JOBS: Tanner's ministerial staff cuts may be reversed

The Financial Review (offline) reports that federal junior ministers are pushing hard for extra staff.

They’re complaining loudly that finance minister Lindsay Tanner has shafted them with his 30% overall cuts hitting them hardest and sparing the PM’s office (PMO to its friends).

The article also speculates the minister will be expanded in size to accommodate the vast ambition of lefty Greg Combet. VEXNEWS understands that Rudd is opposed to the idea of increasing the number of ministers preferring the splendid creative tension of choosing the poorest performer to remove to accommodate the ambition faction of McKew, Kelly, Shorten and the ambitious Combet.

It’s not just Ministers either who are displeased with all the pruning in entitlements. Marginal seat government backbenchers are pushing hard to reverse the deep cuts in printing allowances and other allocations that help quell marginal seat holder anxiety.


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One response to “JOBS: Tanner's ministerial staff cuts may be reversed

  1. Anonymous

    Only for Robert McClelland to come out and say he’s fine with staffing levels…..presuming he’ll forego any staff increases that he could benefit from?

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