NANNYISM: Hungry Jacks flamed by pathetic preachtards say food industry insiders

freedomattacked Hungry Jack’s – known to many as the hangover food of the nation – has outraged social workers, health academics, journalists (even at the Herald Sun, for shame) and the whole infrastructure of nanny state by producing a hamburger deemed to be too big by angry critics.

Of course, Hungry Jack’s managers are not stupid. An industry insider tells VEXNEWS they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. When their American cousins Burger King introduced a similar product, a similar outcry emerged. In marketing, as in politics, there are some fights you want to have.

In this case, the controversy has led the product to fly off the grills at Hungry Jack’s outlets throughout the nation.

“The do-gooders and preachtards have played right into Hungry Jack’s hands” an industry observer told VEXNEWS this morning. Their “earned media” has been so good that they didn’t need to bother with Stackers Union ads of the kind seen in the US. Their Aussie ads sadly do not honour that great Stackers Union, now known as the National Union of Workers.

Hungry Jack’s of course sell lots of other food that would not be good for you if eaten every day. So do plenty of expensive restaurants who always seem to escape criticism.

Why is it you never see damning criticism of unhealthy French cooking in restaurants favoured by those with expense accounts. And – as delightful as they are – has anyone dared measure the number of kilojoules in one of those enormous Vlado’s steaks. One regular diner there told VEXNEWS that he was comforted the Epworth cardiac unit is just a few doors down.

The moral panic is reserved for more popular less expensive eateries.

dogoodermikedaube So much so that one “public health” advocate declared the company was “sitting up and begging” for legislation prohibiting the “Quad Stacker”.

His name is Mike Daube who works at the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy. The Professor’s work also includes campaigning against alcoholism. John Curtin was a very high-functioning alcoholic (saving the nation and all) so we can perhaps hope to see the Elvis Presley Foundation also considering sponsoring the Professor’s advocacy.

Daube wants “junk food” (not defined) taxed and for the proceeds from the tax to be used to promote fresh fruit and vegetables or “healthy food”. His views on sugary yet lovely fruits like pineapple that can cause tooth decay and other problems are not known. Tomato juice might be eligible to be promoted under Daube’s scheme but presumably the delightful Bloody Mary would not be.

His views on whether a “triple” burger or the double whopper would be legislatively tolerated under his regime were not explained. The Hungry Jack’s website discloses even the single Whopper packs a couple of thousand kilojoule heart-punch so it might be the Professor’s real agenda is to shut them down completely.

The mad Professor asserted that the Quad Stacker burger is “instant obesity“, a health claim perhaps as dubious as those who believe in the stiffening qualities of those intimate parts sprays promoted by former game show hosts.

Hungry Jack’s do not force people to buy their food. They offer it for sale. It’s safe to eat, like everything else, in moderation. Unlike food served in many other restaurants, accurate nutritional information is made available so that people can do what they do best with a minimum of state interference: make up their own mind.

The Age was whipping itself into a pre-redundancy moral fervour about it some two years prior to the arrival of the dreaded burger:

THE MARK of the beast is no longer 666. It’s now 444 — as in four beef patties, four slices of cheese, four slices of bacon.

The Hungry Jack’s option is much healthier, they don’t sell the Quad Stacker with bacon. More’s the pity.

Click here to find your nearest Hungry Jack’s outlet.



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13 responses to “NANNYISM: Hungry Jacks flamed by pathetic preachtards say food industry insiders

  1. Liberty Fries

    I had one for lunch. Its was drenched in processed cheese, ketchup and freedom. A true patriots meal!

  2. fatties for freedom

    You dumbasses eat all the burgers you want and die slow painful deaths in a Labor run hospital just don’t ask us to pick up the bill for your self-abuse…

  3. Anonymous

    The Left always like telling people what to do.

    They are the prison officers of society.

  4. Kylie Lambert

    I read the H-S article and thought YUM! Still, it’s not as ‘fatty’ as the huge meal of flake, chips, potato cakes I bring home weekly. Potato cake drenched with bottled mayo — truly wonderful. Do try it.

  5. loves2spooj

    [i]ust don’t ask us to pick up the bill for your self-abuse…[/i]

    EXACTLY! We need to end the farce that is the public health system and put the responsibility for peoples own health back into their hands. FUCK the nanny state.

  6. Satisfied customer

    Wanted to let you know I went down to my local, the HJ’s on Kingsway and partook of the delicacy. I might not eat meat again this month but there’s no denying the Quad Stacker is a tasty meal.

    Do-gooders should just shut the fuck up.

  7. Scott M

    I went with the triple decker option. And had fries. And was still hungry.

  8. ummm

    What about KFC?

  9. Free Will

    Liked this article. About time someone took a swipe at the Food Nazis who are eroding the rights of freedom loving people to choose what they eat. F**k the medical fraternity who satnd before us with a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. They were behind the push to ensure genetically modified foods becaame part of our daily food supply, foods that no one knows if they are safe or not. How dare they try and tell us what we can’t eat.

  10. Libertopia

    I’m a vegan, but the thought people actually want to ban this is bizarre. Why should the government dictate what people can and can’t eat?

  11. Pat

    I’m what you would call left of center politically and I have no problem with people eating this. I might even try one myself, although HJ’s always tends to leave me feeling like shit afterward. It’s stupid to blame ‘the left’ for this.

  12. EAT WHATY U WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dylan

    Why are they blaming the left for this? The person who is criticising this just happens to have left of centre political views…They don’t represent everyone whose views are also left wing…

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