnal Green for many years and was initially shocked at the sight of people throwing trash out of bus windows or into the street as they walked. Disgusting, but thats how it is.

  4. Anonymous

    Blame the 3rd world for the poverty imposed on them by the west. What a wanker.

  5. Faineuk

    this is his real name

  6. Anonymous

    Another socialist gone bad.

  7. The Garbo

    What john does not realise is that in the third world bottles are collected to generate cash. They do not stay on the ground for long. Putting them in the bin just makes it that much more harder for those trying to scratch out a living. The same thing happened to me, I complained about people leaving throwing their bottles on the ground when there was a bin only a few meters away. Sure enough a few minutes after I expressedly indignation an old woman came by and happily collected the bottle. I learnt to look.learn and shut up is the best policy when visiting a foreign country.that is not to say that there is a major ecological crisis facing third world countries with waste disposal there is. It is not with bottles. Plastic bags is the main source of concern as it ends up in the oceans and rivers.

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