CAUCUS CARNAGE: NSW Labor gets back to work but will they be forgiven?

nathanrees Former ALP NSW secretary Eric Roozendaal is to become the state’s Treasurer as he attempts to bring their government back from the abyss into which they’d so enthusiastically jumped in recent times.

Reports suggest that he will be ably assisted by former Reserve Bank economist Joe Tripodi as Finance Minister.

Top of their agenda will be demanding a greater share of the revenue NSW sends to Canberra and making deep cuts now to bloated parts of the bureaucracy.

ericroozendaal With two and a half years til the election, Labor has plenty of time to get through the economic slowdown and get to the other side.

But with the “soap opera” of recent days, you do rather get the impression voters will be waiting with baseball bats when the time comes.

Meanwhile the new Premier Nathan Rees, a former garbologist who became a union official with an honours degree in English literature (he kept his expertise on Jane Austen quiet at work I’m tipping) has settled into a self-declared “no spin” zone by appearing on the front page of the Daily Telegraph with his sleeves rolled up.

Roozendaal and Tripodi are impressive operators, so Rees is lucky to have that kind of talent and smarts available to him. They’ll need all of that and more.

Meanwhile, former Premier Morris Iemma has shuffled off into the distance. Don’t feel too sad for him. He’s forty-seven years young and cops a sweet pension of three thousand dollars a week til the day he dies.

As long as the state doesn’t go broke that is.


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