BLOGWARS: Liberal Baillieu faction shamed in website suburb snob scandal

kaneafford2 A blogger closely associated with state Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu has snobbishly denigrated Labor’s outer suburban electorates as “too ethnic, too intellectually barren and too aesthetically suburban.”

The Prahran based real estate agent turned author, Kane Afford, runs a blog called PoliticalPundit. Afford is believed to be a friend of Brett Billett, who was linked to a Facebook group promoting the return of Jeff Kennett to the state Liberal leadership. Many of its members are factionally aligned with the Kennett-Baillieu group.

Afford’s friends include noted Liberal “wets” Joe Hockey, Victor Perton and Christopher Pyne. Other Afford connections include highly respected Peulich staffer Gary Anderton,

Afford was heavily and personally backed by Baillieu to run as a Liberal candidate in two different elections, including on Ted’s team in 2006 in Bundoora.


Some Liberal insiders are gravely concerned that the Baillieu blog and those participating in Facebook activism promoting alternate leaders to Baillieu might be part of a “cancerous cell” that needs to be excised from the Victorian division.

simontroeth It’s all rather ironic given that it was Ted Baillieu’s press flak Simon Troeth (pictured here in his wedding snap despite setting his Facebook privacy alert to DefCon1) who started the recent stoush over Facebook groups by working up a story over a pro-Costello group with the left-wing newspaper The Age earlier this week.

“Just because you’ve started a bushfire, doesn’t mean you get to control it” one wise player suggested as a tip for first-time players like Troeth.

UPDATE: Understandably, Mr Afford couldn’t afford to leave his patronising rant up, but the resources of VEXNEWS do extend to keeping screengrabs just in case they’re required.

And wait, there’s more.



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6 responses to “BLOGWARS: Liberal Baillieu faction shamed in website suburb snob scandal

  1. Bobafett

    Kane has been to the House of Sleaze to watch some vids.

  2. Anonski

    Andy, have thorough read of Kane’s blog as per the link you provided.

    I think a little context is required.

    Kane is suggesting that this view re the ‘burbs is held by Brumby and Co. He is not ascribing the view to himself.

    Once more the Brumby Government kicks working families in the guts.

  3. Anonymouse

    Simon True-oaf is butt ugly.

  4. Kane seems to have taken down the post you’re linking to..

    what does he have to hide?

  5. India C

    Excuse me Anonymouse I would like to know how your personal attacks on someones looks is at all positive to any political campaign. It would be more impressive for you to lose your immature playground attitude and discuss real political issues on this blog.

  6. Anon Annonski

    Hilariously Kane Afford is a council candidate (check the VEC) in the infamous Brimbank council which is not only a VERY long way from Prahran but also being investigated by the Victorian Ombudsman in the wake of the Kororoit preselection debacle!!!

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