FRIED: Anti-Semite welcomed by Liberals over dim sum

susanchandler Disgraced former Liberal Party secretariat staffer Susan Chandler was sighted yesterday tucking into some Chinese yum cha with a large number of current staff from the party HQ.

The incident has fuelled speculation that the Baillieu faction is working hard on bringing back from the cold the former campaign worker who was forced to quit after an anti-semitic email she sent colleagues was exposed.

In the email, Chandler referred to one of her party’s own candidates as “that greedy fucking Jew” after he’d been brave enough to ask for extra campaign materials.

The trusted Baillieu loyalist quit her job at 104 Exhibition Street on the same day as the email was revealed.

One of those in attendance was newly appointed head of membership Julie Reid, who would have to agree that recruiting in Caulfield might be made more difficult than it would otherwise be if Chandler is permitted back in the fold.

Critics of the Baillieu faction say their group is asserting too much influence in the party secretariat and have too little judgment or political skill to be able to manage it. They see the possible re-emergence of Susan Chandler as proof of that.



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5 responses to “FRIED: Anti-Semite welcomed by Liberals over dim sum

  1. Imran

    As a devout Muslim, currently celebrating Ramadan I am appaled at the vituperative anti semitic comments by Chandler & her ilk. On Iemma, a pity labor right has shot itself in th foot again.I will return from Pakistan in 1 week & hope 2 join th ALP. Have you seen/heard Bob Dylans song,” neighbourhood bully”, & an insightful comment on th double standards of all against Israel.Imran Khanzada

  2. anon

    Sheezel has a lot to answer for…

  3. JA

    That’s right. The Sheeze, or J-Rat, has a lot to answer for and will never be Member for Higgins.

  4. Anon Anonski

    Anyone in immediate danger of suffering a massive suprise induced heart attack?

  5. Tamera Jenkins


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